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Marla Bojorge: Independent in Success

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Right from the stages of infancy, we’re programmed to look around us and imitate the actions of others. With time, this becomes a habit and soon a personality trait that we don’t even realize exists within us.

However, for many people, especially leaders, choosing their own path and steering their own actions is what drives them forward.

For many people who dream of ascending to the role of leadership, power and the privilege of being looked upon is what motivates them. On the other end, there are individuals who see leadership as a responsibility and service. While for some leadership enables them with the opportunity to create their own journey.

Meet Marla Bojorge , the Owner of Bojorge & Associates, who paved her leadership path due to her willingness to follow her own footsteps.

The inspiring leader from Spain spearheads an international corporate and immigration law firm located in Valencia. Her firm has been recognized for its sheer ability to offer the right solutions to each of its clients.

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A Leader of Thoughts

Even though Marla doesn’t consider herself to be a leader, she has been always willing to forge her own path and create something from the bottom. With Bojorge & Associates, she was able to make this thought into a reality.

Moreover, her attitude as a leader that enabled her to attain the respect of her peers and the admiration of her followers.

According to her, a leader should have independence of thought and adequate freedom to think from a broad perspective. She stresses on having an open mind, without any pre-conceived notions, one that enables leaders to understand the point of view of others.

More than a leader, she encourages on clearly conveying to her employees that she is a human at first. She believes leaders should not put themselves up on the pedestal and consider themselves to be superior. Rather, she advices on listening and taking inputs from everyone.

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A Journey of Growth

While looking back at her journey, Marla Bojorge mentions “It was not easy.” She recalls how she was always optimistic about reaching her goals.

She completed her legal studies back in 1995 from the Faculty of Law in Valencia. Additionally, she studied the access to the judicial and prosecutor career in Spain through private sessions with a Private teacher, who was a prosecutor by profession.

Following this, she decided to travel and disconnect herself from her mundane hustle and bustles. In doing so, she realized that there was a gap between studies and jobs in Spain. Moreover, she didn’t receive any internship offer as well from any Spanish companies or Lawyers.

This prompted Marla to stretch her arms beyond the boundaries of Spain and do her practical training as a jurist in Switzerland.

Following this, Marla simply continued to expand her portfolio and expertise. She gained her professional experience at an American law firm in Manhattan, New York. Later, she gained further knowledge at the UIBE University in Beijing, China on a scholarship from the Official Credit Institute (ICO).

After attaining another degree in law in 2008, she realized that lawyers in Spain would not let her work in her own manner or would have not supported her decisions. She returned to Spain and, subsequently, decided to build her own company and created everything from scratch.

However, it has taken her a long time with many trials and tribulations along the way. Nonetheless, she prides herself on reaching the destination safely. Today, her company is the recipient of various major awards and has been at the forefront of legal services in Spain and beyond.

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Going the Extra Mile

When it comes to her job, Marla ensures to do it to the best of her capabilities. Getting recognition for the same with awards and certifications just makes her even more delighted and eager to work harder.

Talking about her role in Bojorge & Associates, Marla mentions “After so much study, having a job that publicly gratifies you is a dream come true.”

As for the efficiency of the company’s services, Marla claims that she cannot pin point what makes them stand out. However, she believes her dedicated response of telling the truth to her client without being influenced by anyone is what makes the company an award-winning firm.

She further states that she is determined on dedicating the requisite time and resources to her clients, irrespective of whether it is a company or an individual. Marla makes sure to stay abreast of the latest amendments and introductions in legislations.

Moreover, Marla Bojorge shares her expertise and knowledge for everyone to gain key insights through the same. She claims, “I try to write about what’s new in the legal market and they know me from many parts of the world without ever having been there, this means that somehow I am in the market and my decisions are taken into account at a larger scale.”

She further explains that she tries to explain things in a simpler manner to her clients and convey the complications easily. She is always on the lookout for potential solutions to any requirement in order to help her existing as well as potential clients.

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 “Get up from the Chair, without Regrets.”

Amidst all the positivities, Marla Bojorge recalls how she wasted years of her life studying with an old study method to access a judicial or fiscal career.

“I went there twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to the private house of a Prosecutor. I was studying a program of almost 400 subjects, the prosecutor who was my teacher chose 4 topics to write each topic in a timing of 5 minutes. A total of 15 minutes was given to recite each topic aloud with exact, literal, memorized articles of the law.”

This experience taught Marla the importance of doing what one likes to do. She claims her experience was horrible and that it could’ve been done in a better manner. At the same time, she is realizes that it doesn’t matter anymore and it all happened for the betterment of her career in the long run.

She advices, “Never let another person direct your vocation. Get up from the chair, without regrets. I did so and my life returned to its normal course. My vocation is to be what I am, a lawyer who works internationally.”

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Standing out from the Crowd

In her bid to be an independent leader, Marla Bojorge has built a firm that is renowned for its ability to find the right legal solution for each client’s unique requirements. In doing so, she has been showered with multiple achievements.

Most notably, Marla Bojorge has been recognized by Lawyer Monthly as a winner of its Women in Law Award; she has been also recognized by Acquisition International, Lawyers World, Lawyers Worldwide Awards, Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards, Corporate Vision. Her company was part of the 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2019 by Silicon Review. These are just a few names among her broad list of awards and recognitions.

Having a 360º freedom to move, to decide, to choose, to think, to travel and above all, to be a lawyer has driven her towards success and positioned her as an inspiration among aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

Every person knows deep down what makes them feel better. Only to say that it is better not to look outside of yourself when you have immense potential to be discovered in you, you just have to give yourself time, listen to yourself and not be afraid to move on. If you fall, you get up and go on,” she shares for emerging leaders.

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Making a Mark!

Speaking about the corporate legal world, she refers it to be as quite formal and classic. “If something new is added they do it without great experiments,” she adds.

However, according to her, marketing has helped a lot in giving a joyful and versatile vision. Additionally, more women with positions of command are seen emerging. Much more importance is being given to new technologies like artificial intelligence. Leveraging the power of technology as a working tool for security measures and other purposes is another key change noticed in the industry in recent times. Lastly, there is a general understanding that society is advancing and with that the demand of services is advancing as well.

Talking about her own firm, Bojorge & Associates, Marla Bojorge looks forward to leverage the power of technology in a much more profound manner for her tasks and in getting her services reach a wider section of the audience.

The inspiring leader concludes saying, “With the current pandemic, it is very possible that the world economy will slow down. However, the needs of people will continue to exist and will expand to other aspects that were not taken into account before. I try to keep an open mind every day to new developments, while being respectful to my vocation. I see myself improving, while maintaining my humility.

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