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ExtraMile – From Building Workforce to Improving Work Culture

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When a company achieves a milestone, it is never the success story of just an enterprise. It is an accretion of all the little feats and acts performed by the employees who were there for not just the final fruition but sweated it out during long working nights and days. But this happens only when these employees feel at one with the vision of the company. The fate of a company is weaved with its employees.

Pooja Bajaj Chadha realized this from her experience, both positive and negative. It moved her enough to start ExtraMile, a company that helps out “HR and business heads of corporates to create a sustainable and engaging work culture for their workforces.”

HR or the human resource team has a huge role in making all the cogs stay in the same spot to make the wheel work. It is their job to find out a way to keep all the employees engaged and the task is cumbersome. They have to take personal preferences into account to bring out the best. This is where ExtraMile comes-in as a pioneer.

Walking the Extra Mile

At ExtraMile, people find a way to take a peek inside their clients’ minds to come up with the right set of equations that can provide maximum engagement. Once they gain substantial insight, rest becomes easy as employees at ExtraMile are always brimming with out of the box ideas.

The company stops at nothing before it sets its clients on a track where they can improve in fields like talent retention, performance, and profitability. With that intent, it helps clients form a perfect ambience for people from different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups to coalesce and deliver their best.

They have over 250 customizable programs that can be conducted on-site and on mobile. Their innovative ways have earned them the tag “Mary Poppins” of Engagement.

The Story Forward

When a company stands at the top in its field, it gets a proper view of the days ahead. The same happened with ExtraMile. The company was quick to notice mobile to be an integral part of the system going forward. This inspired them to incorporate mobile technologies as a part of their mainframe.

They have also emerged as a “one-stop-shop for HR professionals,” which endowed them with added responsibilities of finding solutions for each and every crisis. That is why ExtraMile is always trying to evolve by incorporating latest technologies and blend it with the flow of the company.

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