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Jennifer Rae Stine: Driving People Towards Success

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For Jennifer Rae Stine, the idea of helping someone succeed has been the biggest driver throughout her journey.

It is this drive that led her into the marketing industry and to start Fortune Web Marketing, a one-of-a-kind agency focused on all aspects of marketing, with a digital focus.

Since its inception in 2008, the team at Fortune Web Marketing, spearheaded by Jennifer, have built a reputation of delivering optimal client satisfaction through their personalized branding and marketing strategies.

Leap of Faith

Following her bachelors in Telecommunications with a Minor in English from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA with a Marketing Specialization from NYIT, Jennifer spent over 10 years in the financial services industry in New York.

However, in her mind she knew that there was something more, something better for her out there. Recalling her time in New York, Jennifer mentions “I was feeling very uninspired, truthfully very defeated, especially being a young woman in the space.”

This was the moment Jennifer decided to take a leap of faith, she left her job, and started her own business – Fortune Web Marketing.

Today, the company has 18 employees across 3 different locations, with another one on the way, and has positioned itself as a trustworthy and effective single source agency.

Moreover, Jennifer is co-owner of a Video and Live Stream Production company, Photobomb Productions, LLP. However, they steer themselves away from taking on large, enterprise-level organizations as clients. “Most of our clients are SMBs, we see true vision and passion there every day. It’s inspiring and incredibly fulfilling to successfully get their message out to masses.”

This fulfillment of helping people succeed and grow is what stands out for Jennifer. “I get to see the vision and passion they put into their business, and in return, I help market that dream for them, ultimately making it a reality,” she asserts.

Rock the Web

As the President of Fortune Web Marketing, Jennifer Rae Stine hones multiple caps to her name. “I am everywhere and have a pulse on everything, but I do not and will not micromanage,” she mentions.

Jennifer encourages self-reliance and independence, while empowering everyone to do their absolute best and create something amazing every day. “When people believe in themselves, wonderful things can happen. All our leadership ethics and tactics are based around those principles. We encourage creative thinking, independence and of course, community involvement, being on the board for multiple non-profit organizations myself.”

The company values flexibility and freedom while simultaneously ensuring that the standards of quality are matched and maintained.

Specifically, Jennifer handles sales, strategic growth initiatives, initial training across departments, expansion into new spaces, finances, and all industry-thought leading initiatives such as speaking engagements and group strategic training.

With an experienced team of SEM experts, content writers, social media gurus, creative masters and video producers, Fortune Web Marketing promises to help its clients “rock the web….and beyond”.

The company’s accessibility, skill set, customer service, and quality of work help ensure client satisfaction every step of the way.

Furthermore, Jennifer emphasizes that they are very REAL. She explains, “We do not sugarcoat anything and always tell the truth. We are not in the business of taking your money just to see ourselves grow. If we think an idea will not succeed, a client’s chosen platform is not ideal or there is not adequate budget to be successful, we will tell you.”

Moreover, with a distinct focus on culture, the company makes sure to call everyone entering the organization as part of the FWM Family, irrespective of them being the staff, client, or a vendor.

“We welcome everyone individually. We care about helping you succeed and watching your vision come to life.”

Balancing Act

When asked about how Jennifer ensures work-life balance, being an entrepreneur, video producer, philanthropist, and mother, she confesses “There is no denying it…it’s extremely difficult. It’s the one thing I struggle with every day, especially since the pandemic. I have the utmost respect for any business owner that has held it together the past few years, personally and professionally. ”

She further adds, “Luckily, I have people close to me that encourage me to create balance and space. Yes, I do work 16-20 hour days most of the time. But I spend my free time with my son, my family and every now and then on me. I think I can get better with the latter, but everything that comes out of both companies, ultimately has my name on it, and that is important to me. My son accompanies me much of the time, he is even one of our camera men (in training) – at the age of 10!”

Jennifer opines that working hard is of utmost importance, especially in today’s cut-throat work environment to keep the ships afloat, however, she realizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance as well.

Owing to this, Jennifer dedicatedly makes time for her philanthropy work as helping people and seeing them smile is the most rewarding experience for her.

Helping Others

An empowering woman in every sense, Jennifer mentions the ability to inspire and motivate the ones around you to create change and make a difference is what makes for a transformational leader.

“Whether that be inside your own organization, among your colleagues and staff or inside your community. How we encourage and empower each other creates change and instills a sense of belief to everyone around you.”

She advises young and aspiring women leaders to just go for it and leave all doubt behind. “Never lose sight of your goals, your creativity, your passion and even in industries that might seem somewhat threatening, make your mark. There is really nothing you can’t do if you empower yourself. And never lose sight of helping others along the way. We all need encouragement.”

The Coming Days

Jennifer is excited for what the future holds for her businesses, as she prepares to enter new avenues and industries.

“We are pushing into new industries, including Cannabis and the video production side is taking off full force. We have structured the organization to focus on 6 industries and branded them as such: Commercial, Consumer, Cannabis, Experiences, Medical and Non-Profits,” she mentions.

The focus of the company is to establish those vertical brands and add creative, successful strategies along the way.

She sums up her excitement for the future by mentioning it will be “Expansive and bright!”

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