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IDHUBS – From Sharing Intellect to Empowering Generations

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Communication is an essential part of growth and its efficacy depends on bridging external with internal communications. But sometimes, instead of a bridge or a platform, what lies between them is a vast abyss and it causes disruption in the flow. Companies often fail to recognize this gap, which causes a plummet in their revenue.

To detect this early and establish a perfect liaison, companies need an expert and IDHUBS have built its reputation around catering to this specific demand. It brings in both organizations and individuals under its purview. For individuals, IDHUBS comes with an authentic, community-verified digital identity (CVDI) that gets the backing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

All these steps are a part of forming a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) where the user control will act as a cornerstone. The idea is futuristic as societies will revolve around this and it is where Rojit Sorokhaibam, the Co-founder of IDHUBS, is investing all his efforts.

What Boosts IDHUBS?

Studies from different corners of the world revealed that small and medium-sized enterprises lose around $11,000 a year per employee. The reason to trigger this is a lack of effective communication. Some of these companies understand the value of technologies and spend about $10,000 and $49,000 per year on it. But they fail to see the importance of integrated Ecosystem Network Collaboration in it.

IDHUBS reorganizes information to allow personal autonomy of self-Identity to build a trust-based society of the future.

IDHUBS provides the digital infrastructure for building a global trust-based ecosystem where all stakeholders work to create value through enhanced collaboration, branding, and community-focused e-marketplace, ultimately becoming the source of self-sovereign identity.

Their performances have earned them recognition and companies have identified their communication ecosystem as an excellent measure to increase reach without spurring administrative footprint much.

What Stands Out?

IDHUBS is the first company in the market “that has incorporated the evolution challenges.” Its digital solution is creating buzz as the service is one-of-a-kind and it burgeons from the company’s intent to make the digital journey of their customer “easy, secure and efficient.”

But the company is never one-directional. Instead, it prefers impacting myriad fields with technological expertise. One of its significant outputs involves the development of an innovative solution that would “reduce cross-examination risk and minimize the risk of spreading disease among the mass.”

Some of its other endeavors display an intent to get into an existing competition with the best-in-class technologies to support their clients. Their efforts to launch a video-conferencing platform to simplify workflow corroborates it.

With the intent to create value for customers, the company has always worked hard and made its presence felt across countries and organizational strata. In fact, this is still driving them on.

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