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Veronica Bay: Reinventing the Concierge Service Industry

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The world has been moving through times of great transitions, leading it to be filled with both opportunities and challenges. In these times of transition, it takes a unique leader to not just meet these demands but deliver a better future and progress. These leaders are proactive in nature and understand the need to capitalize on the change in order to get ahead of others.

Veronica Bay is a perfect example of such a pioneer leader who capitalized on her understanding of the travel industry and created a concierge agency that offers a complete service catering to high-end clients.

In the following interview with Exeleon Magazine, Veronica talks about her love for being an outgoing person and how that personality trait helped her become a pioneer in the Business Concierge Services Industry.

What according to you makes one a pioneering leader? How do you integrate the same thought into your leadership?

I believe that a PIONEERING leader is a courageous and open-minded person that expands beyond conventional vision. That allows him or her create a unique brand and reach new heights in providing extraordinary customer service.

Founding an internationally operated Concierge service I was challenged to keep my mind, eyes and ears open to anticipate customer’s needs. Many concierge services offer a number of leisure and lifestyle services, but we aimed to go beyond that. Our high-profile clientele needs a comprehensive service portfolio that covers everything regarding their leisure with no exception.

Entertaining, corporate, and private party are often neglected or left for club promoters. The Only Intl had been founded to cover this niche. We take care of high-end entertainment up to a very small detail: from private aviation to villa rental and boat charter, ground transportation, private chef, DJ, party models, massage, security, table reservations and much more. We are happy to welcome families, but I used to say that we are a Wolf of Wall Street type of party markers. Our clients work hard and party harder, they know exactly what they want, and we are confident to cater to their needs.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What is your earliest memory as a leader/entrepreneur that you can remember?

I had always been an outgoing kid. My Mother recalls that I have learned talking before I could walk and I used to loudly introduce myself from mother’s lap to everyone eager to listen. Through the middle school I was popular being an athlete and a class leader. Since my teen age I had taken charge of my life by traveling the world and making unconventional decisions such as choosing film directing as a trade, making an award-making film The Outsider in a developing country of Morocco, traveling the world and finally founding The Only International, an agency for HNWI that reinvents concierge services.

What led to the start of a luxury concierge? What was the idea behind the name of the venture?

I used to date a gentleman who is well-off and shares my passion for traveling. We visited many countries and stayed in the best hotels and villas worldwide. I have developed a taste for luxury real estate, upscale restaurants, and yachting. But overall, I had been smitten with the highest standards of service that I have observed at the iconic hospitality and entertainment venues. I learned that every detail matters: from a scent at a luxury hotel entrance, to Egyptian cotton bedding, light and sound design in top restaurants, wine selection, staff training and much more.

Following my travel adventures on Instagram @veronica_bay_travel my friends kept asking for advice on where to stay and best places to dine in Tulum, to get access to the hottest beach and night clubs, pull a last-minute villa or a yacht booking in Mykonos and so on.

That is how I decided to create a concierge agency that will provide a 360 degrees service that caters for demanding players and operated under the slogan: Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.

The Only Intl brand ultimately reflects our mission of serving all the clients’ needs: from villa rental and boat charter to private air and ground transportation, ultimate venue bookings, private parties, catering and chef services, security, party entertainment and much more. A client finds everything in one place and does not need to go elsewhere.

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Photo: Olga Mordach@olga_mordach HMUA: Dasha Kuzmina @dashakuzmina

What are the various factors and challenges that one needs to focus on when arranging such an elaborate service?

The Only internationals caters for successful and sophisticated clients who are leisure connoisseurs. This elite clientele is used to only the best things in life and regularly entertain friends and business partners in luxury premises, restaurants, and yachts all over the world. To keep up with elevated requests and stand out from the completion The Only Intl has become an ever-expanding and ever-developing project. We constantly acquire new suppliers and extending our service scope. Constant progress is the only way to stand out and remain relevant in a fast-changing market of hospitality and leisure.

Being a fashion photographer, educator, public speaker, filmmaker, entrepreneur, among others, how does Veronica Bay ensure work-life balance?

I don’t have any (laughs). I am a workaholic and I have a kick from accomplishing yet another set goal. I am very competitive and being n1 in what I do is extremely important for me. I am aware that in order to stay healthy I should perhaps take more time off but I don’t see it in a foreseeable future.

What has the journey been like for Veronica Bay over the years? Looking back, what would you have done differently if you were to start again?

Generally, I live by the motto ‘no regrets’ but if I could change the past, I wish to spend more time with my family and learn better work/life balance. However, the journey was amazing, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I am type of a person who would rather live on edge then lead a boring life. 9 to 5 office is certainly not my cup of tea. I’m grateful for being able to travel, meet new exciting people, grow personally and professionally, change… My journey is exciting and I’m well enjoying the ride.

What has been the biggest roadblock during your journey? What has been your biggest learning?

I don’t really believe in roadblocks of external nature… I only believe that delays in one’s journey are caused by his or her laziness or fear. I don’t see any other reasons for a drawback. Also, one can get stuck in or keep coming back to unfavorable circumstances to learn a lesson that must be learned before moving forward.

I’m not an exception. One of my roadblocks is my obsession with work. I may lose sleep and neglect healthy food and workouts when I’m engaged in a project emotionally. That breaks work/life balance and affects me badly on a long run. Both for professional success and maintaining healthy lifestyle I must learn to balance things up.

Another big learning, I have discovered is that the world will not collapse because of a failure. And that is exactly how it feels to a competitive perfectionist like me. In fact, a failure might be seen back as an experience, a valuable knowledge that helps to build future success. Now I’m learning that when I can’t change a situation, I have to let it go and trust the Universe.

Finally, what does the future look like for you and The Only International?

I am very excited for the future of The Only Intl as it looks bright to me, and the sky is the limit. We are currently expanding into Dubai real estate, bringing amazing investment opportunities to our clients. We are working with UAE’s most established and trusted property developers and are thrilled to be a part of client’s wealth-building journey.

Along with new property investment opportunities we continue expanding our books of Mykonos and Tulum villas for vacation rentals, Boat charters, a scope of vacation services, including access to best restaurants and entertainment venues.

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