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Economies are volatile and wrong steps could trigger a butterfly effect to cause the downfall of companies, bankruptcy of countries, and global recession. It requires the employment of effective measures and the introduction of procedures that ensure constant monitoring. This calls for the inclusion of financial institutions in the folds of economic transactions — their roles in providing surveillance for ‘financial and monetary issues of corporates, businesses, individuals, etc.’ play a crucial part in incorporating stability into the system.

But the company in charge of managing the monitoring process should be adept in handling crises, both regular and unprecedented ones. This requires a perfect balance of human elements and the latest technologies to provide security, clarity, and predictive analysis to ensure the prevention of critical situations. Euro Exim Bank Ltd. ticks all these essential criteria. It is relatively new having been established in 2015, but it does not lack the zeal to make it big.

The company boasts a blend of people like Kaushik Punjani with extensive experience in the financial sector and the integration of cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Work Process

Euro Exim Bank Ltd. believes in providing momentum to import and export businesses while creating opportunities for further growth. The company also assures its clients with “the quickest issuance procedures,” to curb the time spent on process and documentation than other institutions.

From a client’s perspective, this process should be friction-free as well. The company has invested significant time and energy  connecting “banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet” to leave all requirements fulfilled.

It also on-boarded xCurrent, where clients can settle cross-border transactions without hassle and On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) services, “to minimize liquidity costs, enabling local recipients to be paid in local currency” protecting cash flow and curbing traditional costly currency restrictions.

The Arsenal

“Trade finance services are primary products of Euro Exim Bank’s business model.” Its reliability and broad experience continue to attract more customers in more locations. It has also unveiled Merchant accounts  which is a “flexible and integrated payments solution” with round-the-clock access.

In its plan for the future, the company includes rapid growth of the sales team, expansion across countries, technological upgrades to speed up instrument issuance processes, and reaching out to more clients in emerging markets. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and political instability, the current market is in a dubious state, however Euro Exim Bank’ systems and ethos provide stability, sustainability and assured service for its clients across the globe.

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