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Jessica Ollenburg: Paving Ways for Leaders through Executive Consulting

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Decisions provide an edge when it is time-tested. Only a true leader knows how to crack the code and come up with the right step within a blink. But the paths to learn it and master it are never hunky-dory. Jessica Ollenburg traversed this path by building blocks one at a time. A pioneer in many ways, she is an expert mind in executive consulting and knows how to groom leaders.

Her business is edging past a lot of her peers. In executive consulting, Ollenburg LLC is making remarkable progress and the credit goes to her indomitable spirit. The unwavering focus she has and the integrity she instills in the approach are putting the company ahead of many.

It is something she has been doing all along since the long-lost days with her maternal grandmother. Each step she took from there was towards a goal, with only success in her mind. Her friends and even her rivals can vouch that she has earned it.

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Brainstorming with the Best

Finding brains teeming with ideas that can change the game is not difficult. It is just the first step. But then, giving them a direction, with a sense of purpose, something they want to learn, and evolve in the process is the hardest part. The young brains bring out their best only when they find themselves aligned with the bigger goal.

A leader does that by creating a vision of mutual success. Before taking a definitive step, they chart a blueprint with benchmarks that will help them in self-evaluation. Jessica believes the entire process needs a premise and it can be achieved by understanding what drives these young minds on. If you know it, you can just trigger it with the right spark, and then you can do it again and again.

Jessica Ollenburg sees the path forward using participation as the core of that movement. Some young minds want their voices to be heard. They have their brilliant takes on the matter and you should know how to appreciate it to encourage them.

Some want to feel valued. In these trying times, Jessica relies on the Maslow and ERG motivation theories, but in parts, the rest she improvises using her experience, which she has enough.

According to her, finding some individuals who will just nod and do what a leader says is not something she would prefer. Having a different perspective can be good as it widens the vista and highlights areas that were missed earlier. Jessica believes that a leader should instill courage in others to voice their mind.

Letting them speak and adapting to their views can set an example. This means the leader is eager to learn. For Jessica, that is what increases the number of followers as people only follow them who could demonstrate the ‘value in learning.’

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What Triggers Her Brain?

Jessica started the journey at a very young age, which gave her an advantage. The road ahead had a lot of turns full of hurdles, but she learned a lot from those obstacles. She had others as well. She had trigger points like the needs of her family, an example set by her father, needing to outperform as a woman, and a ‘medical prognosis with shortened life expectancy.’

These were something from the outside. Inside her, a fervor to deliver the best, integrity, commitments she made to others, and a dedication to maintaining the quality she always promised drove her ahead.

She had to fight some battles as a woman when her career was at a nascent stage. Often she had to face slights but she took them in her stride. Jessica believes that moving ahead is possible when you make your ‘gender irrelevant or an asset.’

“The environment has changed for women so much since I started my career, and there are so many who are gender-agnostic, only wanting what best serves their cause,” she mentions.

Deterrents were always plenty but financial struggles, at times, left her claustrophobic. She never shied away from facing the problem. Rather she took them head-on and while doing so, she improvised, which resulted in her “bootstrap finance” policy. This brought her amidst lauding eyes and she was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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And the Credit Goes to My Grandmother

She gives credit to her maternal grandmother for everything she is now. When she was young, she was awestruck by her ability to balance, multi-task, and adapt. Later, when she learned how to observe, she realized that her grandmother never stopped learning and evolving to meet the demands of the time.

Jessica describes the time she spent with her grandmother as a ‘kinesthetic experience,’ where she tried helping her all the time to win her approval. Her encouraging words kept Jessica going. Looking back now, she believes that it was her zeal to be a worthy student made her grandmother trust in her ability to succeed.

That is something she will never forget. Something, Jessica Ollenburg is still doing with all the young minds around her.

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Stepping Forward with OLLC

Many will find OLLC’s ability to live up to the words of delivering excellence as a distinctive factor. The entire effort to stand out from the crowd has a unique blend of three factors; dedicated sciences, experience, and a work ethic that demonstrates discipline.

The deliverables, in her own words, are ‘far more business tactical than those of the typical executive consultant.’ This helped OLLC in building a portfolio that is unprecedented in many ways. But what increases their credibility is their eagerness to share what they have imbibed from their attempts. As a part of this broad venture, Jessica realized a few things and among them, she cherishes one truly that tells her to stay a step ahead always by being ‘sharp, current and relevant.’

The helmsmen driving the company ahead believe in keeping the company nimble, pioneering, and current. This process requires them to tap into their unmatched experience, which they expand further by maintaining a flow in their research.

Jessica Ollenburg declares that the company is planning to make certain acquisitions in the future to ensure better flow for the company. It is one of many ways of diversifying the business.

OLLC is a company that believes in giving back to the society that kept it grounded for so long and has been helping it bloom. As a right measure towards that direction, they are planning to form a charitable foundation. This will take their philanthropic initiatives further and build a community where people can come together and thrive.

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To come here where she is now, Jessica Ollenburg worked hard and never gave up. She took lessons from her experience, then she honed them to perfection and moved forward. In her march forward, she often traversed roads less traveled, which now speak volumes of her achievements. She may have started alone, but now she is the pied piper.

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