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When we talk about transformational leaders, few names stand out as much as Vladimer Botsvadze.

A globally renowned, multi-award-winning, digital transformation and social media influencer, Vladimer has been at the forefront of business excellence for years. His list of awards and accomplishments have positioned him as a pioneer across the globe.

In an Exclusive Interview with Exeleon Magazine, Vladimer Botsvadze shares his ideas and beliefs that have propelled him to be the recognized leader that he is today.

What according to you makes for a transformative leader? How do you integrate the same thought into your leadership? 

I believe a transformative leader lives in the future, writes short, fast blogs, and tweets to people to keep them updated, shows total dedication to improving the product and is obsessed with every detail, builds an influential profile and recognizes the power of media engagement. A transformative leader builds a personal brand and masters social media, also fosters a spirit of partnership and creates partnerships at all levels to build and distribute his ideas.

I’ve shaped my name into one of the biggest personal brands and transformed the marketing industry. I’m widely recognized for my visionary leadership and trailblazing innovation. As a keynote speaker, I’ve spoken for high-profile clients. As an extensively experienced marketing leader, I’ve led a number of top businesses to success. I’ve capitalized on my status to support start-ups and consult them on strategies to maximize their success. I’ve left my mark on technology and I’m considered a marketing icon to many.

I’ve been committed to inspiring business executives with my impressive career success and utilized my natural entrepreneurialism to become a self-made influencer. Established globally as a marketing thought leader, I’ve changed the face of global marketing with my presence and contribution. A natural-born entrepreneur, that’s why I’ve earned the trust of top executives, events, think tanks, and speakers’ bureaus. Vladimer Botsvadze is one of the biggest names in global marketing. Having spearheaded one of the biggest personal brands, I’ve continued to show the same results in other ventures.

Surpassing all major competitors, continually focusing on self-education, and reinventing myself, I’ve become a dominant global authority on digital transformation. Continually named on the prestigious Thinkers360 list of thought leaders, I’ve been ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader by Thinkers360, a testament to my supreme success. As a motivational figure, I’ve gone from 0 followers to 130,000 followers in 6 years by consistently working 16 hours a day. I inspire audiences to think outside the box and set new standards for maximizing their online success.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What prompted your interest and subsequently your foray into the marketing space? 

I have built a powerful online presence through social media channels and I’m proud to be hugely followed. I have shared my marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge through tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, interviews, and keynote speeches. I have jumped into the conversations and built the relationships with the world’s most powerful people on Twitter. The best way is to deliver results and my results always speak for themselves.

When I started getting exposure, I used my long-term marketing plan to become successful in many areas. I have always believed in creating my path rather than following the crowd. I enjoy marching to a different drummer and following my passion. I share positive stories and inspirational talks with my audiences. My personal brand is one of the most sought-after and fastest-growing personal brands worldwide.

Being a mentor, serial entrepreneur, professor, industry expert, keynote speaker, influencer, trainer, to name a few, how do you ensure work-life balance? 

Hobbies are a fun way to decompress from the day. I give myself a break and get away from my work. I take time to enjoy my accomplishments in a way that is meaningful to me. The right schedule helps me bring a sense of control to my life. As a result, I keep the boundary between working and non-working hours. I always explore new ways to exercise, go out for a run, and sometimes search for home workout videos on YouTube. It’s imperative to stay social and connected. I catch up over to-go coffee in a park rather than sitting in a busy café.

More and more brands are shifting focus on storytelling as an effective marketing strategy? Do you think storytelling is a powerful medium? 

Storytelling is the best way for marketers to deliver their messages. A good story has the power to enchant an audience and leave a lasting impression. Our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in brain than text. 90% of all human communication is non-verbal. 83% of human learning is visual. We remember 80% of what we see/do. Customers are more likely to recommend brands with whom they have an emotional connection. People will remember a story up to 22X more than they will a list of facts and figures. Brand storytelling throughout a content strategy can increase the value of service or product by more than 20%.

Having worked with some of the largest companies as well as some of the most promising startups, what are the biggest challenges businesses are facing today? 

