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Ken Collis: Building a Lasting Legacy

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Legacy is not leaving something for people, it’s leaving something in people – Peter Strople.

Cultivating a legacy mindset is not limited to leaving generational wealth, it’s about creating opportunities that have a sustained impact and positive influence. It is about contributing to something bigger than yourself.

By continuing the entrepreneurial legacy in his family and impacting the lives of others, Ken Collis today stands out as a pioneering entrepreneur in the marketing world and beyond.

In this Cover Feature, we look into the journey of Ken Collis, CEO & Founder of TLK Fusion, and his family of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Looking back at his childhood, Ken refers to it as simply amazing. Growing up as one of the four brothers, Ken mentions “The love and guidance that I received from who I was surrounded by truly had an impact on who I was to become.”

A majority of his family members were ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs. This defined his future goals and shaped his entrepreneurial mindset.

He remembers, “One of my earliest memories was using the large calculator I had at home as a pretend cash register and by the end of every day having it total one million dollars.”

Ken’s father was a senior executive at an aerospace company, while also running a highly successful commercial maintenance business. He looks back with admiration for his father.

“The entrepreneurial spirit was very alive in my family, and I was excited to continue the family legacy.”

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A Shared Vision

In his own words, Ken’s family is built on the foundations of the entrepreneurial spirit.

His wife, Mary, is a successful entrepreneur, who shares a common vision in terms of growth and success with Ken. Together, the couple have built a legacy that will transcend and thrive into the future.

Talking about his wife, Ken mentions “I am fortunate to have Mary not only as a strong partner in life, but also as a strong business partner in everything that we accomplish together.”

Furthermore, both Ken’s son and daughter are paving their own entrepreneurial pathway through their various ventures and associations. “I have been blessed that both my son and daughter developed a passion that mirrors mine.”

He adds, “As a parent and a leader, having the opportunity to witness my children coming into their own within the industry and as young business leaders has been one of my single greatest accomplishments.”

Building Brands

Ken and his family spearhead multiple business ventures that stand out in their respective industries. Among which, TLK Fusion is a full-service marketing agency that services small to large lifestyle brands and entrepreneurs with marketing solutions that grow their businesses.

The company offers traditional and non-traditional solutions that encompass entry into the retail stores, public relations, influencer and celebrity marketing, and a full range of digital services that drive financial gains and client acquisition.

kendi lux is a home fragrance lifestyle brand that was developed during the pandemic. The brand offers a full line of fragrant candles along with body fragrances and room sprays. The brand has launched to wide success in both the retail and consumer sectors.

The Marketing Evolution

During his time studying at Cal State University Northridge, Ken developed a keen interest in the marketing industry. However, his education drove him into the business and finance sector.

Ken left the finance industry in 2004 and joined Clear Channel Communications to seek new challenges. The company represented some of the biggest clients such as Colgate, Ford, and Donate Life California. This experience enabled Ken to eventually form his full-service marketing agency – TLK Fusion.

Explaining his interest for the field of marketing, Ken asserts “Dissecting what business owners need to succeed as an entrepreneur and the psychology of what drives a consumer to make decisions is not a constant.”

“Each day and trend pose exciting challenges that take great creativity to explore and succeed. Championing creative solutions is what I thrive on,” he adds.

Over the years, Ken has witnessed the evolution of marketing from a close distance. He mentions, “The evolution of marketing mirrors the evolution of the mediums in which we engage with as a society.”

When he started TLK Fusion, television and radio were the most prevalent medium to reach consumers along with print publications. However, with the rise of social media, influencers and celebrity-driven endorsements have begun driving consumer engagement with products.

He explains, “The Digital Advertising component piggy-backed on the success of social media and became the number one way to reach the masses. Television and radio have been replaced with streaming services.”

Ken further notes that the baseline strategy on what is being delivered to the consumer remains a constant. However, the evolution of the platforms is what drives how we consume advertising.

Talking about the future and the continuous cycle of evolution, Ken mentions “Technological advancement moves at lightning speed, and we will need to continue pivoting and surrounding ourselves with experts in these new technologies to advance at the same pace.”

Delivering Results

As the Founder and CEO of TLK Fusion, Ken is passionate and driven to be part of the daily proceedings of the company. “I have no desire to remove myself from the process as I both educate and benefit from the evolution of my team”

Ken plays an active role speaking with every individual that comes into the organization. “It is an honor to speak with all of these brilliant entrepreneurs and a joy to see the younger entrepreneurs emerging.”

Furthermore, he makes sure to spend considerable time and effort in employing experts that can deliver optimal results.

Having worked with some of the biggest brands and celebrities for the last 13 years, Ken has emerged with a keen understanding of what drives successful partnerships.

He understands that each brand and individual while seeking common goals, have individual needs. According to him the key to driving results is through an exchange of trust that can only be nurtured by maintaining open lines of candid communication.

“We work in an industry that is built on promises; however, few deliver committed results. Partnership with the most successful brands is built on the delivery of tangible success,” he explains.

The Future

Ken started TLK Fusion with the vision to create an empire for his children. With his children now developing into powerful young leaders, the future of the organization is being built by their collective efforts.

“Our business expansion is being heralded by my son, Kenny. As the VP of New Client Acquisition and Business Development he has brought a fresh perspective on the new trends in business and has worked very carefully with me in our expansion.”

Under Ken’s leadership, TLK Fusion will continue to evolve and create new opportunities in the market. “Our key focus in this growth is the constant refinement of what we offer our clients as we strive to remain on the cutting edge of the emerging trends in the industry,” he concludes.

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