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Natasha Simon: The Analytical Leader in Real Estate

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There is a shifting inclination towards data-driven, analytical leadership in the recent past. However, there is a visible gap among leaders when it comes to understanding the meaning of analytical leadership.

The orthodox viewpoint of being analytical narrows down to investigating something with rigor and objectivity. In reality, analysis has a definitive purpose, i.e. to solve a question by breaking it down into smaller elements.

The analytical leader takes data – disconnected and disjointed – and gives the data meaning and purpose to turn it into information. Following which, by using a mix of experience, values, and grounded insights, the leader turns that information into knowledge.

This knowledge lays the framework for analytical decision-making.

Natasha Simon is an example of a leader who understands the meaning of being analytical and leverages its power to drive unmatched results.

For over a decade, the pioneering realtor has made a name for herself with her concise, calculated, and logical thinking.

As the Cover of our Latest Transformational Real Estate Leader, we look into the story of Natasha Simon and what makes her an inspiring leader.

Entrepreneurial Core

For Natasha Simon, entrepreneurship and leadership has always been inevitable. At the age of 9, she created, managed, and ran her own carnival.

She recalls, “I asked all of the neighbors in our townhome apartments to not park their cars on our row between the hours of 4 to 8 so that I could run my festival.”

She created her very own tickets for the event by tracing out chuck-e-cheese tickets, and charged the kids for games like coloring page contests, knock the cans, etc. “Depending upon how many tickets they had, I bought some toys from the dollar store as prizes.”

To advertise the event across her neighborhood, she took the help from her aunt who worked at a copy center. Natasha instructed her to copy neon-colored flyers that she could place on every door of the neighborhood. In her own words, she created her very own “Octoberfest.”

Surprisingly, the turnout to her event was huge. “I had to send my mom to the store to get hotdogs and nachos to sell. We sold out of everything and made a lot of money,” she remembers.

From a very early age, Natasha was engaged with such entrepreneurial activities. This formed the core of her leadership journey, one that she still fondly reminisces about.

Real Estate Calling

Natasha’s exposure into the real estate scene can be attributed to her husband, who was a loan officer.

Seeing the industry up-close, she recognized an opportunity; an opportunity to employ her deep analysis of the intricacies of transactions, while simultaneously following her passion of helping people.

Having a Master’s in Computer Science, Natasha has always had an analytical approach in her life. She realized this approach could be a key differentiator for her in the real estate industry.

She explains, “Exposure to high-profile account management and innovative uses of technology have enabled me to understand matters of real estate from a rare and valuable perspective.”

Moreover, she has a gift when it comes to turning NO’s into YES’s. All these have collectively guided Natasha to pursue real estate as her true calling.

This calling further enabled her to build her very own team of agents, named as “The Real Estate Money Team”.

The name of the team aptly highlights the mission of Natasha and her team – enabling clients to get the right amount of money for their homes.

Natasha Simon Cover Exeleon Magazine

Natasha worked in the industry in part-time capacity for 6 years, before she went full-time in October 2019. She was closing over 50 homes per year, between the period of 2016-2018, and is on track to close to 200 clients in 2022.

The Money Method

Thus far, Natasha has helped over 1000 people with her services. This amounts to over $200 million in real estate sales. Much of this can be attributed to Natasha’s ability to understand unique transactions and successfully implement intricate financing strategies to get the deal done.

She adds, “I thoroughly evaluate a range of matters from new home construction processes to changes in mortgage financing to ensure that my clients are well-informed about their investments.”

Persistent and methodical by trade, Natasha visualizes each of her business steps as a deep calculus problem. She relishes the difficulty while taking a calculated approach in simplifying the entire problem and then solving the equation.

“I always say I can outthink most people in this industry because I am left-brained, while most are right brained,” she asserts. She is a skilled negotiator and an expert facilitator, who oversees each need and requirement with utmost precision to ensure optimal client satisfaction.

Amidst the cut-throat competition of the market, around 85% of Natasha’s business are based upon repeat and referral clients. The Money Team is committed to helping its clients along the journey with a clear path. They differentiate themselves from the crowd with the connections they make and create along this journey.

Her proven track-record allows builders to have the requisite confidence to list their newly constructed homes with Natasha. She leverages the power of digital platforms to offer marketing solutions that bridges the gap between the buyer and seller to minimal time necessary.

Natasha Simon Real Estate Realtor
Natasha Simon | Realtor | Quote

Planting Good Seeds

For Natasha, integrity and the drive to be the best at all times has played a key role in her career trajectory. Moreover, her willingness to treat others the same way she expects herself to be treated has helped her stay grounded and grateful.

She exhibits integrity in her everyday life whether it be with her family, friends, or her customers. Furthermore, her faith in God has played an essential role in her successful journey. She advices others, “Always keep God first and you cannot go wrong. HE is truly why I am such a success today. Most people seem to forget that.”

Based in Houston, Texas, Natasha also believes in the act of giving back and caring about her community. She and her team engage in mentoring for opportunities in the real estate industry. She also runs an annual gala, wherein clients can donate to a charity of their choice.

According to her, “I believe in planting good seeds. If I plant good seeds, I am assured of reaping a good harvest.”

The Road Ahead

Talking about the future, Natasha Simon is excited for what’s in store for the team in the coming years. She plans to have different branches of The Money Team, like a franchise, to further build the brand and its geographical reach.

On a personal note, Natasha plans to be there for her kids and her husband. A family person in every right, Natasha is blessed for her family and is dedicated to prioritizing them in her life wherever necessary.

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