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Marc Sorrentino: Chasing the Peak

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Every successful leader who reached the top of the pyramid has built a strong foundation rooted in years of discipline, hard work, and courage.

As applauding as such achievements are, they are a result of constant grinding and hustling to achieve everything on the platter.

When talking about leaders, one often counts the privileges the role offers. However, on the contrary, we tend to forget that these privileges come with a price.

Few leaders who stand the test of their times, win the race, and stay in the long run ultimately enjoy the fruits of their labor.

One such prominent leader, Marc Sorrentino is an example of honest leadership, adept mindset, and dedicated professionalism. Marc is an innovative leader, focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments.

In his career path, he holds a rich experience in driving product, process, and customer service improvements and specializes in building partnerships with key business decision-makers.

On his academic forefront, he has completed a Master of Science in Real Estate Construction, Development, & Finance from New York University. Marc has been working for two decades as a licensed Associate Real Estate broker at VRI Homes, a leading marketing agency.

Journey of the Leader

Real Estate is a profitable industry that has shown constant upgradation with time, lifestyle, and choice.

Marc describes real estate investing as the best way to create wealth and financial freedom.

With his impeccable industry knowledge, he has been able to mark his long-standing presence. His sheer interest in the field has helped him overcome many challenges and shore to the harbor of success.

As a leader, Marc is strong-willed. He is action-oriented and driven by performance.

He believes in setting examples by doing his work and inspiring others to do the same. A true leader is focused more on actions rather than just reciting the know-how of leadership.

By overcoming all the real-life speed-breakers and hurdles along the way, the leader learns leadership more than ever.

With such experiences, the leader can navigate the long route forward with all his qualities and capabilities.

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Communication is Key

Miscommunication can lead to disasters. Especially in the business forefront, communication is a vital aspect of team performance and company growth.

As a leader, Marc is a firm believer in the same. He defines communication as an essential resource to thrive and be successful in real estate.

He reckons communication to be one of the most important traits to be successful in life too. One has to develop communication skills and learn their application for the best personal and professional use.

Marc supports by saying this, “To develop communication skills you have to go after your goal and be relentless in achieving it. There will be issues. There will be roadblocks. There will be delays. You have to continually practice communication by getting out there and doing; essentially taking action. Only then can you continually refine your efforts and continually refine your communication.”

In real estate, Marc states one has to always be ready to solve issues and communicate clearly to get things done.

When you can convey yourself well, you become confident, and ultimately power echoes in your voice. With such a strong stand, you learn the act of negotiating which is a necessity in real estate.

Communication blended with negotiation can help you overcome every issue to complete real estate projects and close real estate transactions.

Maintaining Work Ethic

An experienced professional always follows a system that includes ideation, invention, management, execution, and more.

Similarly, Marc follows a process before taking on any real estate project.

He always looks at the entry point (purchase price) and the exit point (after renovation sale price).

There is always a lot of due diligence done before. Research plays an integral part and hence thorough research of the past, present, and future of each particular market.

Marc also tries to take into account current macro and micro-economic conditions. It is similar to putting a puzzle together.

With a lot of moving parts and one has to piece it together and complete it to be successful.

When taking on real estate brokerage clients, the most essential matter of business is setting clear expectations and results. And then delivering those results as expediently as possible.

Marc aims to over-deliver with every single client and always strives to accomplish their goals; no matter the difficulty of property or task.

Effectively Tackling Hurdles 

Challenges are a part and parcel of every journey. A leader who learns to overcome these challenges efficiently will succeed at all times.

Marc believes every day there will be a new challenge and one has to find a solution on a real-time basis. Moreover, every project and every client is challenging and different with their set of expectations and visions.

He quotes, “What may seem impossible at first is possible through taking action to work through each obstacle and problem.”

He understands that obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. It could arrive at all stages including rescheduling issues of various trades, unexpected costs, failing municipal inspections, delays of materials, cost overruns, market changes, or weather problems.

Being the leader Marc is, he states that he is blessed to have a lot of difficult or impossible real estate transactions.

Completing and achieving success on all of them has given him the confidence to take on even more challenging and demanding real estate transactions and projects.

With his wealth of experience and applying his self-made strategies, his journey in real estate has been worthwhile and inspirational.

Marketing Done Right

Marketing is a focal point of every business. If a leader can master the skill of marketing, they will be growing multifold.

Marc asserts that marketing plays a very important role in real estate success. As success always leads to more success in real estate.

According to him, marketing becomes an easy walk if everything is done step-by-step and every step is successfully planned, managed, and executed.

He states, “Each and every day is another decision that must be made correctly because everything is building upon one another.”

At VRI Homes, Marc’s role is to enable his clients at every step of their journey and help them achieve desired goals.

Client-Centric Approach

For Marc, every client on his premise is an asset.

He always puts his clients first and foremost and keeps his word no matter what. His top priority is to create value for his clients, partners, and investors.

He aims to attain financial freedom for his clients by developing feasible solutions, recreating advanced systems, and offering best-in-class services.

With his wide-ranging knowledge, excellent skillset, and infinite passion, Marc is on a mission to do the absolute best for his clients.

Another secret that Marc stated is the three Ds of value addition i.e. dedication, determination, and discipline. He believes when one focuses on work, every goal and vision can be accomplished.

“You don’t break your word and you don’t change your mind. That is how I built my reputation and that is how I ensure optimal client satisfaction,” Marc concludes.

Finding Inspiration

Many times, when we look for inspiration, we find different ways to reach it. However, sometimes, it’s just around us, next to us, and we are blinded by the vision of it being far away.

For Marc, it’s the same case. He never had to look outside for inspiration. He found it inside, within his family, who have been a driving force for him since the beginning.

He cherishes his inspiration as it helped him flourish in his career path and allowed him to be the best version of himself.

The other constant factor in his life is his trust in God which has helped him find the right path, follow it, shape it, and turn all his dreams into realities.

The Way Ahead

Marc’s journey up until here has traversed many destinations that once seemed impossible to reach. However, Marc made it possible every single time and will continue to do so in the future too.

He aims to spread his wings and become “the highest-grossing real estate broker in the Northeast; then the country.”

Marc is currently working on several projects for clients that are extremely challenging in the real estate markets. He is working tirelessly to complete and deliver on his promises.

Also, in the upcoming times, Marc has set a target for himself to renovate three to five properties per month. This will help him in his expansion plans.

Marc concludes by informing, “Personally, I’m looking forward to my wedding coming up at the end of the year. Definitely will be a great ending to this year. A lot of work but certainly worth it.”

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