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Alexander Galitsky: A Tech Pioneer’s Biography

Alexander Galitsky

In the tapestry of modern technological advancement and venture capital investment, few individuals have woven as intricate a pattern as Alexander Galitsky. Born in the Zhytomyr region in 1955, his odyssey encompasses scientific innovation, digital technology, and entrepreneurial wizardry. This biography affords an incisive glimpse into the monumental achievements and multifaceted career of Mr. Alexander Galitsky.

Genesis and Scholarly Endeavors:

Rooted in a quaint village, young Alexander Galitsky’s dreams soared through the cosmos. His passion for space ultimately steered him to study physics at the revered Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET). While engaged in academic pursuits, an epiphany led him to explore the burgeoning field of computer technology. His academic ardor resulted in a seminal thesis on “Technical Cybernetics.”

Ascending the Professional Ladder:

Galitsky embarked on his career in a micro-devices research institute. As fate would have it, the institution underwent various metamorphoses, ultimately birthing the ELVIS Scientific and Technical Center, with Galitsky at its vanguard. The center primarily delved into software development for satellite systems.

The contours of his career shifted dramatically when Sun Microsystems’ luminary, Bill Joy, reached out during a sojourn in Moscow. This fortuitous encounter laid the groundwork for a symbiotic collaboration, as Galitsky and around 200 associates secured Green cards, opening the floodgates to international funding prospects. Subsequently, Galitsky erected the edifice of “ELVIS+,” a bastion of digital discoveries and deft business maneuvers. A watershed moment ensued in 1993 when he astutely sold a 10% stake in “ELVIS+” for a staggering $1 million.

Details on the deal between Sun Microsystems and Elvis+ are sourced from here.

Embarking on a Venture Capital Odyssey:

Galitsky’s foray into venture capital crystallized in 2008 when he co-founded Almaz Capital. With an initial authorized capital of $72 million, the fund emerged as a catalyst for start-ups in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Almaz Capital’s investment portfolio boasts early support for Yandex, and a prescient investment in Qik, whose stakes were later lucratively sold to Skype.

Almaz Capital’s journey is punctuated by successive chapters – Almaz Capital II and III, with the latter amassing of $174 and $190 million in investments. The fund’s investment compass now primarily points towards Eastern and Western Europe, having invested an excess of $300 million in more than 50 diverse companies over nearly a decade and a half.

Galitsky’s investment philosophy hinges on establishing rapport and trust with the architects of the projects. His scrupulous strategies and sagacity have facilitated the identification of ventures with the potential for global market penetration.

Alexander Galitsky

Scientific Footprint and Accolades:

Galitsky’s scholarly contributions are formidable, as manifested through a compendium of approximately one hundred scientific treatises in international periodicals. His innovative prowess is further reflected through a repertoire of over 30 patents in the realm of digital technologies. In homage to his stellar achievements and enthralling life journey, the biographical film “Startup” was conceived in 2014.

Portfolio Companies Changing the Game

  • Acronis– Almaz Capital saw the potential in Acronis, a global leader in cybersecurity and data protection. Acronis’ True Image technology is a game-changer for businesses.
  • GoodData– A cloud-based business intelligence platform, GoodData is all about helping companies streamline their data operations.
  • Gridgain– As an in-memory computing platform, Gridgain is breaking barriers in real-time data access and processing.
  • Hover– In the realm of 3D technology, Hover is a juggernaut. From home improvement to 3D modelling, Hover is changing the way we interact with technology.
  • Minut– Minut is about home security. Their smart home sensors are ensuring safety in the modern world.
  • Neptune– As an ML (Machine Learning) platform, Neptune is driving innovation in AI data analysis.
  • OneSoil– Changing the agricultural game with data science and AI, OneSoil is the future of sustainable farming.
  • Parallels– Almaz’s investment in Parallels brought forth a leader in cross-platform solutions, making remote access technology seamless.
  • Referbed– With refurbished electronics, Referbed is addressing the e-waste problem.
  • Virtuozzo– In the realm of virtualization, Virtuozzo is the king. It’s all about optimizing resources for cloud computing.


Alexander Galitsky’s Almaz Capital is not just a venture capital firm; it’s an innovation powerhouse. From cybersecurity to cloud computing, their investments in cutting-edge technologies have revolutionized the industry. Through strategic collaborations and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Almaz Capital continues to shape the future of technology.

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