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Altimese Nichole: Creating Impact through Digital Storytelling

Altimese Nichole

This feature is part of our 100 Most Dynamic Leaders of 2023. Check out the entire issue and listing by clicking on this link.

What according to you makes one a dynamic leader? How do you integrate the same thought into your journey?

A dynamic leader understands that leadership is about serving others and finding the supporters of the vision. To be an impactful leader requires sacrifice. I heard a great analogy once. It says that a great leader is like a screen door. Because of the fine holes, it allows for the fresh breeze to come in, but it protects the people inside if an egg is thrown.

Within my team, I advocate for them when it’s needed and stand in the gap of accountability when it’s necessary. I cannot push the vision forward without their support, so it’s a joy to ensure they know that I will take a stand for them.

Talk to us about your business – The Ezer Agency. How are you helping leaders share their unique stories?

The Ezer Agency is a Minority Business Enterprise through the nationally recognized organization, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), and we’re among the 15,000+ certified MBEs nationwide. We specialize in Digital Marketing and advertising, social media, and Public Relations.

In a digital world of vanity metrics and superficial applause, we help our clients and partners create an impact through digital storytelling that cultivates advocacy and long-term conversion that drive results toward their goals and bottom line.

What does a day in the life of Altimese Nichole look like? How do you ensure work-life balance?

For years, I strived to have a work-life balance. However, as a creative, it’s extremely difficult to completely shut off my creative ideas while stepping away to focus on the other significant, beautiful areas of my life. I now desire work-life harmony and integration. Instead of pushing away work, I harmonize it with life.

For example, I recently took my daughter to DC, and whenever my brain thought of work, I allowed my thoughts to flow and release naturally. Because of that, I didn’t pull out my laptop but honored my thoughts and ideas. Additionally, I operate with my body’s natural rhythm. I sleep when I’m tired, and I work when I have bursts of energy. Instead of working by societal norms, I find myself more balanced internally by honoring my internal patterns and embracing the reality that life is full, and beauty is all around me.

I spend time in nature, and I embrace complete silence. It helps me to calm my mind and to focus on being very present in the moment with those around me.

What would be your advice for emerging women entrepreneurs when it comes to building their business?

If you’re planning to dive into entrepreneurship, begin your process with your “why” in mind. It doesn’t have to be “to change the world,” but keeping your initial motive and intent in mind will keep you grounded when the adventures of business become challenging (because it will). Entrepreneurship is a wild ride that will push internal growth upon you in order for your business to thrive (your growth as a leader aligns with the growth of your business). Stay focused on your mission and remember that the vision is yours to create and build.

Also, remember that pricing is relative to the mindset of the owner and the audience you’re selling to. For example, there is business A and business B, and they’re both in the same industry specializing in the same services. Business A has a lower price point, and Business B has a higher price point: both will attract the clients that will pay both price points. (Think about that.) So, as Entrepreneurs, remember that YOU know the value of your work, brand, and team. Charge clients, accordingly, unapologetically.

Finally, what is your vision going forward? What are you most excited about?

As we make an impact among our beloved partners, my vision includes beginning a nonprofit that helps young girls around the world discover their passions and cultivate self-love as they grow into adulthood. I want to have mentorship programs, educational resources, retreats, and more.

I am most excited about the company’s movement into the government contracting space, with a goal to help state and local entities, including universities, with impactful messaging and storytelling.

The road won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

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