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Tori Atwell: Exhibiting a Rich Legacy of 35 Years

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It is widely believed that our parents are our first and our best teachers. They are the ones who teach us to talk, walk, behave, and nurture us before we are ready to face the real world. And most of the time, our parents show us the very thing that will go on to define who we are; becoming the very reason behind our existence.

For Tori Atwell, it was her father’s persistent efforts of taking her to Real Estate seminars as a teenager and young adult that went on to define her entire life. 

Today, Tori Atwell stands tall amongst the most renowned real estate brokers to have served in Silicon Valley since 1986. With over three decades of industry-wide experience, Tori Atwell has been navigating the industry through her arduous work and her mission of delivering a human touch through her services.

A Humble Beginning

Tori was born in Redwood City and raised in the Bay area, where she obtained her Business Administration Degree in the 80s. 

While initially she worked in the banking industry, she turned to real estate after starting her own family. 

She remembered how his father used to take her to real estate seminars and always encouraged her to work hard. “Real Estate is the one constant in everyone’s life: We all need a place to live. For those lucky enough to be able to invest, Real Estate is the way to go as part of a healthy portfolio,” mentions Tori. 

Listening to her father and perceiving real estate as the foundation, Tori commenced her professional journey in Palo Alto and then later moved her business to the Mountain View, Los Altos area.

A Wide Breadth of Experience

Working in the real estate sector for over 35 years, Tori has seen her fair share of transformation and changes in the industry. She still remembers the simpler times when demands and work were less, and the entire process ran with people patiently trusting each other. 

“No cell phones, a receptionist who rarely took a message correctly, short contracts and minimal paperwork, no computers. Our basic tools were minimal, but with those minimal tools, folks were less demanding.”

She further highlights how people had more patience and did not have a constant need for immediate gratification. 

Tori notes that markets and the economy may have come and gone, but the evolution of innovative technology has significantly impacted the industry. “35 years ago, we did not write brochures, no one used a professional photographer, stagers were not even a thing. Today, you can do it all without any hassles.”

However, amongst all the developments, the one thing that stands out for Tori is the human touch which can never be removed entirely from the industry. 

Even after witnessing so much change over the years, she believes that hard work and being kind to others is what makes you a powerful leader. 

While some may think that being tough and stern are the right way to lead, she takes the opposite approach of exhibiting kindness and respect. “Folks know I mean business but working together for mutual goals and admiration goes much further. It is often harder to be kind in a poor situation rather than hurtful and aggressive.”

This is primarily the reason why Tori Atwell prefers to still have one-on-one communication directly with all her clients in order to deliver a satisfactory experience. According to her, real estate agents are often busy chasing one deal after another and ignoring the clients they already have. 

Instead, she mentions, it is imperative for them to understand that when someone hires an agent, the person trusts you with the most crucial decision of their life. Thereby, they deserve the best of attention and be informed on all levels of the transaction. 

Fulfilling individuals’ needs for these many years and sustaining the human essence have brought much success to Tori. She pays gratitude to the industry she has served. “I have been blessed enough to start in the business when you had to do everything yourself, including qualifying buyers before they began looking at property. My business roots and experiences are constant sources of inside knowledge and understanding of the industry.”

Evolving with Parenthood

Amidst the hustle and bustle in her profession, Tori raised two beautiful kids. She recalls how after school time, they would often go look at a house, meet an inspection, and drive-by properties. “My son, Kyle, at age 5, could look at a house/property and tell if it would sell or not,” recalls Tori. 

With her kids growing up, a lot has changed in terms of her lifestyle and approach to real estate. She now practices a new lifestyle, paying undivided one-on-one attention to her clients and going out with clients or co-workers on her off time. “Real Estate is different from most industries; it’s not just a job, it is an entire social structure that facilitates getting to know a wide array of people from many different cultures and walks of life.”

And when Tori is not with her clients or working, she could be found enjoying quality time with her six dogs, four cats, and two mini-pigs. 

Get the Best Teacher

Tori feels grateful to have the best teacher in the form of her father who paved the way for her interest and subsequently her successful career. 

Taking a cue from her own life, she advises new young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the real estate space to find a good realtor. She mentions, “Trust and respect and shadow their every move. If you spend some free time learning from the best, you will get an invaluable education and foundation for a successful career.”

It’s a Continuous Journey

It’s been over three decades since Tori has been helping individuals and families sell and move into new homes. Her attention to detail, providing one-on-one consultation, and adding a personal touch to real estate have led her to attain the unmatched success and a hard-earned reputation within the community. 

For the future, Tori Atwell would like to continue to serve thousands of families selling or moving into their dream homes. 

“We have a saying in real estate; realtors don’t really retire, we just slow down as our age goes up,” she concludes.

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