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The Modern Tool of Human Apocalypse: Autonomous Weaponry

Autonomous Weaponry is Armies

From the fictitious Star Wars dilemmas to the real-time political crisis at the United Nations, AI powered Autonomous Weaponry has raised many eyebrows and led to a number of debates. As intelligent as it may seem, autonomous weaponry promises flawless security and efficient means of protection for pro-AI weapons’ proponents; while it indicates raging political wars and chaos of human order at the face of machines for the anti-AI weapons’ groups.

Striking a balance between the pros and cons of autonomous weaponry has become a difficult task lately owing to the researches which indicate the unruly behavior of machines.

Here are the few challenges which make self-dependent weaponry a threatening alternative:

Potential for Disruption

The idea of control of operations of virtual platforms by autonomous bots seems a successful idea when one considers the example of Wikipedia where bots control the interface of the website. However, a contradicting example to the same situation is the latest controversy relating to Apple Siri’s responses to certain situations.

Quoting these examples researches have showed how through interaction of autonomous bots a complex range of codes or responses are ensued which make the prediction of machine behaviors completely impossible. For autonomous, weapons clad bots this setback proves to be a major threat since it increases the chances of the robots to turn on each other or its owners in an exponentially unpredictable time.

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Blindness to Socio-Political Differences

Autonomous weaponry is designed on a certain set of codes which define the limitations of its actions. That is to say, the armed bot remains indifferent towards any situation which does not address its orders.

Furthermore, its inability to understand human responses or assimilate immediate socio-political scenarios and vulnerability towards miscalculated judgments makes it a dubious and equally uncontrollable weaponry even in the most responsible hands.

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Ethical/Moral Barrenness

Null emotional affiliation of autonomous weapon bots makes them a potential threat to entire humanity, for the reflexivity of their nature may lead it to “think” on its own terms and choose its own target – an apprehension unequivocally voiced by the inventor and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk.

While autonomous weaponry may seem as friendly an invention alike all other AI powered devices like automated cars, healthcare machines etc., it is in the least as simple as the latter.

With its dynamic ability to judge and statistically analyze on its own, autonomous weaponry increasingly runs on the risk of becoming more powerful than its human counterpart thereby posing a constant threat – manufactured by man’s own hands.

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