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Dr. James Fedich: Leading an Innovative Path for Wellness

James Fedich

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In a world where everyone is focused on chasing success, it’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining your health. From putting efforts towards building your dream life or spending time with your loved ones — taking care of your health is of utmost necessity.

To make this journey healthier and happier, one person stands out in transforming countless lives. Meet Dr. James Fedich, a seasoned chiropractor with two decades of experience, and a dynamic leader in the healthcare space.

As one of the most successful practitioners, he has led teams of chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and staff for more than two decades.

In his own words, “I have chosen to be the leader who pushes the cart with my team.” He adds, “I am always willing to do what it takes for our team to be successful. I have also had dozens of interns over the years and have helped train and lead the next generation of healthcare providers.”

An Unexpected Destiny

Dr. James’ journey to becoming one of the finest chiropractors was set in motion by an unfortunate accident when he was 13.

“I am 6 ‘5’’ and was really into basketball. On the way to a wedding in upstate New York from NJ, someone ran a stop sign and smashed our car. My mom, dad, and brother all ended up in the hospital,” he recollects. As a result of this accident, James suffered from collapsed lungs, concussion, and back injuries.

After overcoming his concussion, he went through terrible back pain. His routine included attending school, returning home, and coping with night-long back spasms while lying on the floor. Finally, he found some relief when his mom took him to a chiropractor.

The following month at school, when he had his career paper due, he decided to submit his interest as a chiropractor. “I thought it was so cool, I wanted to help people the way I was helped,” he reflects.

This resolve encouraged him to pursue his Bachelor of Science with Honors in just 3 years. He then went on to earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic within 4 years from the prestigious NYCC.

Beaming with excitement, Dr. James started his practice merely three months after his graduation. “Building a practice from zero was quite a challenge and significantly helped to make me a leader,” he shares.

Spearheading Natural Healthcare

Dr. James was always determined to deliver quality healthcare through his clinic, Village Family Clinic. As a leader in natural healthcare, his state-of-the-art 5000 sq. feet facility has the latest tools to get non-drug pain relief.

“We have two non-surgical spinal decompression machines and perform more decompression sessions than almost any chiropractor in the state. We also have a hands-free class 4 deep tissue laser which is amazing and promotes healing and decreasing pain. Our staff are some of the most highly trained people in the industry and we get amazing results,” he shares.

A Glimpse into Dr. James’ Life

As a business owner, author, and speaker, Dr. James leads a busy yet fulfilling life. While most of his days vary, a common thread is his early start at 5.30 AM.

His day begins with a cup of coffee, followed by a workout in his basement involving weights and riding his peloton. Soon after, he takes a shower, changes, prepares his smoothie and is set to start his day. On days when he has longer treatment schedules, he’s at the clinic by 8 am.

During his lunch, he always indulges in a salad. Then, he tackles other tasks that might involve podcast interviews, studying some materials, engaging in marketing efforts or other business tasks. Following his appointments, he enjoys dinner with his two kids, Scarlett and Britton, and loves spending the rest of his time with them before he puts them to bed.

Tuesday evenings hold a special place for Dr. James and his six-month old daughter. He takes her out to eat, enjoy boat rides, play golf or do something fun — just quality dad and daughter time! Fridays, on the other hand, are dedicated only for family time, and work takes a backseat. “I rarely travel to present a seminar or attend, but I am home with my family as much as possible,” Dr. James emphasizes.

Additionally, as part of his routine, every night he soaks his legs in his hot tub. This helps him unwind after his daily workouts and numerous patient interactions.

Envisioning Decades of More Impact

With his resolute commitment and passion, Dr. James’ end-goal is to help a greater number of patients from his office. He believes he has the best talent and cutting-edge facility in the area and aims to grow and serve more patients.

“I also look forward to training more doctors in my office and outside. Helping them to help more people!” With palpable excitement he concludes, “I am excited about the next 20 years!”




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