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Smart Apps for Learning Through Experience in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Smart Apps

Education is not a sphere which is untouched by the wonders of virtual reality. As a matter of fact, modern education has evolved through its association with technologies like V.R. that dissolved the limitations of four-walled classrooms. In the interactive simulations of virtual worlds, lessons in any subject come alive and respond to students’ curiosity, thereby increasing students’ concentration and retention capability throughout the lesson. For educators who intend to enrich the teaching and learning process, following list of educational VR enabled smart apps for learning is a handy collection:

InMind VR 2

Understanding human behavior and nurturing responsible adults has become a relatively easier task with InMind VR 2. Based on Lovheim’s theory of emotions and developed in the colors of Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out”, this simulation allows the students to control its protagonist’s emotional responses towards the events.

Titans of Space

Astronomy becomes an approachable and experiential reality in the synthesis of space and virtual reality. Titans of Space provides a surreal moment of learning where entertaining music, 3-D visuals and floating holographic balls recreate the solar system.

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Discovery VR

Published by the famous Discovery Channel, this app is a junction for multiple V.R. based programs that cover subjects like geography, science, history etc.


An incredible and capturing learning experience about human anatomy, Anatomyou is a non-invasive trip inside the human body through any biological system that the students might choose, like: respiratory, digestive, circulatory etc. Anatomyou of human organs like nose, throat, arteries, lymphatic nodes is also possible through its add-on features.

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VR Lessons by Thing Link

Specially designed for teaching primary school students, VR Lessons by Thing Link provide the most interactive experience of topics like arts, language and sciences. Everything between geographical terrains and wildlife ecosystems is synthesized as a real image of natural world, for students’ perception.

KingTut VR

Providing a 360-degree tour into the historically rich tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, King Tut VR generates an interactive atmosphere enriched by hieroglyphics and artefacts of Ancient Egypt.

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Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is one of the the only smart apps for learning that is healthy and educative recreational. It allows the students to paint or sculpture without traditional art materials through virtual brushes and plethora of interfaces.

By the very virtues that VR technologies become entertainment tools, they can be used to revolutionize classroom teachings, so as to make them more dynamic and student-centric. Besides, it makes education more accessible for learners across physical space of classrooms.

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