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Cyndie Martini: Guiding Generations by Setting an Example

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In the business world, it is extremely rare to see entrepreneurs with a mindset that allows them to prioritize their customers above everything else. It is with this intention that multiple businesses witness high scalability in their early days. However, as years progress, focus shifts, causing many to lose track and subsequently fail.

Cyndie Martini, the President and CEO at Member Access Processing, is one of the rarer few, who continues to prioritize customer success above all and stands out as an inspirational leader.

Inception in Retrospect

From the beginning, Member Access Processing has been about helping credit unions successfully compete in the marketplace. While working at the Washington Credit Union League, Cyndie Martini was given an opportunity to provide card processing solutions that would aid their affiliated non-profit financial institutions. Upon development of a Request for Proposal (RFP), Cyndie evidently noticed the need for an alternative solution. Quick to see the opportunity, she approached her supervisor with a business concept, which soon turned into a business plan outline.

Following that, she received the board approval, leading to the inception of Member Access Processing. While the initiate started without clients or funding, MAP was formed with an unwavering passion to provide card processing services to their credit unions in a way that mattered.

One Step at a Time

Cyndie Martini, throughout her journey, has proven that every opportunity, no matter how small or big, must be taken up with due diligence and ingenuity.

Cyndie strongly believes vision and humility to be a leader’s best traits. Recognizing these within herself, she says, “You need vision so you can lead and humility so you can listen and learn. I have an amazing and diverse leadership team. Remaining humble allows me to stay focused on their contributions, results and successes.”

With an unwavering belief within herself and the ability to think big, Cyndie Martini became the leader of the only aggregator of the Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions. With a goal to ensure growth and profitability, Cyndie also highlights her primary focus upon the long-term viability of the company for all its stakeholders.

To further emphasize on her role as the President and CEO of the company, she adds, “It is my responsibility to safeguard our future and advance a culture and organization poised and prepared to meet the needs of our board, employees and clients.”

The Present Moment

Since its inception in 1998, Member Access Processing has grown to be a leading firm in market, achieving great feats in its 22 years of history. MAP is the only aggregator of Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions in the U.S. It offers state-of-the-art card processing from Visa and additional strategic partnerships to support all EFT processing needs for credit unions.  These processes include ATM terminal driving, debit, credit, prepaid and virtual card processing, network gateway processing, web-based technology, as well as mobile commerce.

Shedding light on the growth trajectory of MAP, Cyndie states that a singular focus on client success through provision of qualitative services has been foundational. Providing solutions, products, and services that elevate the client’s success prove key to one’s own organizational success. “We measure with our clients regularly to ensure our service and solutions achieve their goals,” she elaborates.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

As the leader of a credit union-centric organization, Cyndie Martini shares some insights she learned along her journey. Her ability to choose not to accept anything that will hold her back from achieving her goals or true potential has enabled her both personal growth and the opportunity to define her own path.

She candidly shares how her early days at the Washington Credit Union League have helped shape her work ethic. “It’s been exciting, challenging, fun and rewarding. The joyfulness has come from working with our leadership team and our clients.  Also, the opportunity to bring to new prospects a service and partnership that is genuinely aligned with them culturally and our offerings,” she said.

Adding further on how it has helped her define the work ethic at MAP, she says, “Our value is centered on providing payment products and services to a unique market, credit unions. I believe we understand credit unions more intuitively than our competitors. Our goal is to focus on each client individually, their portfolios, revenue and membership objectives, IT systems, internal teams and community. It’s a mindset, a passion that we live out every day.”

When asked about one of her biggest learnings in her career journey so far, Cyndie Martini stated that while excellence across all areas was important to her, it is impossible to be all and everything to everyone. Even though excellence still holds major importance to her today, “I have learned from experience that you need to know where to look for and find the right resources to produce your vision. Today, I’m much better positioned to flourish by bringing on talented individuals who contribute in amazing ways,” she adds.

Thought Meal for Young Minds

Reflecting on her experiences Cyndie shares her thoughts on how young women entrepreneurs must approach their businesses. According to her, thinking big and setting high expectations is vital. Apart from that, she also states that building for such success on the front end from the beginning is necessary. “Evaluate regularly and ask yourself if you are being true to your goals and yourself along the way,” she suggests.

Belonging to a SheEO group, Cyndie also emphasizes on the importance of positivity and women supporting each other. “As professionals, we give up so much of ourselves at home, work, and community. We need the power of positive words to nurture our individuality — to speak wisely and remove the negative from our lives,” she adds signifying the need for a positive mindset.

The Path Ahead

With a clear vision, Cyndie Martini shares her excitement regarding what the future holds for both, Member Access Processing as well as herself.

In response to where she sees herself in the coming years, she candidly adds, “I’m very pleased to be leading this team, guided by our Board’s vision, on a trajectory paced for swift growth. On a personal front, I believe leaders have a responsibility to share, when appropriate, all that they can to support others in their careers and on their career paths.”

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