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It often enthralls people when they realize their voices are getting heard. It encourages them to open up to causes, to challenges, and to movements, anything that can usher in a change. VoteBash is one such platform that helps people in learning the value of their voices. It is a social voting platform with a global reach that focuses on individuals as it believes “everybody is entitled to an opinion.”

In a world that has turned consumer-centric, such a platform is an eye-opener. It is because people are groomed to see big-shots, corporate giants getting involved in market surveys to understand the value of a product just before they plan to explore a particular avenue or launch something. These methods are often marketing gimmicks, wherein consumers get sidelined with a few goodies.

What Is the Difference?

VoteBash was quick to realize that voting is a right to express individual voice. Hence, the individual should feel appreciated. That is why the company launched customized buttons that one could earn after expressing their opinions. These buttons are coupons from various companies, which can be used later for various benefits.

The provided platform works in multiple ways. For instance, the user can vote or create a polling option to learn more about how people react to certain things. People can create a form with their questions and ask people to take the survey. On the other hand, companies, without the hassle of going out into the market, can explore the digital medium for options and trends.

Start-ups stand to benefit from this platform the most. With limited funds, they lack the resources to conduct a detailed survey to understand the product’s market feasibility. It could be the most-effective marketing strategy for companies.

The Team Leading 

It was Martijn Atell who realized how the market could be impacted by giving voice to willing individuals, people who want to be heard. He understood that with the advent of the digital world and rising inclusion of it in everyday spheres, VoteBash could emerge as a new space of engagement. This can be an emerging global digital media marketing research platform that would intrigue brands, businesses, and organizations with real-time feedback.

The company banks on its unique approach to the world of marketing to ensure its impact reaches the mass. And, it is not just about impacting the consumer-driven space; it also plays a crucial role in inspiring changes across societies. The company does not believe in limits. Rather it prefers to go beyond.

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