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Vera Cohen: Bringing Value to Real Estate

Vera Cohen Exeleon Magazine

If you are the kind of person who can brighten someone’s day just with your presence, then you undoubtedly are a dynamic personality in Vera Cohen’s eyes.

As a real estate professional with nearly two decades of experience and as the face of Exeleon’s exclusive magazine cover of Women in Real Estate, Vera describes a powerful woman as someone who is hardworking and accomplished. She further notes that such a woman’s personality shares the power of positivity, inspiration, and kindness with others.

In this exclusive feature, we take you through the life of Vera Cohen and what makes her a zealous leader in the real estate space and beyond.

The Roots of Her Kindness

Since childhood, Vera exhibited strong emotions of being kind and stood out as a pillar in her close-knit community. She was raised by a single parent and was unfortunate to not have a lot of financial resources. She even mentions how she had to sew her own clothing, including her prom dress. As a result of her family’s financial struggles, Vera had to work hard from an early age, take up jobs, put her mind to school, and knew that her only chance at a college education was through scholarships. She always played her best hand at sports and displayed her competitive spirit in Track and Volleyball and was able to obtain a college scholarship.

Although Vera had a humble beginning, she found a silver lining in her childhood as the things that kept her busy also kept her out of trouble.

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Branching Out to Real Estate

Years later, when Vera started looking for her own house, she wanted to learn the intricate details of real estate by understanding and learning from her experiences, she fell in love with every opportunity the industry offered. She soon embarked on a journey of delivering the best experience and outstanding service to her clients.

Today, real estate has become a foundational part of Vera’s life, and she mentions the industry as something that gives meaning to her life. “Real estate gave me many things that I value in life: my relationships, lifestyle, friendships, passion – I could not imagine myself doing anything else and loving it as much as what I do,” she expresses.

Vera also likes to take on challenges that are beyond the ordinary and, more often than not, cannot be accomplished by others. “Selling a listing for a record price or accomplishing a sale for a client that needs to sell quickly. Or sharing your experience and mentorship with my team to allow them to be more efficient and more successful than without me. Or finding a very lucrative deal for our investor clients. I love all of it!”

At her Real Estate Brokerage, she is not only ready to provide outstanding services to her esteemed clients & customers but also loves helping her team to attain their individual goals. ” Here at Vera Cohen Realty, we use cutting-edge marketing techniques to sell your home at record-breaking prices. Your home deserves top-of-the-line professional photographers, videographers, social media marketing, staging, and relocation exposure, all of which we take pride in providing. All of our Real Estate Experts at Vera Cohen Realty have unique skill sets that allow them to offer exceptionally personalized service you can depend on. Not seeing your dream home listed? Not a problem. We can find you your dream home whether it’s listed or not. ”

Vera also compares the likes of her business to that of a chess board. “The ultimate goal is how do I exceed my client’s expectations. I’ve been doing it for over 15 years and have been involved in over 1500 transactions; that experience enables me to ask questions before my clients think about them in many cases.”

The influential leader always thinks outside the box and strives to provide many options and the best results. To her, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help somebody have a better financial future through real estate investments.

Exeleon Magazine Cover Vera Cohen Real Estate

A Day in the Life of Vera Cohen

If you are anything like Vera, your day will start at around 6 am, depending upon how late you had to work the night before. Vera likes to start the day with a cold shower, a jump in the pool, or a workout outside. She also loves to listen to upbeat music while she is engaged with these activities.

She mentions, “Once I set the day in the right tone, if I feel happy/positive and wake up on the right side of the bed, I provide a stronger foundation for everyone in my life.”

By the time Vera takes the first sip of her coffee, there are three things that she makes sure to follow and achieve every day. First, check up on her emails and bring a resolution to tasks that require her immediate attention. Second, she reviews her goals and creates tasks.

And third, she wakes up her child and gets her ready for school, while having fun with her at the same time. “When she’s brushing her teeth, I always tell her to brush only the ones that she wants to keep. I tell her she can absolutely go to school unbrushed and dressed as a mermaid if her goal is to look like an unbrushed mermaid, but if your goal is to look like a knowledgeable, ready-to-learn student, let’s dress accordingly.”

Following this, Vera gets ready by putting on her ‘fireman’ suit to go to the office and put out all the fires. She finishes the day by enjoying the deliciousness of food with like-minded companionship. “I like to support owners of local restaurants and connect with my past and present clients, team, friends, and anyone willing to have dinner with me,” Vera shares with a chuckle.

Bearing the Fruits of Everyday Life

Vera comes from an industry that runs impatiently, especially on holidays and festive seasons. The real estate veteran understands this and believes that accomplishing a work-life balance in such an industry is arduous. For Vera, striking the right balance comes in everyday life with a multitude of scenarios.

Vera labels the whole situation based on the understanding that happiness will look different on each day of the week depending upon her needs & attention and what will bring her utmost satisfaction.

For one, it will be like spending the day with her daughter and staging properties together. Others will be spending the day at the office and delivering outcomes that would not have been possible without her. Then there will be those where yoga lessons with friends will breathe new light into the day.

“One thing I know for certain, life is too short, I don’t know how much time I have, but when my time comes, I will not regret that I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve done something at that moment, if I felt like it needs to be done, I go for it,” shares Vera. This is also the exact reason why she does not believe in regrets and is grateful for everything that went wrong because those lessons helped her climb the success ladder step by step.

Talking about the future and continuing her success pathway, Vera eyes 5 locations in the next 5 years to grow the portfolio of Vera Cohen Properties and is open to embracing any possibilities that the universe brings to her.

A Fruitful Advice

Vera’s advice for aspiring women leaders in the real estate industry is simple: Identify someone who does what you are looking to accomplish and ask them to be your mentor.

In her opinion, such a setting always brings the desired results quicker as both involved individuals are trying to accomplish goals in the same place.

She also emphasizes on working hard, caring about the clients, their satisfaction and goals before anything else. “I can probably think of 110 pieces of advice I could give to someone, but these are good ones to start,” remarks Vera.

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