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NetNumber: Helping CSPs Manage Increasing Complexities

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It goes without saying that disruption has become a constant for every industry. And the telecommunication industry is no exception. In fact, the CSP industry remains one of the foremost sectors facing digital disruptive breakthroughs. The challenge for CSPs now is not how disruption can be avoided, rather it is about how tactics can be planned and implemented for a better response. Thus, CSPs will need to discover methods to deliver seamless experiences across channels while maintaining service quality and all types of complexities.

NetNumber is one such company that is helping out these CSPs by being a disruptive force in the telecommunication industry. The company was established in 1999 with the primary goal of simplifying the migration to next-generation signaling while enabling service providers to continue to use telephone numbers in order to identify subscribers. Leveraging its two decades’ worth of experience, NetNumber has now accumulated a profound depth of knowledge and accomplishment in software-based signaling management, orchestration, cloud, and security that helps customers future-proof their infrastructure.

Since its inception, the company has been leading a disruptive innovation in communications software. Moreover, NetNumber has cemented its name in the industry for its value and expertise in helping CSPs while allowing the capture of new revenue opportunities presented by data, security, and 5G.

Industry ‘Firsts’ Innovations

When it comes to penetrating the industry, NetNumber took a disruptive approach to cloud-native deployments for 5G with the TITAN.IUM platform. The industry’s first cloud-native InterGENerational™ core network solution delivers high-performance, flexible service that enables the CSP journey to 5G cloud-based infrastructures. The robust innovation has filled telecom operators’ hearts with joy as it has been appreciated for integrating legacy network functions of 2G/3G/4G and connecting them with cloud-native and 5G signaling core capabilities.

TITAN.IUM, on its own, leverages the capabilities, knowledge, and experience gained from its parent platform, TITAN. Introduced in 2005, TITAN was the industry’s first Centralized Signaling and Routing (CSRC) platform, which covers multiple signaling and database functions.

TITAN still enjoys being a prominent robust solution that brings together Signaling, Routing, Subscriber Data Management, Global Data Services, and Security Capabilities. Another reason why TITAN is audiences’ favorite is its compatibility. Both standards-based applications and custom-defined solutions can reside side-by-side on TITAN, supported by a common provisioning interface.

Altogether, with these innovations, NetNumber has been at the forefront of enabling CSPs to deliver new services with a comprehensive range of telecom data and services. With its Global Data Services, both CSPs and enterprises get to address emerging market requirements such as Fraud and Security and expand their revenue opportunities.

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The Connecting Mastermind

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Steve Legge has been at the helm of NetNumber’s leadership as its COO. As an erudite technology & business leader, Steve has held numerous senior executive management and technical positions in the US and Australia’s broadcast, telecommunications, and satellite industries. At NetNumber, he combines strategic, big picture, future-oriented thinking to manage the necessary details to grow or transform the organization.

Steve has been the driving force behind the company’s innovation. He has been instrumental in the firm’s transition to an agile business, scaling operational capabilities and services alongside evolving the ‘TITAN’ platform, products, and data services to meet evolving and growing market demands.

Steve is also leading the company’s next-generation aforementioned platform, TITAN.IUM. He’s also keeping his keen eyes on integrating methodologies, principles, and practices such as Agile Program Increment Planning Sessions and Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CICD). Herein, the goal is to scale NetNumber Engineering organization to enhance TITAN, applications portfolio, and develop new TITAN.IUM platform.

Under his tremendous leadership, NetNumber is sailing smoothly in the oceans of the industry as a vendor partner and strategic asset in the global customer base, able to engage in this high level of dialogue.

Standing Out

Since starting its operations, NetNumber has always focused on software and never on hardware. As such, the company has fostered a robust team environment that offers a true software solution tailored for carriers. It has a strong portfolio of products across all generations of networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) in the core network, deep-rooted security products and services, STIR/SHAKEN, and a broad set of options around data services.

Steve and the company have dedicated all the above-mentioned robust solutions to providing industry expertise in Signaling, Routing, Security, and Subscriber Data Management while providing customers with solid ROI reducing Capex and Opex in the long term.

The firm is particularly flexible about the deployment of public, private, or hybrid cloud. Steve mentions, “We are cloud-agnostic with a solution that is made for today’s multi-cloud environment regardless of deployment in private clouds, public clouds, and/or on-prem. Carriers can fully deploy our solutions in their own private clouds and just have a query mechanism into our full cloud. We also have the platform approach with the multi-or intergenerational play. There are currently very few vendors providing the full breadth of intergenerational services we do.”

NetNumber also has a strong distribution model ranging from partners to direct customers. As per Steve, this distribution puts the company on the top level and ensures that no client is left unsupported. Consequently, NetNumber has an incredible adoption rate and the most supporting mission-critical components in most tier 1 operations across the globe.

In addition to being an industry disruptor, NetNumber has also left no stones unturned when it comes to working with customers. The company has evolved significantly with the customers by understanding their problems and providing creative and flexible solutions.

“When we build and innovate, we ask ourselves, ‘How does this work as a whole?  What can we do to make it a seamless operational experience? And when it comes to our Global Data Solutions service, we have the most complete, easy to use, and easy to deploy trusted data solutions in the industry. We have the first-hand experience that helps us develop better tooling and data analysis systems before we introduce them to our customers,” Steve explains thoroughly.

Advancing Tomorrow

With a powerful team, environment, leadership, and innovation, NetNumber is well-positioned to capitalize on upcoming developments. The firm is also concentrating on bridging legacy technologies into new cloud-native infrastructures while delivering future services with its TITAN.IUM platform.

For forthcoming years, Steve has set his eyes on fulfilling the purpose of Ensuring Global InterGENerational Network Performance, built on the 20+ years of legacy. It will solve a significant number of challenges CSPs face today and in the future. He also believes that 5G will create new revenue opportunities for CSPs. Connected vehicles, smart cities, homes and factories, telehealth and robotic-assisted surgery, and immersive entertainment will become more common and pronounced. These next-generation connected technologies will create new revenue-generating services that support these 5G use cases and more.

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