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Everex – Providing Financial Solutions Powered by Blockchain

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Transactions always come with a risk; risks of falling into the wrong hand. With the emergence of digital platforms, the mode of exchange may have become easier, but concerns regarding malpractices have not declined. In fact, with every passing day, hackers are developing newer methods to dupe people. As a countermeasure, sites are launching stricter preventive measures, yet, the process is not full-proof.

But now, blockchain is fast evolving as a method that is unbreachable and clear. The efficient inclusion of the process into the transaction system can provide unprecedented security. What’s more, it has emerged as the perfect solution for transaction platform-providers. Everex is one of the few early birds to adopt this technology and launch a medium where people can transfer, pay, and manage their digital assets, while earning from it.

What’s the Process?

The intent is to make the process of financial transactions simpler. That is why Everex “facilitates the application of Stablecoins for peer-to-peer money transfers, merchant payment settlements, and fiat to digital asset exchange. The company focuses on fiat and asset pegged Stablecoins that represent units of national currencies and international investment assets that are powered by smart contracts and exist in Ethereum blockchain token format.”

Everex’s reliance on Ethereum blockchain technology is primarily to challenge the existing legacy payment system solutions and address the global financial inclusion problem. Everex’s methods make the transaction process 25 times faster than any other technique. During cross-country transactions, this incurs almost no fee, which gives the company an extraordinary edge over others.

In addition, the platform provides an opportunity to lend and borrow at the same time. To create a safer environment, “all loans are over-collateralized in smart contracts that monitor lending positions and will automatically liquidate in the event of market risk.” It also provides an opportunity to withdraw funds anytime.

What’s Promising?

Fewer hassles, less operational time, and negligible costs are things that make transaction platforms alluring. When the company promising all these advantages, it is no surprise to see its ever-expanding client base. Moreover, under the able leadership of Alexi Lane, the Founder and CEO of the company, Everex is slated to move forward in a positive direction.

Everex’s intelligent architecture ensures that its users can function with the minimum knowledge of cryptocurrencies and other modes of transaction. This would help the company in increasing its clientele.

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