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Irish Titan – Aiding Companies with Holistic Solutions

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Only a handful of companies know what they are doing AND why. Irish Titan stands out as one such company. This can be to an extent attributed to their immense love for Simon Sinek and his riveting concepts like Start With Why and The Golden Circle. 

When in 2004, they ventured out to form a brand and excel in the e-commerce and digital marketing industry, the market was relatively new. But today, this sphere is experiencing regular jostles among established players and new entrants. And yet, the company has managed to stay afloat with a remarkable portfolio. All this is due to their simple mantra of Business First, Online Second, or as they prefer to call it B1O2.

According to Darin Lynch, the Founder of the company, “B1O2 means that we care more about delivering business solutions than we care about delivering the latest digital fads.”

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The Process

Their mantra says it all. Companies that provide online services believe in delivering great technology, but they often miss the purpose. That is where Irish Titan is making a difference. They choose to look at the problem by reversing their perspective and something caught their attention. They realized, “it’s not about bits and bytes, pixels or keywords. It’s about delivering ecommerce solutions that support diverse business strategies.”

While dealing with clients, they form a bond and treat them as partners, instead of just a transaction. This ensures effective long hauls and, to boost this further, they maintain clarity in their communications.

Irish Titan digs deep into the business, its visions, and goals. This comprises finding the pain point, putting the finger on the obstacle, and determining the best ways to address the issue. It is then followed by extensive planning and execution with a “full suite of technical, creative, strategic, and marketing resources.”

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Making a Mark

Irish Titan tends to take full responsibility for things they do because no one else can plan their actions based on insights gained from the process. With methods for both building sites and marketing them going forward, their solutions are user-friendly, business-focused, and tailored for effective search engine optimization.

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Spearheaded by Darin, the company has experienced extensive growth since its inception back in 2004. Moving forward, Irish Titan is expected to further cement its positioning as one of the pioneers in the ecommerce space.

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