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Danni Benson: Empowering the World with Self-Love

Danni Benson Exeleon Magazine

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In a world that often prioritizes hustle and relentless pursuit of success, we often neglect the importance of self-love.

At its core, self-love is about fully and unconditionally accepting ourselves for who we are and what we have become. It’s about removing the suffocating masks we often wear for the world and embracing the deep understanding that we are enough.

In the journey of personal growth and resilience, self-love stands as the cornerstone. It encourages us to recognize our inherent worth, to accept our imperfections, and to wholeheartedly embrace the unique journey each of us is on. And for those who choose the entrepreneurial path, self-love becomes not just important but absolutely critical.

While self-love is a concept that extends far beyond the boundaries of entrepreneurship, its significance in the business world cannot be overstated. According to entrepreneur and mental health advocate, Danni Benson “The entrepreneurial path is laden with challenges, uncertainties, and frequent moments of self-doubt. It’s self-love that provides the strength to persevere during tough times, the grace to learn from failures, and the capacity to celebrate small victories.”

For Danni, self-love isn’t just a personal philosophy, it’s an essential business strategy.

As the Founder of I’m Proud of You Sis and Self Love Day, Danni empowers entrepreneurs with belief and positivity. She encourages people to move past their fears and tap into their potential to achieve greatness.

The Journey

Growing up, Danni Benson had a clear vision of being her own boss. Her immigrant Haitian parents instilled within her the entrepreneurial spirit, and she persevered her way to the top to translate her vision into a reality.

Danni graduated from New York University with a degree in Journalism / Communication. She gained experiences working at CBS News and Fox News in an internship role. Soon, these experiences landed her first career job at Channel 7 WABC – Eyewitness News in New York.

Following this, she went onto become a Publicist for Ralph Lauren. Her role enabled her to meet and interact with celebrities, magazine editors, and the media, thereby building a strong network in the entertainment industry.

Always prepared to take on new challenges, she followed her stint as a Publicist by joining Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, wherein she went on to win the prestigious 7 Top Performing Sales Awards.

Her experiences, recognitions, and network then positioned her to finally follow her childhood vision – to be her own boss and create a lasting legacy in the entrepreneurial space.

I’m Proud of You Sis

Danni started her podcast “I’m Proud of You Sis” in January 2021. The aim of the platform was to uplift, empower, and support women, particularly in areas of self-worth, mental health, and personal achievements.

According to Danni Benson, given the prevalent challenges women face in today’s society, her platform offers a space for validation, recognition, and encouragement. She further points out, “My podcast aims to share personal stories of resilience, success, and growth, providing listeners with relatable content that inspires them to overcome their own challenges and celebrate their accomplishments.”

Hosting the podcast enables her to engage with a broader audience and share experiences, stories, and knowledge. Today, with over 100 episodes of the podcast released, Danni has helped her audience build resilience and self-worth, all the while creating a community that openly talks about mental health.

Self-Love Day

Being an advocate of mental health, Danni Benson has spearheaded a movement that has led to the legal recognition of Self-Love Day – Feb 13th. This movement is focused on promoting self-care, self-acceptance, and positive mental health practices.

Danni explains, “Self-Love Day came about because I had to realize in order to believe in yourself you have to learn how to love yourself. Embrace your flaws and be comfortable knowing that you are not perfect and will make mistakes, but what matters after you make a mistake is to take accountability and make your wrongs into right.”

For Danni, self-love acts as a compass, guiding her to make decisions that are aligned with her values and purpose, rather than external pressures or fleeting trends.

As the Founder of Self-Love Day, Danni will continue to address topics related to mental health that are all too often left unheard and unseen. She mentions, “By focusing on self-love and mental health, I am empowering individuals to understand and care for their emotional well-being.”

Going forward, she wants to go across different schools in New York and beyond to talk about mental health. Danni recognizes the mental health challenges among youth and believes her persistent efforts will ensure a healthier future for generations to come.

What makes Danni stand out among the crowd is her innate ability to attain her vision. She mentions her habit of always carrying a notebook with her and writing ideas down – “I need to write it down so I can visually see it and then manifest that idea into fruition.”

Moreover, she has inculcated a habit of learning new things and perspectives from different people. She believes in diversity and inclusivity, and wants to feel equally included, heard, and seen.

You are Enough!

Danni mentions one of her biggest challenges has been to continue believing in her own vision and understanding that others might not believe in that same vision. “Not everyone is going to believe in you and that’s ok. Not everyone is going to say YES and that’s ok.”

She emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to find the time out of their busy schedule to network, meet new people, and maintain business relationships. “The more people you meet, the more of a chance you will hear the word YES.”

She passionately adds, “No one does this entrepreneurship journey alone…NO ONE! But understand that the most important person in your entrepreneurial journey is you. Believing in You is a must to succeed. It’s all up to YOU! I cannot stress that enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Being an entrepreneur can lead to stress, anxiety, and other mental challenges, hence it’s imperative for one to take care of their mental health. She reminds everyone, “Never forget to take care of you and that is what Self Love Day is all about – it’s taking care of you.”

As the Founder of I’m Proud of You Sis, her joy narrows down to empowering people. She asserts, “I love to spread positive words like yes you can, don’t let anything stop you from being great, and on the other side of your fears is your greatness so push through. I trust and empower team members, encouraging initiative and growth.”

The Dynamic Leader

A truly dynamic leader, Danni believes in her ability to go in and out of circles and adapt immediately. She is capable of quickly adjusting to different circumstances as well as making informed decisions in the face of adversity.

According to her, a dynamic leader has a combination of personal traits, behaviors, and actions that inspire, motivate, and brings about positive change.

Among the many traits, Danni is an empath who feels the pain of others and can place herself in someone else’s shoes to get a better understanding of other’s perspectives. “I understand and respect the feelings and perspectives of others, fostering a supportive team environment in work life and personal life.”

As a skilled communicator, Danni points out the importance of being an effective communicator. She mentions, “In order to get my vision to become reality I have to convey ideas clearly and listen actively, ensuring everyone feels heard and understood.”

Talking about the future, Danni mentions that she is excited for both her brands – I’m Proud of You Sis and Self Love Day. “The lives I am going to impact on makes my heart smile. The legacy I am going to leave behind will be remembered for generations to come so yes, I am excited about my future and the world should be excited too,” she concludes saying.

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