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Sima Azadegan: Finding the Heart and Soul of Entrepreneurship

Sima Azadegan Exeleon Magazine

Traditionally, business and spirituality have little in common. In fact, the two have more distinctions, than similarities. To start a business, you look for a compelling idea addressing a market pain point, plan the roadmap, look for experienced executives who can derive maximum revenue/success.

On the other hand, in spirituality, the number one rule for growth is ‘surrender’. In today’s world, not many business leaders would swear by ‘surrender’ as an effective entrepreneurial strategy.

However, featuring as the Cover of Exeleon’s Transformational Women issue is a leader who has taken a rather unique approach to her business, and life in general.

Sima Azadegan started her clothing label at the age of 50, without having any prior business or industry experience. Within just a year, her designs were showcased at international events including The New York Fashion Week, The Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Forbes 30/50 International Women Summit. Moreover, her designs have also featured in some of the most renowned fashion magazines like ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and over 10 other channels in Europe.

It is a rare sight among entrepreneurs to follow the path of introspection and unconditional self-confidence. Sima’s journey is a prime example of how well this approach can materialize into growth and success. Her 15-year-old journey to self-introduction and improvement has proven key to her transformation.

Growing Up Years

Growing up, Sima always felt like she did not have a voice as she went from one thing to another. At the age of 9, she studied classical piano. At 17, she went to college and by the age of 20, she was already married.

She recalls, “I spent most of my adult years teaching piano, working for the community, raising my family, and working hard to please other people.”

At 36, Sima began an introspection of herself to discover her truth and her authentic self. “I went through the journey of my inner consciousness for 15 years and at the age of 50, I finally found my own voice and tapped into the mission that I was destined to accomplish,” she shares.

Having had a foundling passion for the field of fashion throughout her childhood and even later into her adulthood years, Sima knew where she truly belonged.

“Choosing what clothes to wear is effortless for me. Making decisions on style, color, and fabric comes very natural and organic to me. Not until living a complete life and peeling away my layers, at the age of 50, I fully realized that at the core of my true identity, I am a designer!”

This realization came in the form of Sima Collezione, her clothing company that empowers women by creating bold dresses that brings out their inner beauty.

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Sima Collezione

A natural in the fashion design space, Sima established her company as a result of her dream, passion, and soul. “All of the designs for my clothing company came to me in a heartbeat of a second,” she mentions.

Without having any prior professional experience or looking at any fashion magazine, Sima was able to create over 50 different designs of evening wear dresses within a span of one month.

She asserts, “These designs came to me through my higher consciousness, and I was able to transpire them onto paper. My company has been created from the truest essence of my soul.”

Moreover, for each dress, Sima created an artwork that exemplifies the themes of love, hope, faith, charity, compassion, and human kindness.

This amalgamation between the heart and soul within her design, has facilitated a vision for Sima to create a movement in the apparel industry. She proudly mentions, “Through my clothing line, I have brought back elegance, class, and integrity. I truly believe no couture designer in the world has incorporated essence and meaning within their fashion collection.”

For Sima, her clients are members of the Sima Collezione’s tribe and community. Their happiness and satisfaction are of utmost priority to her, “as they are the ones who can spread my movement and my inspiration of light, beauty, elegance, positivity and unanimity all around the world.”

Empowering Women

A powerful women in every right, Sima aims for women to understand their inner light and beauty, instead of suffocating and succumbing under societal doctrines. According to her, a powerful women is someone with a clear vision of what she wants to do; someone who will stay true to herself until her vision becomes a reality.

“It does not matter how dark the outside world is or the amount of resistance she faces, a woman leader has to believe in herself with conviction and strength.” She further adds, “A powerful women has to have integrity, and stands strong with the mission that she is destined to accomplish.”

She recalls how during the most uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, she had decided to follow her dreams and start her entrepreneurial journey.

She received a lot of resistance; even from some of her closest people. Regardless, Sima decided to listen to her intuition as her guiding light. Today, she stands tall as transformational leader; a pioneering example for women across ages, both in the fashion industry and beyond.

Chase your Dreams

As an entrepreneur who went after her passion at the age of 50, I would like to empower as well as inspire other women to go after their dreams as well.”

The above statement by Sima Azadegan is an indication of the impact she believes women can make in any particular market, if they set their mind to it. She firmly believes going after one’s dreams is not cliched.

In just two years, without a fashion degree or taking any fashion classes, she has created a recognized and reputed fashion company with multiple accolades to its name.

She points out “I was able to accomplish all of that only and only because I followed my heart’s desire, listened to my own intuition, and believed in myself and the mission that I am destined to accomplish. Hopefully, other women leaders can be inspired and encouraged through my story.”

Even though Sima realized and found her inner calling at a very late stage, she mentions that she would change nothing in this journey. “Every move, every thought, and every action that I took had a positive impact for me and led me forward.”

She definitely had her fair share of challenges and hurdles when starting this journey, however, they all served a purpose for Sima to further learn and grow. “Overall, I believe that everything that happened during my entrepreneurial journey had a reason for me to learn, grow, expand, and eventually conquer.”

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Small habits, Big Changes

It is said that essentially habits are what determines our future. For Sima, she has inculcated a chain of habits every day that enables her to be productive while ensuring work-life balance.

“I wake up every morning with my daily routine of making a cup of coffee and going to sit outside in my garden for reflection and meditation.”

She continues, “During this time hour, I reflect on the things that have happened in my life and how I need to pursue and approach them. Most of my thoughts regarding my fashion designs and the direction that I have to go come to me during the middle of the night and closer to morning.”

During Mondays and Wednesdays, Sima sits on her desk and makes most of her decisions. “During those days, I work from 9-3. The rest of the days of the week, I attend to my family matters and my life matters.”

Sima understands the difficulty one faces to maintain work-life balance, especially when you always have piles of entrepreneurial tasks to attend to. Nevertheless, she mentions, “I believe that it’s walking this balance and having your family beside you that will make your business success sweet as well as meaningful.”

Future of Promises

In just a span of two years, Sima Azadegan has created a clothing company that has achieved what few would be able to accomplish or even fathom. Her features across leading fashion magazines and international events are a testament to the success the company has achieved thus far. “This all proves to me that the light of my mission is alive and well and that I have to move forward with my movement and journey,” she claims.

“Two years ago, when I started this project, I told my husband that I will be on top of the fashion world in 5 years. Surprisingly, I have done it in only 2 years. From now on, I see that Sima Collezione has a beautiful future ahead.”

Going forward, Sima is determined to follow her mission of bringing back light, beauty, positivity, creativity, integrity, honesty, class, balance, and equilibrium into our world through means of fashion and more.

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