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Nabhit Kapur: Inspiring the Minds of Millions

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As unfortunate as it may be, most leadership models subscribe to one regressive definition of leadership. This primarily revolves around leaders influencing the ones following them in order to pursue a common interest or attain a common goal.

This, typically, positions the leader as someone who is in-control or in-charge; someone who reinforces the conventional leader-follower construct.

However, the leader-follower construct has long been at the receiving end of criticism and backlash.

A truly inspiring or effective leader is not someone who is driven to lead people; instead, he/she is driven by the willingness to serve them.

One such leader is Dr. Nabhit Kapur.

An inspiration for many, Nabhit has dedicated his entire career in serving others and empowering people with mental health awareness. Exeleon Magazine proudly looks into the story of this inspirational leader and how he is making a change in the world of mental health.

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The Spark that Ignited Fire

According to Nabhit, “Mental health links to the cognitive party of human psyche which stems from experience and is executed through behavior.”

He claims that applying psychological principles to understand and promote mental wellness has proven to be highly beneficial in recent past. Being a student of psychology, Nabhit’s initial plan was to study HR psychology. However, things took a turn and he developed a sudden interest in core mental health.

Nabhit Kapur asserts that psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat psychological problems and behavioral dysfunctions that may be resulting from, or related to, physical and mental health. The leader further stresses on the importance of psychology by mentioning, “They play a major role in the promotion of healthy behavior, preventing diseases, and improving quality of patient’s life.”

Although a surprise to himself, these foundling idea of using psychology to spread awareness about mental health led to the inception of Peacfulmind Foundation.

Nabhit Kapur recalls how he never intended on starting an organization, however, once he found a purpose he has been unwaveringly focused on mental well-being and peace through psychological well-being. Moreover, he wanted to make the society, at large, realize that there is a need to “perceive mental health as a part of oneself, one’s life and even a part of society.”

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Making Psychology a Household Name

Founded in 2016, Peacfulmind foundation is a global organization based in New Delhi, India. The organization was formed on the roots of a single idea: “To make psychology a household term, peace, and well-being and culture.”

Today, the company has its footprints across more than 36 countries and has a number of initiatives being run around the globe. Here are some of the key initiatives introduced by the organization recently:

  • Trainings and Workshops

The company provides an array of trainings and workshops related to mental health and psychology. Some of the workshops include focus on stress management, anger management, graphology or handwriting analysis, attitude building, leadership, and projective tests like sentence-completion tests, house-tree-person test, draw-a-person test, and Thematic Apperception Test.

  • Global Youth Mental Health Forum (GYMHF)

Initiated in 2018 by PMF, GYMHF is a global platform with a clear mission of “Better Mindscape for Better Tomorrow”. The forum focuses primarily on child mental health, youth psychology, and child psychology by bringing together youth, NGO’s, psychologists, and activists across the globe.

Moreover, the forum is also slated to convene yearly meeting in locations across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East with all its regional directors and advisors.

  • Global Academy of Psychological Sciences (GAPS)

Through this initiative, PMF encourages peace development and leadership-bases studies. GAPS includes courses like Diploma in Child Mental Health, Certificate Course in Handwriting Analysis, Diploma in Psycho-Diagnostic Testing in Behavioral Sciences, and Advance Diploma in Applied Psychology.

  • PMF Fellowships and Goodwill Ambassadors

The PMF fellowship program was launched to award fellows to individuals working in the area of mental health awareness or mental healthcare as a clinical practitioner. PMF caters to the wellbeing of the society, families, and others by the projects and initiatives administered globally.

  • PMF Against Covid-19

One of the recent initiatives taken forward by the team of Peacfulmind was centered around fighting against the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic has caused an uproar across the globe, which prompted Nabhit Kapur and his team to employ an initiative for the benefit of the masses.

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A Journey unlike Anything

Nabhit Kapur understands that the journey of any leader or entrepreneur involves a lot of planning, strategic decision making, discussions, and backups. However, according to him, his journey had none of these. But it had hurdles; hurdles that seemed too large to tackle.

His main hurdle revolved around on how to get people to know about mental wellness and psychological health. Moreover, he was concerned about how to promote his company and what planning he needed to do.

With the company being suddenly formed, it put Nabhit on the backfoot as he had no backups beforehand whatsoever. Without any source of money funding donation team, it all boiled down to Nabhit and his actions.

Slowly, Nabhit found his footing and became clear about his company and its vision. He believes, when your goal is clear and you’re passionate about achieving that goal, you can sail through any storms.

According to Nabhit, “Without obstacles we cannot fine tune ourselves. For me, every day was an obstacle. But the biggest road block was how to move forward, especially considering that I was new, had no guidance from anyone, and no support from family. However, what I learnt from this is to keep on moving and be so committed that all routes lead you towards success.”

Even today, PMF faces a lot of challenges. The self-funded organization doesn’t accept any donations or funding. Even then, the company strives to maintain a good and healthty working relationship with various countries.

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Connecting with People

For Nabhit Kapur, the combination of attributes like nurturing, guiding, giving opportunities, leading, and friendship is what makes up a leader and he strictly adheres to the same. He says, “My main focus has always been about giving a platform to my young interns, working hand in hand with my colleagues, learning from them, and together achieving the goals of PMF.”

Moreover, he stresses that being an inspirational leader requires one to understand on how to connect with people. Nabhit adds, “We hear many motivational, connecting and heartfelt stories but it’s up to the people who listen to them if they feel motivated or inspired.”

An inspirational leader himself, Nabhit’s passion has always been his driving force in his leadership. The willingness to achieve the end goal is what keeps him awake at night and steers him towards being a better leader every day.

He mentions assertively, “Entrepreneurship is not a one day game.” He emphasizes on the need to have a thicker skin and think out of the box. Additionally, the ability to survive through hope and overcome adversities is another true feature of an entrepreneur according to him.

He advices saying, “Keep on learning every day, be truthful to your goal, relax in breaks to avoid putting too much of stress on yourself. But, most importantly, never lose hope.”

When asked about the traits that make a leadership effective, Nabhit was quick to mention that it’s putting ones traits into execution is what matters more for a leader. “All of us have some traits within ourselves just like leaders. But it’s the ability to connect with people, which makes an effective leader. When you relate to people within your team and even outside you are more in tune with the needs of today and your leadership can replicate it.”

Talking about his own leadership, Nabhit makes sure to always listen, give free hand, boost thought process of the people, and leave them to question their own ability, thereby making them think about improving themselves.

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One Step at a Time!

Over the years, Peacfulmind Foundation has gained a huge reputation and become a global entity, even if that may be minute in comparison to other world-class foundations across the globe. However, Nabhit realizes that the company has succeeded in making a place for themselves in the society.

“We intend to keep on moving forward like we are doing by learning everyday, refining ourselves, and even adding new team members.”

On a personal front, Nabhit Kapur sees himself to build a bigger reputation and say in the mental wellness and psychology landscape. He concludes saying, “I wish to be a power center in this field of experts.”

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