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JDM Ventures – Assisting Clients with All-Inclusive Solutions

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People are always extra finicky when it comes to finding a home for themselves. They look for perfection in each and every corner as they would like to spend their life there and share their joy with others. That is why understanding the needs of the client is essential as it can not only bring instant success in the form of a sold property, but also help build a lasting legacy.

While working in other firms across different real estate-related positions, David Drumheller realized that he is falling short, despite achieving his milestones. He wanted to instill his experience in the sector, and building a company to serve the purpose came naturally to him. That’s how the idea of JDM Ventures came into fruition. He planned to bring different aspects of real estate under one umbrella; development, investments, acquisitions, and property management. Through this company, he focuses on multi-family property investment clients, that too, in a place like the New York metropolitan area.

Their Expertise

David’s stint across various organizations began from his journey as “a property manager for a large multi-family investment firm that purchased distressed assets.” There, he used his “doggedness and a healthy balance sheet, improved and preserved these assets for the existing resident core for many years to come.”

He has this unique blend of determination, vast knowledge of real estate, and an intrinsic skill for strategic analysis, which delivered outstanding results and paved the way for his rise to the position of Director of Operations.

His next step was joining Fairstead/GFB Management as the Director of Operations & Property Management, where he took the onus of building a management infrastructure from the start. His jobs were always multifarious and he never failed to excel in any of them.

All these different roles came in handy when he decided to launch his own company. He built each part of it without cutting any corners and that is what ensured a stellar rise for JDM Ventures in almost no time.

The Future

JDM Ventures is happy to take hints from its owner in providing its clients with best-in-class support. They are never going to back down from helping multi-family owner-operators, irrespective of how long they have been operating in the market. At the same time, the company would like to invest time and energy in venturing into other projects and industries.

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