Top brands and startups need to create content consistently at scale across 8-10 social media networks to win in the long term. Marketing teams need to make capital out of Twitter to connect with consumers. Brands should never circle the wagons because they must come to grips with their consumers online and answer every kind of question. When brands run podcasts, they stand a chance of taking their success to the next level. I take a dim view of offline marketing and digital marketing is the backbone of success for corporations. ROI of social media is trillions of dollars at scale and we transitioned from a TV society to a primary mobile society. Everything is changing faster than what managers think.

Startups that become unicorns are those startups that have a strong social media presence. As a result, they ride the crest of a wave. It goes without saying, marketing teams should take a step back, rethink their marketing strategies, and become as regular as clockwork across top social media platforms. In business different strokes for different folks, some people think social media is not worth a dime and they waste their money on TV, radio, billboards, and print magazines, and getting nothing in return, and such brands experience a catch-22 situation, whereas future-focused brands prepare the ground by going into overdrive on social media. In my experience, social media is worth its weight in gold and it has always stood me in good stead.

From winning multiple global accolades to building a world-class reputation and expertise. What has been the journey like for you? 

I’m an influential marketing figure and I’ve created a robust following on social media where my content reaches millions of people worldwide. One of the most outstanding aspects of my work is the ability to simplify some of the most complex digital transformations on the market. I’m paving the way for other marketers to follow in my footsteps. One of my earliest prominent moves was building my Twitter from scratch. I’ve worked hard on educating audiences online in order to ensure success for future generations. My resume has led me to appear on a plethora of radio shows and podcasts including Irish Tech News, The Business Power Hour, Thought Leader Magazine, Building My Legacy, The Next 100 Days, Take The Lead, Engati CX, etc.

Known as one of the world’s leading marketing thought leaders, I spend an incredible amount of time touring the world as a speaker. With many successful projects to my name, I’ve been called upon to talk at Digital Talk Forum, Asia Retail Summit, AI Conversational Summit, Global Marketing Summit, etc. Staying many steps ahead of the competition, I deliver a wealth of tips to apply to marketing growth. My insights leave audiences full of ideas to take the next steps in becoming an international success. My leadership spans decades, sectors, and countries. I provide actionable insights obtained from over 15 years of spearheading one of the fastest-growing personal brands. From humble beginnings when I started building my personal brand in a coffee shop, my captivating story resonates with a wide audience.

Looking at the journey, what would you have done differently if you were to start again? 

I truly take pride in my journey and I have achieved everything to the best of my ability. My career has been in the fast lane and my No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader ranking is the jewel in the crown. It’s always a race against time during my weekdays because I’ve so many ongoing projects. My talks strike the right note because my expertise is at the cutting edge. I’m an omnivorous reader and a good book holds a house of gold. My success journey has taken a turn for the better when I started tweeting actively. I’ve come a long way for my success.

I have a way with storytelling and content creation, and nowadays I possess a gold mine of information, as a result, I’m frequently invited to the world’s best events and podcasts. I seize the day, having lots of get-up-and-go, being a mover and shaker, doing my level best, and having many irons in the fire. Time is on my side when I’m passionate about what I do. From the vantage point of the present, I’ve always fired on all cylinders and disrupted every industry I entered. Social media has paved the way for my exponential growth. On a shoestring budget, I’ve spearheaded one of the fastest-growing personal brands. I’m grateful for small mercies and the sky is the limit.

Finally what does the future look like for you? What projects are you excited about to be associated with?

I’m a people-focused catalyst for accelerated success. Brands want rock-solid results, proof over promise, and greater ROI, and I deliver more than expected. From New York to Sydney, I’m a global audience favorite. I turn the marketing managers of today into the global marketing leaders of tomorrow. My audiences always feel inspired to use my practical strategies to improve their results and keeping up with changes in technology development is the best way for brands to stay competitive. I’ve provided unrivaled contributions to the technology ecosystem.

I utilize my expertise at the helm of my personal brand to inspire audiences on how to build brands with drive and passion. From keynote talks to fireside chats, I’m a motivational speaker who inspires everyone with my practical marketing strategies. My presentations act as a powerful catalyst for digital transformation. I drive companies forward to help them become number one in their industries. I’m one of the most booked marketing speakers around the world and my average satisfaction rating is 97%. When looking for a speaker with the best expertise in the top-level technology, I’m the perfect choice for corporate events.

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