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Thane Stenner: A Wealth Creation Specialist

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The most accepted formula for wealth creation is to save more than you spend and invest what remains wisely in order to grow your money. While this concept sounds simple, it is far from reality. In fact, the greatest obstacle that we face in increasing our wealth is often our own biases and behavior as an investor.

Most people do well because they research about investing, experience the highs and lows patiently, and never speculate. Whether you enjoy picking individual stocks, or prefer to rely on professional management, the plain-spoken wisdom of Thane Stenner is unparalleled.

Thane Stenner is a Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Wealth Advisor of Stenner Wealth Partners+ at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Canada and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (USA) Inc. With a career spanning over 30 years, Thane’s fascination towards investing and managing wealthy investors, family offices, institutional fiduciaries in North America remains the same.

During this journey, Thane and his team have been nationally and internationally recognized with numerous awards. They continue to raise the bar with their exceptional work as wealth advisors serving ultra-high net worth clients and others.

Thane Stenner also holds a cross-border license with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the USA, and with Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) in Canada. He’s a global leader in Investment Consulting and an industry trendsetter for tailor-made strategic investment solutions.

At Stenner Wealth Partners+, he has built a competent team of professionals that provides their clients with honest counsel, experience, and disciplined objectivity. Thane strives to provide every client with continuous support, establish strong personal relationships as well as better and more profitable decisions for the long term.

Exeleon Magazine proudly covers Thane Stenner as the face of its latest Influential Leaders in Finance issue.


Staying true to the adage “Without labor, nothing prospers,” Thane was persistent and curious since his younger days. He had learned to focus on his efforts and push past the noise to create opportunities for himself. Following several hurdles and challenges, his exploration and interests introduced him to the world of finance.

This introduction motivated him to enroll in finance and graduate with an honors degree in investment analysis and portfolio management at Arizona State University. Following his graduation, he went on to hold many notable corporate positions, and saw his hard work, passion, and experience compounding dramatically.

Later, Thane attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Program wherein he explored powerful learning opportunities to help him achieve his potential. This gave him the chance to recharge, rethink, and refine his management skills for his journey ahead.


It is important to understand the motivation behind creating wealth. This is where leverage can help you accelerate your investments. Thane’s team is the perfect example of financial leverage, where professionals use their investment knowledge and skill to secure, guide, grow and attain your results.

His team consists of closely-knit committed, skilled, and motivated people, who drive optimal outcomes in every endeavor — whether it be money management or wealth creation. He believes in continuously improving himself, and his zeal to be better encouraged him to get licensed as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley and as a Registered Representative with Morgan Stanley Canada Limited.

Previously, Thane also held many prominent positions in Morgan Stanley, including that of a Managing Director, Institutional Consulting Director, Alternative Investments Director, and International Client Advisor. During his term at Morgan Stanley, he founded The StennerZohny Group of Graystone Consulting, and as of September 2020, has advised on more than $20B USD in assets. Additionally, Thane was also part of the $336B USD Graystone Consulting division of Morgan Stanley, with an aggregated $2.7T USD of client assets under management. Thane’s team was the #1 ranked California-based team on the Barron’s Top 50 Institutional Consultants Nationwide List in 2020, and #3 ranked California-based team in 2019.

Thane was also the Founding Member, Chairman Emeritus, and former Managing Director of TIGER 21 Canada. TIGER 21 is an exclusive North American peer-to-peer network of high net-worth investors with approximately 1,000 members who collectively manage more than $100B USD in assets. Interestingly, Thane was also a TIGER 21 Global Advisory Board Member previously.

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After all these years, Thane Stenner still feels joy and takes pride in each milestone of his firm. He shares that his firm has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and talent that is unmatched when compared to any other advisory firm in the industry. With a combined experience of over 85 years, Thane and his team have formed strong, long-lasting, and reliable relationships with all their clients.

Another key differentiator is his unique perspective for investors across different geographies —Canadian and American investors. He helps them understand and expands their goals according to their financial exposure and sometimes, beyond their local markets too. Thane claims, “Over many years, we have developed an acute understanding of our clients’ specific needs, which allows us to tailor best-in-class custom solutions and strategies to achieve their long-term financial objectives.”

