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GrowthCell Global – When the Difference Becomes Definitive

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Losing the way in the crowd is easy, but finding one is tricky. It needs a defining factor, something altogether different from the rest, to help one stand out from the crowd. GrowthCell Global found that in the shape of its Amino Acid Complex, a component that made them class apart from all the other players in the mad rush of the CBD market.

Be it the healthcare or F&B, every industry is now banking on the outcomes of cannabinoids. Some of the results are path-breaking, which made companies jump on the bandwagon and explore possibilities. Amid this hubbub, GrowthCell Global realized that their component is better than CBD, and the right blend of it with cannabinoids can impact its bioavailability positively.

This revelation brought recognition. It won laurels at the 2019 World CBD Awards in Barcelona in the CBD Innovation Award category.

Class and Credibility

For any company, standing out is just the beginning, but staying ahead, that too, for a more extended period of time, is essential. The first step towards building sustainability is about winning the trust of clients. GrowthCell Global serves its clients in two ways. The first one includes licensing Amino Acid Complex to companies willing to use it “as an uptake additive.” In the second one, the company offers white-label service with one of GrowthCell’s formulations powered by Amino Acid Complex.

Moreover, all these services are tested by a third party, which keeps little scope for dissatisfaction.

On a different plane, the company is trying to form a formidable base for itself by exploring both cannabinoids and the natural supplement industry for clues that can assist in crafting better associations.

The Foreman and the Future

Vernon Parkhurst, the Visionary & Managing Consultant and Co-founder of GrowthCell Global, like any other company, wants to impact the mass. But he makes a difference by including his years of experience of serving in myriad companies to ensure that the company acts as a pivot in enriching and improving lives.

The company has a strong foundation in terms of its Amino Acid Complex. The product has earned a niche for itself by employing a unique extraction process that increases its bioavailability. It also has features boasting bioactive levels of endocannabinoids AEA (Anandamide) and 2-AG (2-Arachidonoylglycerol).

The forward march started with the company listing two of their products on Amazon; pet product (PetCell) and people product (GrowthCell). With these, the company wants to build brand recognition by reaching out to a large number of people.

Down the line, the company has plans to cover the personal care segment in an exciting way. They would do it with their anti-aging skincare line (SkinCell Care). It will be loaded with active ingredients and with “nutritional and antioxidant properties that repair and prolong cell vitality and collagen production.”

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