Stephan Thieringer: The Pioneering Face of Human Innovation

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Caught in the whirlwind of our own thoughts, it can get challenging to swim across rough waters to find a bright shore of ideas. In a widely differentiated world, it calls for dynamic leadership to make a lasting impact. However, it becomes a tough nut to crack when it comes to dealing with diverse people and their goals and ambitions. This is where transformational leadership plays a crucial role.

It induces the process of accepting divergent views while inspiring others to do their best. This is what it means to empower people — “to let them be for what they are and stand by them.”

It takes a veracious leader to speak the truth and bring out the best from others.

Stephan Thieringer is one such pioneering example. A serial entrepreneur, business thinker, executive coach, and investor — his ubiquitous influence speaks to countless people.

Stephan believes that “Transformation requires self-reflection and constant self-assessment, and the desire and thirst to do better – and better not in comparison to others, better in terms of better than I did yesterday.


Growing up, Stephan knew that he had a plethora of opportunities and the right set of circumstances to charge his aspirations. Being engaged as a track and field athlete and road cyclist defined his perseverance. His mindset of conquering lonely moments and beating his own best set him well for his journey of being an entrepreneur. Moreover, a set of supportive and loving parents, his dad, the mayor of a major city in Germany, and his free-spirited mother, nudged him to pursue and discover himself further.

He recalls his experience so far to be an emotional rollercoaster. He explains, “The impetus for me was looking to make a difference for people and impacting individuals at the very core of their being through education.”

His time spent on working in education technology also helped him to swing past his doubts and invite tremendous gratification.

Stephan’s corporate journey ignited the thought in his mind that how different gifts impact an organization in intense ways. He states, “Uncovering those gifts and allowing for the powerful dynamics of functional, high impact, high performing teams to take place – that’s what we at The Human Innovation Garage strive to do.”

His life turned around with the formation of The Human Innovation Garage. His burning curiosity about humans and their behavior were his leading lights. He believes, “We all hold brilliant pieces within, and we need encouragement and a mirror to find and see those gifts.”

His intrigue in human innovation is perhaps what makes his venture a leading coaching and advisory firm. His secret sauce being “the combination of scientifically-based behavioral and cognitive analysis and testing” that points his clients towards high performing cultures. This unique approach to people and talent optimization, and the expertise of working across 7 continents, allowed the firm to be diverse in thinking and stay globally relevant in terms of culture and people.

Stephan’s methodology and holistic approach exploring mind, health, heart, and soul makes him distinctive in the coaching world. They have also worked agnostic of industry and across various fields, from real estate firms, law firms, manufacturing companies, fashion houses, clothing brands, banks, governments, soccer teams, medical companies, educational institutions, tech companies and venture firms.


Stephan’s journey has been rather humbling and self-introspective. Being an entrepreneur, executive coach, podcaster, and philanthrope, he understands the value of balance between work and life. As the world turns today, he sees work/life integration to be even more appropriate and relevant than ever before. “We live in a connected and always-on world.  So, the biggest part to being able to integrate properly is the ability to say no and set clear, but respectful, boundaries.”  He urges that creating your own personal mission statement will allow you to see your value-based personal commitments and be a compass for the options and choices that you are presented with every day.

Building a cohesive team is similar to pushing a boulder up a mountain. It takes a great leader to glue the team together and work for a shared goal. Stephan Thieringer takes pleasure in playing each role in the office – Chief People Officer, Sales and Business Development, visionary, coffee gopher, and even making sure that the gummi bears jar is fully stocked!

Like every company, optimal client satisfaction is at its forefront. It is a leading indicator of any consumer’s loyalty and reminisce their experiences. Co-incidentally, Stephan’s first love and educational background in hospitality has helped him design memorable experiences and be understanding of people’s needs.

His unswerving drive comes from thriving on people and good dialogue. “It took me a long time to understand that I didn’t need to be the smartest guy in the room.” He realized that he needed to be able to attract the best in the industry and inspire them along the company vision and culture in order to produce a powerful and meaningful impact for his clients.

He and his team have also developed an Organizational Optimization Blueprint – a distinctive and robust proprietary methodology – which emphasizes on executive coaching, behavioral and cognitive testing, workshops, and team training in a variety of areas. This pushes to create an environment that fosters personal development. His motto “leave people always better than you had first found them,” is what gets him out of his mental doldrums and spurs him on.


Stephan believes that his biggest roadblock has always been himself. This striking awareness about understanding himself, navigating through his past experiences helped him create a pattern of endurance. He says, “I am not perfect, and I realize that in many moments during the day and week. I am committed to doing better every day, and to do this, I need to be able to reflect on the things I didn’t do well.”

He doesn’t get knocked down from his past disappointments and finds liberation in accepting the past while committing to do better going forward. His action draws attention to his thoughts — “You cannot change the past, but you can learn a shit-ton from it!”


Moving forward, Stephan’s passion project – The Garage is slated to continue flourishing. The Garage is on the verge of releasing a new collaboration and partnership with a firm in Houston, Texas. Their prime focus is to nurture good intent, optimize best talent, coach, and begin with destination retreats. “Personally, I love what I do, and I am committed to impacting people on their personal transformational journey,” he adds.

Building a dream together as a community has given wings to many peoples’ vision. Stephan truly feels that helping people to navigate the triggers makes their life more meaningful, less reactive, and more wholesome. “High performance cultures that drive high engagement, foster co-creation and innovation, and the ripple effect of their inspiration to their tribes – that is what drives and inspires me,” he explains.


There is not one success formula that has made successful people shake hands with impressive careers. The transformational leader suggests that every advice needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as he is not a friend of the one-size-fits-all model.

Stephan Thieringer also lays emphasis on the need to be absolutely receptive to feedback and critique. It is integral to “realize that there is a lot that you don’t know, and that you don’t know what you don’t know. Trust is earned. People are at the core of business. And life is short. Be present.”

He concludes stating the need to ask questions and be on the lookout for unusual answers. “Be vigilant about other’s mistakes and try to incorporate a more realistic approach while committing your own mistakes.”

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