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Sima Azadegan Features on the Cover of Exeleon’s 10 Most Transformational Women Leaders of 2022

Sima Azadegan Exeleon Magazine

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Exeleon Magazine has released its annual issue of 10 Most Transformational Women Leaders of 2022, featuring some of the most accomplished women leaders from varying industries and highlighting their pathway towards attaining excellence.

Exeleon is a leading business magazine for leaders and entrepreneurs to showcase their story to a wide-ranging audience comprising C-Level Executives, Business Professionals, and Management Personalities.

Featuring as the Cover of this issue is Sima Azadegan, Founder of Sima Collezione, a trailblazing leader and fashion designer who started her entrepreneurial career at the age of 50, without any prior industry or business experience.

Thus far, her work has been recognized and featured at international events and leading fashion publications. Through her company, Sima has infused heart and soul within an exclusive one-of-a-kind fashion line collection.

Being an example of excellence for women across the globe, Sima mentions “Women play a strong role in bringing new and innovative ideas into the workspace as well the world. Women leadership takes precedent in using these ideas for the sole purpose of making the world a better place. With positive intention, truth and integrity, women leaders can make an everlasting impact for their own families, communities, and the world!”

“I had a very pleasant experience working with the Exeleon team. They did a magnificent job in tapping into my personality, my story, and my truth and henceforth, creating a very beautiful article about me,” Sima adds about her Cover Feature.

Daryl Yeung, the Editor-in-Chief of Exeleon Magazine, mentioned “Sima’s story is something that perfectly echoes the theme of the issue – Transformational Leadership. She is an inspiration for leaders across industries and gender.”

“Through this Cover Feature and this issue, we hope more and more people get to know the story behind the journey of Sima Azadegan,” he further adds.
The issue features a list of other accomplished women leaders as well, including Jennifer Stine Ray, Elyse Kaye, Imani Ellis, Ellen Deng, and more.

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About Exeleon Magazine

Exeleon is a one of the best business magazines in the US that aims to stand out by recognizing new, emerging, and established businesses and entrepreneurs. It provides them with a platform to reach their desired audience and showcase the rawness, misery, victory, and the path they have had to travel to attain excellence.

About Sima Collezione

Never Ever done before, Sima Collezione has infused heart and soul within an exclusive one-of-a-kind fashion line collection. Its mission is to empower women by bringing out each woman’s inner light and beauty and at the same time helping charities. Its ultimate goal is to create an everlasting movement in the fashion industry as well as the world.

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