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Andrew Lampros: Setting an Example of Excellence

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Building a career in the legal profession is a lot more than just benefitting from monetary gains and high-profile cases. In fact, the core tenets of being an effective lawyer are fighting for justice, defending the ones struggling, and championing the rule of law.

One such personality is Andrew Lampros, a top-rated trial attorney whose life story clearly shows how he ended up becoming what he was meant to be — a lawyer more comfortable in the courtroom than behind a desk.

Andrew is a Partner at Hall & Lampros, LLP in Atlanta. He has experience litigating and trying cases for individuals and small businesses and has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.

With more than 20 years of legal experience, Andrew represents the rights and interests of plaintiff clients throughout the greater Atlanta metro region, surrounding areas of North Georgia, Tennessee as well as across the country.

As an influential leader, Andrew feels that you should have confidence and conviction, but also the humility to consider the viewpoints of others. Additionally, you should also have the willingness to change your mind or evolve your thinking when new information or facts are presented.

Andrew is certain that good leaders are decisive and strategic in setting goals for the entire team, yet they also empower people to use their knowledge and judgment to make their own decisions and learn as they go.

He says, “People want to work with leaders that they respect and admire, and who respect and admire them back. My approach is to lead by example, support, and try to understand the perspective of others.”

Nurturing a love for advocacy

Many of us have childhood dreams which end up being just that, dreams. Life takes us in different directions and those childhood dreams become far-flung memories. But this was not the case for this Georgia-based attorney.

Growing up, Andrew was determined to be a lawyer for as long as he can remember, so much so that he doesn’t really remember ever wanting to be anything else!

While most kids were off to camping or the movies on their holidays, his adventures took him to Rabun County Courthouse. His earliest memories of wanting to be a lawyer date back to his regular trips to the Courthouse and watching his great uncle, John, try cases. This experience cemented the idea of a career in law for him. He was captivated.

“I fell in love with the pace of trial—almost like a sporting event for the mind—and the storytelling arcs, and the raw intellect of the attorneys and the judge and witnesses,” he says.

For Andrew, it seemed like the kind of career that would never get boring, teaching him to always stay nimble and be a life-long learner.

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Holding the Mirror of  Excellence

Andrew and his team at Hall & Lampros, LLP are marvels of the legal world. They are, in fact, tireless in fighting to protect the rights and interests of their clients.

“We will do whatever it takes to make them whole and get them compensated for injuries or wrongs that have been committed. We work collaboratively on many cases and tap into each other’s strengths and areas of expertise,” he adds.

Andrew takes immense pride in his team’s abilities to deal with any case, be it —unpaid wages or overtime, harassment or retaliation issues, or workplace bullying for people who are transgendered.

In a remarkable milestone, one of his Partners argued the famous Bostock v. Clayton County case before the U.S. Supreme Court that extended workplace protections to LGBTQ+ people. “Most importantly, we will take a case to trial and let a jury decide it. We are comfortable in the courtroom,” he assures.

One of the other cases that he is most proud of is the record $4.8 million settlement in the spring of 2022 for the widow of Julian Lewis. Julian Lewis was a Black man who was shot and killed during what started as a routine traffic stop.

Mr. Lewis was unarmed and driving to the store to buy a cold soda for his wife Betty when a Georgia State Trooper pulled him over on a rural road for an alleged broken tail light that wasn’t, in fact, broken.

The officer clipped the bumper of Mr. Lewis’s car and within seconds of exiting his cruiser, he shot and killed Mr. Lewis.

“There was a dashcam video, but no body cameras because the Georgia State Patrol doesn’t require them even though they are readily available and inexpensive nowadays. The facts of the case were tragic, and the settlement was the largest in Georgia’s history so it made national and international news,” he shares.

Turning Down the Noise

Although throughout his career, Andrew has achieved a bit too much success advocating on behalf of those victimized, he recognizes that fighting for justice has its share of challenges and complications.

He shares, “Sometimes several intense and demanding cases occur concurrently, and it can be challenging to manage your time. It can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and that’s true of most things in life.”

The solution? He suggests, “Prioritizing your time is of the essence.” He also understands that your energy is finite, “You have to be ruthless in prioritizing essential things and accept that less urgent things will move lower on your to-do list,” he adds.

Building a Solid Front

Practicing law can, at times, be demanding. It requires eagerness, moral fiber, and often long hours of case study and research. As an attorney, you aim to move quickly through the ranks, make a partner, or start your own firm.

Andrew loves that his work has a lasting impact. He values his egalitarian culture, with open offices and the freedom to engage promptly. He loves the amazing team and the possibilities surrounding him.

However, regardless of work, he understands the importance of having a balance in life.

Andrew finds that for him work-life balance is a constant struggle. “I have an incredible team at work, and we support each other and lean in and roll up our sleeves to help each other,” he says.

He also advocates finding the right life partner. One who shares your aspirations and will work with you through the daily juggle of life. “I’m very fortunate that I have the support and encouragement of my wife Suzanne – none of this would be possible without her,” he adds.

Time and again he reminisces about his undergraduate career at the University of Georgia where he majored in business. Although he enjoyed everything the school had to offer — both on campus and off— when asked if there was one thing that he would have done differently, he says, “I would go back and tell my younger self to approach my studies with more alacrity and reverence.”

Towering Future of Hall & Lampros

Andrew and his incredible team are fast approaching their 20th anniversary of starting Hall & Lampros.

“In those early days, we had a modest goal of being in practice for ourselves and practicing the kind of law that we were most drawn to. We didn’t necessarily plan on growing it into a firm with numerous attorneys and support staff,” he recalls.

And today, Hall & Lampros, LLP his company has become one of the leading litigation firms in the Southeast for personal injury, labor and employment, discrimination, civil rights, and class actions.

They have won numerous multimillion-dollar settlements and jury verdicts for their clients and recovered more than $400 million so far.

“Frankly, we’re just getting started and intend to become an even more significant presence across Georgia and the Southeast,” he concludes.

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