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As we turn the page to this special issue of 100 Dynamic Leaders of 2023, we’re not just recounting the stories of the world’s dynamic leaders; we’re celebrating the indomitable spirit of leadership, the mosaic of experiences, and the rich, diverse perspectives that shape the world. This issue, undeniably, is set to be another colossal stepping-stone for Exeleon, amplifying voices and stories that deserve global recognition and applause.

This year’s theme beautifully unfolds through a quartet of colors – Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Green – each color painting a distinct narrative of leadership. Together, these colors weave a compelling tapestry, narrating the diverse tales of 100 Dynamic Leaders, their trials, triumphs, and the indelible impact they imprint on our global community.

What is Dynamic Leadership?

Yana Fry | Timeless Teachings

A dynamic leader is a person who is able to constantly adapt to change in the most effective and balanced way. In my own journey, I had to adapt to new countries, new cultures, new languages, new ways of living and new ways of thinking many times.

Dr. Barry Sears | ZoneLabs, Inc.

I believe a dynamic leader must have an insatiable desire for discovery. This means constantly asking how things work and then finding opportunities to apply that acquired knowledge. Also not being afraid to take the necessary risks and experience potential failures to achieve a desired goal.

Reiner Lomb | BoomerangCoach

For me, the essence of dynamic leadership is creating a vision of an aspirational new future and then influencing people to change their behavior to make that vision a reality.

Serena Advani | Seadrop Skincare

A dynamic leader is 1) willing to question the status quo and 2) constantly adapting to bring a vision to life. Seadrop was conceived because I wanted to question the skincare standard from the last few decades.

100 Most Dynamic Leaders of 2023

Alec Hudnut

Vici Partners

Alex Bruechkmann

Brueckmann Executive Cons.

Alex Leveto

Realty Companies

Alex McIntosh

Thrive Natural Care

Alexander Galitsky

Almaz Capital

Ali Hajizade

Tarand Inc.

Alicia Sable-Hunt

Edwards-Hunt Group

Altimese Nichole

The Ezer Agency.

Alvin Fu

Bryn Mawr Communications

Amy Liu

Tower 28

Andrew Lampros

Hall & Lampros, LLP

Ankit Yadav

Market Maestroo

Ashok Dudhat

Tech Jobs Fair

Attilio Adamo

The Adamo Group

Beth Wiegan

The Real Estate Group

Brad Nattrass

Urban Gro

Braden Kelley

Human-Centered Change™

Casey Strunk

Strunk Insurance Group

Clayton Thomas

The Root Brands

Corry Deale


Curtis May

Practical Wealth Advisors

Danielle Gronich

Clearstem Skincare

Danni Benson

Self Love Day

Dean Hallett

Hallett Leadership

Deborah Smith


Debra Esparza

Home Team of America

Dr. Barry Sears

ZoneLabs, Inc.

Dr. Michael C. Threatt

Elevate Housing Solutions

Dr. Michael L. Curry

Eco-friendly Plastic Materials

Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu

Healthcare Engineering Expert

Dr. Nabhit Kapur

Peacfulmind Foundation

Elisha Lopez

Ocala Realty World

Emanuel Avina

Avina Financial Group, Inc.

Eric Martel


Fernanda Carapinha

WE Global Studios

Gary Garth


James Fedich

Village Family Clinic

Jay Avigdor

Velocity Capital Group LLC

Jeff Church

Rowdy Energy

Jennifer Myers

Agent Grad School

Jennifer Rae Stine

Fortune Web Marketing

Jeremy Kasler


Jesse Keyser

Ideal Image

John Femenia

Source Realty Capital

Joseph Sabeh

Fremont Real Estate

Joshua Sherrard

Strategic Navigators Inc.

Kathleen Black

Kathleen Black, Inc.

Katie Zamarra

Venue Communications

Ken Collis

TLK Fusion

Kim Motola


Kirsty Gordon

Anywhere in Africa

Lacy J. Hardman

Salty Peak Real Estate

Linda Greub

Avestria Ventures

Lisa Rehurek

The RFP Success Company

Liz Toombs

PDR Interiors

Marc Boutet

De Marque

Mark Morabito

King & Bay

Martin Mobarak

Frida. NFT

Michelle Oates-Duda

The Extra Mile Realtors

Natalie Mackey

Winky Lux

Natalie Stavola

Life and Dating Coach

Natasha Simon

The Real Estate Money Team

Oliver Trevena

Young Hollywood

Paola Marulanda

Luxury Homes Connect

Pranav Arora

JMTD Holdings

Reiner Lomb


Rich Moyer

Hoppin' Franchise Group

Rob Kalwarowsky

Elite High Performance

Robin Hills


Ross James


Ryan Gottfredson

Leadership Development Cons.

Ryan Niddel


Sasha Lund

Core Values Consulting

Scott Truehl

Friede & Associates

Serena Advani

Seadrop Skincare

Stan Samole

Family Tax Recovery

Steve Davis

Total Wealth Academy

Steven L. Blue

Miller Ingenuity

Thane Stenner

Stenner Wealth Partners+

Todd Kuckkahn

Maxwell Leadership

Tom Villani

Visikol Inc,

Trent Richards

Metrix Coin Ltd

Tori Atwell

The Agency.

Vera Cohen

Vera Cohen Realty

Veronica Bay

The Only International

Yana Fry

Timeless Teachings

Zev Freidus

ZFC Real Estate

Zeynep Ekemen

Silver Defender