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Rebecca Perez: Empowering the Leader in Every Woman

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Across the world, women in leadership positions are powerful, transformative, and diverse. As the core tenet of their leadership, they have changed the course of business by mobilizing equal partnership, redefining success, sharing power, and building relationships, at all levels.

One such empowering leader is Rebecca I Perez. Rebecca is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Goss Club. She has published three best-sellers, is a certified private pilot, skydiver, scuba diver, real estate investor, and a phenomenal storyteller.

For this New York-based boss lady, being empowered means “leading from your most authentic voice.” She says, “It is easy to get lost in what that looks like, and to follow or get influenced by our environment. Staying true to ourselves requires us to go deeper into our thoughts, into our passions, and into our soul.”

She also believes that shedding the layers that were not integral to her has now allowed her to show her most authentic self. She leads by example, standing with both courage and fear and taking the right action—be it launching a print magazine, when everyone said “print was dead” or investing in real estate when people were scared and selling their assets.

Rebecca trusts her intuition and that has encouraged her to step into a completely different version of herself — fearlessly. “I believe what makes me so relatable to other women, is my genuine curiosity for knowledge. I seek to understand the world and the more I understand myself, the more empathic I become towards others,” she adds.

Leading, Guiding, and Confiding in Herself

Since the beginning, Rebecca harbored the mindset of self-reliance. Infact her first words as a child were “by myself”.

“I was very independent and wanted to learn how to do everything on my own. This has been a characteristic of mine since my early years and permeated into my adult years as well. I have always been led by this inner voice that guided me —almost like a guardian angel,” she fondly recalls.

Her innate confidence was a result of her many talents— from singing and writing to understanding business and communication. “I have always exuded this confidence naturally, without really noticing it until it would be pointed out to me by others,” she adds.

However, her self-confidence and stability dissipated when her parents passed away. “I had the unfortunate event of losing both my parents in my teen years. I lost them to mental illness, and had to figure out my way early on, all by myself.”

Although her upbringing was rough, it forced her to step up to the plate. She realized her responsibility towards her younger sister and resolved to guide her in every way.

This unprecedented chaos ignited a burning drive and fire in her. “I vowed I would never allow my emotions to control me, and that I would always remain financially independent, and self-sufficient — regardless of who was in my life,” she adds.

With time, and lots of healing, she regained her confidence; except this time, it was confidence that would never leave her again. This time it emerged deep within herself —not from external circumstances, or people.

“I knew that no matter what, and no matter who came in and out of my life, I got me. I don’t wish this situation upon anyone, but it forced me to go deep within, and to find true self-love, and trust in a higher power to guide me and protect me. This way, I knew I was never alone, and I would be grateful for every relationship that came and left equally,” she says.

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The Dawn of the GOSS Movement

After graduating from McGill University in Journalism/ PR and Communications, Rebecca was ready to take over the world.

It was her diverse experience working for a renowned lifestyle blog that helped her explore her calling. “With over 1M monthly views, I was able to build an audience and find my voice as a writer fairly quickly. I would always get rated #1 in my opinion piece, with 100K+ re-shares on my posts.” These positive results reinforced her belief that she was meant to share her views with the world.

Later, all of 23, she launched her own blog, Goss Club, to connect women and inspire each other by being Gossy. “This term-turned-movement has a different definition to each woman who is touched by our platform. There is no one definition to #BeGOSSY but to me, it represents self-actualization and becoming the highest version of yourself in this body,” she claims.

Five years later, she has reached hundreds of thousands of women through her print magazine in categories that range from aviation, medicine, legal, architect & design, business, fitness, music, and arts distributed all over North America.

“We have an open monthly membership club that brings together experts in these industries through masterclasses, live courses and networking events to digital courses on emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and money mindset all around the world,” she adds,

Establishing a Tradition of Mastery

As the Founder of GOSS, Rebecca oversees the content and editorial write-ups as well as the creative side of the Magazine themes as Editor-in-Chief.

“I had taken more of a backseat and let my Editorial team take over when it comes to interviews, and write-ups. We also have a Digital Marketing team that does everything from posting on social media to content creation,” she remarks.

Her talented team includes 22 staff members in 5 different departments and is growing constantly. “My position is to expand the brand with a larger product suite and invest in growing the brand in more markets,” she adds.

Along with this, Rebecca is also a published author of three books that are all set to launch in 2023 under different publishing houses: 101 Ways to BeGossy, Cash is Queen™ and BE — An Autobiography.

Her first book, 101 Ways To BeGossy is a pragmatic business bible for women. It has 101 tips, alongside illustrations that are simple yet precise and timeless.

She strongly believes every woman going into business, and life, should have this handbook available to them.

Cash is Queen™, her second book, is for money mavens. It includes all the pragmatic tools to change your mindset regarding money.

Rebecca has an interesting take on earning wealth where she equates money to energy. “It holds a very specific frequency,” she says. This book is all about getting you close to the magnetic force of reaching that frequency so you can align it with “cash”.

The third book, BE — An Autobiography, is a heartfelt memoir where she takes the reader through the arduous and painful journey of growing in an abusive household.

She shares several memories from her past, embraces the life lessons, and weaves her success through breakdowns, especially the ones that helped her build her eminent business. Each book is personally signed by Rebecca and includes unparalleled snippets from her childhood.

Flourishing Under Challenges

All these years, Rebecca has earned an excellent reputation among the community of leaders, and readers. However, her journey was not flawless.

For her, the biggest challenge has been to trust herself and to stop doing everything alone.

“In my younger days, I was more open to the ideas and influence of my friends and family, who although had my best interest at heart, were not aware of my vision. I made some decisions that could have been avoided, by listening to my inner voice instead,” she recollects.

She also used to think that she had to do everything alone and didn’t actively seek help in business and life. But, hiring the right business mentor, money coach, therapist have changed her life. “Today, I understand the importance of hiring employees and surrounding yourself with people who can help you grow,” she adds.

When asked if she would have done anything differently when starting out, she quickly says, “Every mistake, every decision, and every emotion that she faced brought me here, which was all that I needed— Building a multi-million-dollar brand and becoming a better version of myself.”

The Power of Gut

To all the aspiring women entrepreneurs, Rebecca recommends, “Stop listening to people who haven’t done what you are trying to do. Listen to your gut and go all in on your vision. Trust me, you can do it.”

She unfailingly believes that your “why” is your biggest asset. It is integral to scream it often to yourself and to your market, so they remember why they are buying from you, and not your competitors.

“Get people to work in your wax — so you can stay in your flame. Don’t worry too much about the finish line — just enjoy the road, enjoy your life!”

Startling Future of GOSS

Rebecca’s unified vision is to inspire women to create multi-million-dollar brands all around the world.

She aims to reach 3 billion women and have them all part of Goss in some way. “Our movement is much bigger than mine. It is about women everywhere — from South Africa, India, Australia, to China.”

She is a trailblazer and believes in building a brand-new world — A world where all women thrive, where men support and empower their partners to find their voice. “Our world is a perfect synergy in harmony which will only happen if we conquer ourselves first and choose to be the light in the darkness,” she adds enthusiastically.

On a business note, Goss Magazine is on the road to becoming an 8-figure business, diversifying in real estate development, aviation and so many more industries. “We’re just getting louder and better month after month, year after year,” she says.

She also hopes to launch GOSS Foundation—a non-profit side of her brand that will educate women in third-world countries and fund women-owned businesses in multiple sectors by 2023.

With relentless drive and abundant passion in her heart, she promises to always inspire, empower, and lead in all that she and her team does.

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