Furthermore, Thane’s team is especially qualified through their licensing and network of knowledgeable experts to service clients with cross-border wealth considerations. Moreover, his team takes keen interest in the full gamut of other alternatives, especially the ones that have historically performed exceptionally well.

As his target clients are typically those with a minimum household account size of $10M USD and a net worth of up to $2.5B USD, Thane takes concrete yet actionable steps to help and manage their unique complexities.

His mantra “less is more” follows the logic of consistent profit generation and hints at a different way of doing business. He mentions, “We’re highly selective—our goal is to bring on only eight to ten new relationships per year. We also have a very disciplined type of client, which is where the team’s experience with this segment of investor comes into play.”


Thane’s clients are family oriented, generationally focused, and globally savvy; each has their own unique wealth creation story. Over the years, his team’s boutique business structure, depth of experience, global investment opportunities, and robust intellectual capital have helped the firm to grow into one of the most respected advisory teams in North America.

Thane has a unique infrastructure in place that allows him to assist and service clients and their assets on both sides of the Canadian and U.S. border. This involves setting up the necessary accounts to implement portfolio solutions, while achieving the most advantageous tax treatment of his clients’ investments.

“Nothing is more important to us than fostering long-term relationships with our clients, predicated on trust,” he shares. Additionally, his cross-border license with FINRA in the USA, and with IIROC in Canada, helps him serve the investors across both territories. He further adds, “Our clients benefit from access to exclusive research and investment vehicles not easily accessible within Canadian investment portfolios.”

Thane’s team can analyze and tap into global markets to provide valuable diversification, exclusive investment opportunities, and a distinctive perspective. This experience extends beyond traditional investing to a network of tax and accounting specialists, legal advisors, and wealth management solutions available globally to locally based clients.


Of all the areas of specialty, Thane is an expert in managing liquidity events for entrepreneurs and investors. Typically, this involves the sale of a business or the process of diversifying a large, concentrated stock position from a previous or current employer, or via an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Thane believes that a well-designed and diversified portfolio benefits the client in all situations. However, this approach has been found to be most advantageous in periods of market stress and volatility in public asset classes. In his own words, “Diversifying your sources of return are also about managing your risk, while maintaining a broad approach of assets that work together in a portfolio setting, which often leads to greater long-term outcomes than concentrated wealth.”

Besides this, he hosts a podcast produced by BNN Bloomberg Brand Studio called “SmartWealthTM with Thane Stenner” and is frequently quoted across leading media outlets like BNN Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Post, The Globe, and Mail, among other financial publications. Throughout his career, he and his team have achieved numerous national and international awards and recognition for their work as Wealth Advisors serving ultra-high net worth clients, family offices, and institutional fiduciaries. He was the #6 nationally ranked Top Advisor in Canada by Wealth Professionals in 2022.

Thane’s team also received the 2022 Top National Philanthropic Wealth Advisor Team of the Year from Charitable Impact Foundation Awards for facilitating over 90 donations totaling over $80M for donors across Canada. He was also featured in The CIO Today’s “Most High Impact Leaders Making A Difference in 2022” and in The Top 100 Magazine’s “Top 100 in Finance in 2021. He was also the #2 nationally ranked Advisor in Canada by Wealth Professionals in 2017, Outstanding Wealth Management Practice by Wealth Professionals in 2014, and winner of the Five-Star Wealth Management Award in 2012.


Apart from running a successful wealth management firm, he is also very involved in philanthropy and charitable endeavors. He believes that giving back is an important responsibility as part of his community. “I have had the privilege of donating my time to over 15 charitable organizations in the last 33 years,” he asserts.

On a personal front, Thane is happily married and spends his free time with his family and enjoys traveling, hockey, fishing, golf, and various artistic and philanthropic outlets. He is also an avid Peloton spin class enthusiast.

Thane Stenner is active in various professional associations including UBC Business Families Centre’s Professional Advisory Committee and the Canadian ETF Association. Additionally, he is deeply passionate and a generous contributor to many charitable organizations, including the YMCA, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Partnership for a Drug Free Canada.

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