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Beth Wiegan: Unlocking Fearlessness

Beth Weigan

It is a fact that empowered women, hold the ability to empower others. They are motivated by a strong vision and a sense of purpose. Moreover, powerful women leaders are fearless and strive to dream big to build their own empire. Their energy is contagious, and people want to be a part of their journey.

Beth Wiegan is one such empowering woman in the real estate industry. She believes that a powerful person, regardless of gender, is one who can exude confidence in any situation. For her, the quote, “bravery is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to move forward despite it” speaks volumes.

Beth mentions, “We lead by example. I have always believed confident people are magnetic. These people challenge us to be the best version of ourselves.” She also understands the weight of being confident without arrogance. Drawing a parallel between them, she expresses, “Confident people empower those around them, whereas arrogant people feed on weakness and shut others down.”

Growing up in resilience

As a child, Beth Wiegan was inspired by her grandmother – Mary Adams – a strong, independent woman, who taught her to be truly fearless.

From teaching her to drive at the age of 8, burning a nest of poisonous snakes in her garden, shooting scorpions off the side of her house, to jumping in the car with a grape soda, a loaf of Wonder Bread, and a package of Oscar Myer Bologna, and make sandwiches for their car picnic, they were always heading off on an adventure together. “Nana taught me to keep moving forward and never worry about what others think.”

As she grew up, Beth started her first venture in a blind and window treatment business in Richmond, VA. In 1994, she unlocked an opportunity to build for higher-end communities. She recalls, “I started out with a measuring tape, a drill, and sheer grit and then reached out to Hunter Douglas to become my supplier.”

Before long, Premier Windows was a leader in the Richmond market, and she was consistently winning sales volume awards year after year. “I was proud of myself for building a business that required more installers to keep up with my growing sales,” she recalls fondly.

Mary Adams

Beacon of innovation

She learned time and again that empathy and decisiveness go together to create a persuasive and powerful business. Eventually, she sold her previous venture and moved on to her next adventure.

Beth was determined to navigate her way through the maze of real estate. She did this through her dear friend and tennis partner in Richmond who was a Realtor®. “She convinced me I should get my license and come work with her broker. I did it and learned the business from my broker’s semi-retired father,” she shares.

After 10 years of new construction home sales, Beth felt the need for a change and pivoted to join The Perfect House Team at The Real Estate Group in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Putting her clients ahead of herself

For Beth, client satisfaction is the backbone of her business. “I predominantly work with the over 55 active adult/senior market. Nothing gives me more gratification than helping someone that could be my parents’ or grandparents’ age start the next chapter of their life,” she shares.

It gives Beth pure joy in helping people sell their current home and find their next dream home. She also recognizes that it is a challenge for most of her senior clients to do the things that are required to make a move —packing, estate sales, movers, right-sizing— but she guides them with patience and kindness.

She also endorses setting reasonable expectations and then exceeding them to ensure a satisfied experience for her clients, thereby leading to more referrals.

Aligning her energy everyday

In a career that has had more rough than smooth moorings, achieving and sustaining a work-life balance is challenging.

Beth prioritizes her day by beginning with a Pilates class as it fuels her mind and body for what’s to come. After working out and having a healthy breakfast, she then checks her calendar and gets moving on to her next task that consists of listing appointments, follow-ups with lenders, appraisers, attorneys, and helping her clients accomplish their goals.

She shares, “Achieving a work-life balance is a real challenge for me in the real estate business. My husband, Rick, and I both keep busy.” However, from time to time, Beth loves to travel with her husband to tropical beaches where they can rest and recharge from their daily hustle and bustle.

Another aspect of work-life balance for Beth is giving back to the society. In fact, it has long been her practice to donate 10% of all commissions to those that are less fortunate. Just last year, she began a program and allowed her clients to decide where half of the donations went. “It also had the added benefit of making my clients happy to know they helped make a difference to a cause important to them,” she adds.

The real estate Group Perfecthouse Logo Beth Wiegan Real Estate

Pondering & Projecting

When Beth Wiegan looks back at her journey and thinks about what she would have done differently, she shares that it is difficult to imagine a better place than where she is right now.

However, she feels there would be two outcomes if she ventured into real estate early: she may have made more money or could have burned herself out. “By following my path, I know that I am where I am supposed to be. I would not have wanted to miss one single opportunity that led me to where I am today. Life happens for a reason,” she quickly adds.

Beth projects a bright future for aspiring and emerging women in the real estate industry and advises them to be true to yourself and treat each client as family. “Always look out for their best interests and ensure to set clear, achievable expectations ahead of time,” she adds.

She also feels that one of the biggest mistakes that people make is over-promising to win a client and then disappointing them. “We are experts. Avoid making promises that are out of your control as that is a sure-fire way to damage your reputation.”

Designing a fulfilling future

Beth’s razor-sharp vision to succeed and her values that bring in trust and confidence has elevated her brand to the fast lane.

However, after delivering unparalleled excellence, Beth aims for an ambitious 10 more years. She then plans on spending the rest of her years in a beach house, watching the sunrise, and doing Pilates every morning.

“Life’s good!” she excitedly concludes.

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