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Clayton Thomas: Transforming Wellness from Within

Clayton Thomas Exeleon Magazine

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Each and every one of our wellness journey is unique and personal. Whether it’s about adopting a slower pace in life, eating cleaner, or simply prioritizing your peace, it’s essential that when you get started on your wellness journey, you are setting it up to work for you.

An example of a wellness expert who is transforming this journey for people into an authentic and immersive experience is Clayton Thomas. As the Founder of The ROOT Brands, he does not believe in your typical cleanse; he is all about curing the cause, forever.

In fact, Clayton was able to make this foundational change because of his unique take on leading his people to deliver their best. “The crucial aspect,” he reveals, “lies in the ability to break free from conventional paradigms and understand how to bring about change.”

As a leader, he believes in adopting a genuine leadership perspective, taking the time to grasp each person’s personal mission. “True transformational leadership is all about transformation, change, innovation, and disruption,” he explains.

Clayton firmly believes that investing in people can lead to profound changes and progress. “By breaking free from molds and empowering our team members, we can witness remarkable transformations and create a positive impact.”

Early Wellness Epiphany

Clayton’s journey into the health and wellness space began in a unique way. While others needed formal education to understand the intricacies behind this space, he was immersed in them from a very young age. Growing up in a veterinary practice, specifically an integrative one, exposed him to various facets of health and well-being.

Even at two years old, Clayton found himself studying fecal and blood samples, peering at parasites and bacteria under the microscope. This passion continued to grow and by the time he turned eight, he was already exploring the importance of mineral supplementation.

Moreover, his journey as an athlete, competing at the Division I level in track and field, made him realize the significance of human performance and nutrition.

However, Clayton’s thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. He soon discovered that true education in integrative health and wellness couldn’t be confined to traditional school. Instead, it required seeking answers, asking questions, and exploring various paths beyond the four walls of a classroom.

By the age of 25, he had a profound revelation. He understood that many significant health issues were often NOT related to what is consumed but rather to what is eliminated from our lives. And this realization shaped his philosophy.

For the past 18 years, Clayton has committed himself to understanding and teaching others the root cause behind our health problems.

“I believe that true health, wellness, and performance don’t have to be complex, though the solutions that are created might seem so due to marketing strategies, ” he claims. “My life experiences have taught me that simplicity and understanding are the key to success in achieving optimal health and well-being.”

ROOTed in Wellness

Needless to mention, our health is at its optimal state when it’s free from any toxins and chemicals. Among these toxins, heavy metals like mercury, lead, and aluminum are a massive threat to our overall well-being.

Clayton notes, research dating back to the 1950s has pointed out health issues caused by mercury toxicity. However, the medical world chooses to largely focus on treating symptoms rather than detecting the underlying problem. This led to a medical system heavily reliant on pharmaceuticals, thus generating trillions of dollars in revenue.

He emphasizes that the key to long-lasting health lies in recognizing the true cause of health issues and getting rid of it from its root. “By letting the body restore balance, it can heal and regenerate without the constant damage caused by toxins.”

He also believes that dealing with pollution and toxins is crucial for our long and healthy life. Just as a fish can’t thrive in a polluted pond, our health and survival depend on taking care of our surroundings.

“There is no quick fix or band-aid solution for these problems; it requires a commitment to resolving the underlying issues. Ignoring these factors will only lead to wasted resources and diminished health in the long run,” he points out.

From Chaos to Self-Care

Clayton Thomas has seen significant changes in his life since his dog, Tilly, passed away. “Tilly used to provide me with a sense of balance, taking 10 to 15 minutes each day to play and relax with her, which was therapeutic,” he shares.

While his life has some routine, it primarily revolves around managing organized chaos. He’s come to appreciate that nothing in his world adheres to a fixed schedule. “Monotony tends to bore me,” he admits, “so being entrepreneurial allows me to constantly shift, adapt, and stay engaged.”

But in the midst of managing his life, Clayton also understands the importance of self-care. He believes that it’s not just about feeding his body and giving it the right tools; it’s also about making time for a good workout.

As a former athlete, he recognizes that his diet used to revolve around his high activity levels. However, after he stopped burning energy through sports, he hasn’t adjusted his eating habits accordingly and he’s striving to balance these aspects.

Clayton’s approach to diet is refreshing and relaxed. He humorously calls it a “see-food diet” — in the sense that if he sees food he likes, he’ll eat it. “I believe everyone should enjoy their meals while also striving to eat clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” he says.

Additionally, he ensures that certain things remain non-negotiable: family time, self-care, and outdoor activities. Whether it’s taking a moment for himself, getting his feet dirty, going for walks, or jumping into a body of water, he allows himself to enjoy life and find his moments of peace.

Power of Philanthropy

For Clayton, the idea of giving back and having a philanthropic purpose is incredibly important because it aligns with the very nature of being human.

He emphasizes that by recognizing the impact of community and rewarding people for their contributions, businesses can witness life-changing outcomes. “Successful companies become more than just sellers of products or services; they become agents of positive change,” he mentions.

“People’s lives are improved as they not only benefit from what the company offers but also receive rewards for sharing their positive experiences with others.”

This cycle of abundance leads to a profound realization that people can pay it forward and give back. Philanthropy and giving back should be active and intentional, not just limited to making passive donations. “Our consumption habits and behaviors should be grounded in a philanthropic purpose, as they are capable of creating value and improving society at large.”

The Future of Wellness Innovations

Clayton firmly believes that the impactful trifecta of energy, intention, and love are the true game changers.

Sharing the future plans for his brand, Clayton’s eyes are firmly set on achieving global domination for his brand while delivering a philanthropic purpose. “As we grow into a multi-billion-dollar brand and generate a billion dollars in annual revenue,” he explains, “we plan to give back $500 million to our valued consumers, creating tremendous value for them.”

What truly excites him the most is that his products are not just an abstract idea; they are genuinely groundbreaking. “Take our root nutraceutical line, featuring Clean Slate, Zero In, Restore, Relive Greens, Give me Back my Youth, Immune Defense Shield, and Natural Barrier Support. These products are category killers, surpassing anything ever seen in the market. Their superiority comes not only from their formulation but also from the expertise of those who have meticulously crafted them,” he further elaborates.

The introduction of Rahm Roast, his coffee product, is nothing short of revolutionary. If you’re a coffee drinker tired of settling for moldy coffee, Rahm Roast promises to completely change your coffee experience. “Trust me; once you try it, you won’t want anything else,” he adds.

But his excitement doesn’t just stop there. The upcoming launch of the Envirem clothing line, spearheaded by his wife – Dr. Christina Rahm, demonstrates his brand’s dedication to finding solutions to environmental challenges.

As his company ventures into new markets, Clayton Thomas and his team continue to assess their dominance and make a meaningful difference. “I encourage you to join us on this exciting journey of innovation and transformation. Together, we can achieve greatness and leave a lasting impact on the world,” he concludes.

For more information on The ROOT Brands, go to http://www.therootbrands.com/purelivingroot

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