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Konscious Konsulting – Helping Conscious Companies in Making an Impact

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Profit and altruism may sound mutually exclusive, but there are ways to fuse them without fuss. This is something that Konscious Konsulting has been doing for years and it reflects in the vision of their founder, Karen Korponai.

Karen’s vision has been inspired and broadened by her visits to countries with diverse cultural and socio-political backgrounds. It has made her a thinker and empathizer who feels that companies and organizations can do more by adopting comprehensive planning. If done properly, companies can evolve as conscious ones, where they would earn profits and contribute to the betterment of the society.

The Four Ps

The company believes in functioning by keeping people, planet, purpose, and prosperity at its core. It perfectly syncs with clients who “want business strategies that allow for profitability aligned with a purpose.” Konscious Konsulting assists them by leveraging their global network of strategic partners to offer a holistic solution that would include “business development, marketing, communications, sustainability, and implementation services.”

For the company, it has been a learning process from day one. The intent is to open up possibilities and then maximize the result. To do that effectively, the company adopted a method that banks on constant reflecting and adapting. In fact, it came in handy in their recent projects, including the “educational and solar energy projects in Liberia, Morocco and a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan” with Larisa Miller, CEO of Phoenix Global.

Making Moves

A company needs a visionary to set new milestones. Konscious Konsulting is fortunate enough to have Karen as its helmsman for when it comes to finding the right partner, she has years of experience that would ensure synergies and alignment of goals. She believes in forming a strategic partnership to implement a positive change across the globe.

Moreover, she never fails to keep track of trends and technologies that can guarantee swift transformation. It has helped her and the company immensely while on the drawing board for their upcoming plans regarding smart cities and saving oceans. The company is eager to make an impact in these fields to ensure that the ecological challenges do not reach a point of no return.

Karen knows well that this massive step requires a creative solution. She is quite efficient in identifying gaps to devise methods that would bolster those steps. For this, the credit goes to her multicultural background and international upbringing.

Konscious Konsulting’s clientele has international celebrities like Akon, who wish to use their popularity in ushering changes. The number of individuals willing to transform the environment is rising, and it can help the company expand its impact radius.

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