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TrekNomads – Helping Trekkers Fall in Love with Nature

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It often happens that life is set nicely on track, but the man behind the wheel has lost his mojo. Doing the same things over and over turns tedious after a certain point of time and breaking the monotony becomes necessary to bring back normalcy. The solution is pretty simple. Rewiring life and cranking it up takes just a few days. These few days out there amidst pristine nature can do the trick and if it happens with TrekNomads then even better. For the company introduces people to the wild with utmost comfort and care.

Treading the trail for TrekNomads started in 2016 when the core team decided to launch a small community for people with abundant love for nature. They were in it to help people explore the beauty of nature through trekking. With this in mind, they formed itineraries near Bangalore, in the Western Ghats, and in the Himalaya.

But trekking is not a new trend in India and the market has some giants. So, what makes TrekNomads different from the rest?

The X-Factor

The word trekking is usually associated with challenge, thrill and also experiences only meant for the youth where you would stay in campsites in the wild with little to no amenities. TrekNomads wanted to change this. Their vision of introducing people to nature was not just for the youths but for people coming in from all walks of life.

They introduced an element of comfort and personalization into their itineraries. Something that anyone would enjoy. From offering end-to-end services to ensuring deluxe to premium accommodation during the trek, they took the experience of trekking up a notch.

TrekNomads introduced the concept of – Trekcation stands for comfortable trekking vacations for everyone.

What Else?

The company may have only four years of experience, but its members have over two decades of expertise. This helps them in introducing handpicked plans for every mood. Their new trails take hours of recce to ensure their Nomads get the best experience. They have a range worthy of admiration. It includes “authentic adventures ranging from one-day, two-day and multi-day treks, to adventure holidays, group outings and various retreats.”

Moreover, under the leadership of Naveen Mallesh, the Founder of the company, TrekNomads focuses majorly on responsible trekking during their treks. The company believe in giving back to the nature, which encourages them to ensure that no trash is left behind. TrekNomads also create opportunities for local communities to thrive and build a bridge between man and nature.

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