Top 7 Free Online Resources for Business Administrators

When it comes to business administration, it is important that you have the right resources that can boost your performance.

As a businessman or manager, it can be hard for you to complete different tasks on time.

You would have to wear multiple hats at the same time to ensure smooth operations.

Manual business administration can be a daunting task which is why we would suggest you take help from the best online resources.

There are over hundreds of digital resources that can help you manage your business in an effective way.

Here in this guide, we have listed and discussed the seven most intriguing and helpful tools that can help startups, small businesses, and even large enterprises.

Free Online Resources for Business Administrators Should Use in 2023

Here we have mentioned the most powerful resources that can help you in 2023 and beyond:

1.   WordPress – Free Website Creator

Free Online Resources for Business Administrators

You don’t have to hire a professional developer to create and manage your website anymore.

You can create and manage your own business website with the help of WordPress.

This is a website builder platform and content management system.

With WordPress, you can easily design and develop a high-quality site that would present your business on the web.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running; with a website, you can make your online presence, get new customers, open your online store, and can also start your blog.

There are hundreds of free website templates you can find on WP. You just have to pick the template which fascinates you the most and use drag-drop options to customize your site.

This is a very user-friendly platform, and even a new user can learn how to build a website in no time.

Some key features of WordPress include:

  • Free website builder
  • Custom domains
  • Free web hosting
  • Drag-and-drop options
  • Image Editor
  • 100+ templates
  • Easy content management system

This is a very resourceful platform for all kinds of businesses. To try WordPress, click here.

2. – Resource for Content Optimization

Free Online Resources for Business Administrators is a very reliable resource for paraphrasing content. There are two main purposes for using this paraphraser.

You can use it to improve the quality of an already written draft, or you can also use it to remove plagiarism highlighted by a duplicate checker tool.

The tool offers three different writing modes, including general, blog, and academic.

The blog and general mode are best for recomposing business-related content.

This sentence rephraser is powered by AI, which is why the results generated by it are quite reader-friendly, unique, and free of all kinds of human errors.

You can use this tool without any cost until the free version expires.

The paid plans of the rephraser are also quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about any added expense in your pocket.

By using this tool, you would no longer need to depend on a professional writer or proofreader to create or optimize content for you.

You can write on your own and enhance the quality and readability of your drafts with this tool. You can save a lot of expense, time, and effort, which are otherwise consumed in manual content optimization.

Content writing is important as it is an integral part of content marketing.

It is important for your business as it helps you grow and achieve higher positions in the search results of Google. Some features of the rephraser include:

  • Free version available
  • Affordable plans
  • AI-powered bots
  • NLP and GPT3 tech
  • Easy to use
  • Universal compatibility
  • Different rewriting modes
  • Text summarizer and grammar checker available

To know more about this tool, you must visit the website and start enjoying the free version today.

3.   Strategy Finders – Get Detailed Analysis

Free Online Resources for Business Administrators


Strategy Finders is another resource that is considered to be useful for business administrators.

When you are managing a business, it is important for you to keep up with the market trends and know what your competitors are up to.

This all-in-one resource is not only helpful for businessmen but also for tutors, students, analysts, scholars, and content writers.

As a business administrator, you can use this website to get complete information and analysis on the latest trends in your targeted industry.

You can know what kind of products and services your audience is interested in and what kind of changes you have to make in your marketing plans.

You don’t need to hire physical or virtual assistants to help you in decision-making anymore.

You can take help from this website and get complete guidance on different marketing decisions.

Strategy finders have been working with top brands for the last many years.

Some of them include Samsung, Pepsi, IMB, Nestle, and Dior.

Some popular services you can find on this site include:

  • SWOT strategy analysis
  • Marketing strategy analysis
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Five forces strategy analysis


Visit to know more about their services!

4.   Mailer Lite – Assistance in Email Marketing

Mailer Lite Free Online Resources for Business Administrators


Mailer Lite is another helpful resource for small businesses, large enterprises, and even freelancers.

You can use mailer lite files for managing your email campaigns in the smoothest and most professional manner.

This resource is quite easy to use, and this is all because of its simple interface.

You can find dozens of features on mailer lite that can facilitate email marketers in different ways.

You can easily track how many emails you have sent, how many users have received emails, the open rate, and also the click rate.

You can also find out how many users have unsubscribed to your newsletter/email. All of this information is very important to get in email marketing.

You can get it for free and within no time with this platform.

You don’t have to hire an assistant to track all these metrics anymore.

Just visit Mailer Liter and start managing your email campaigns. Some features include:

  • File manager
  • Landing pages
  • Rich text editor
  • Customer HTML editor

You can easily manage email marketing without any hassle with mailer lite.

5.   Canva – Get Help in Visual Marketing


Canva is not just a website; rather, it is a complete resource that can help you create all kinds of visuals.

On this platform, you can find different kinds of tools using which you can easily create thumbnails, logos, resumes, social media graphics, posters, banners, and much more.

You just need to choose the template you like the most and customize it according to your preferences.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer anymore.

You can easily use different tools of Canva and create visuals for your marketing campaigns.

Modern-day marketing campaigns are incomplete and valueless without the use of visuals and graphic content.

Canva provides you with tools and an opportunity to design whatever you want all by yourself.

Some features of Canva that you must know about include:

  • Image transparency tools
  • Stickers
  • Photo frames
  • Free icons
  • Grids
  • 10,000+ templates
  • Photo enhancer

There are many more features of this tool that can help you a lot in your social media marketing campaigns.

6.   Buffer – Social Media Management Resource



Buffer is a very popular resource that can help you manage your social media campaigns.

Today, it is important for every business to have a strong social media presence.

Without being on social media, you cannot make your business successful.

You have to regularly post relevant content on social media so that your target audience can stay connected with you at all times.

Customer engagement is very important, and you can easily achieve it with the help of different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

It can be hard for you to manage all platforms single-handedly. This is where buffer comes to your help.

With Buffer, you can easily:

  • Regularly post on different platforms
  • Manage different aspects of your business profiles
  • Detailed analytics and insights
  • Comparison of stats
  • Competitor analysis
  • Team collaboration
  • Updates about the latest trends

If you are stressed about managing your social media accounts, then it is best that you try buffer.

7.   Trello – Project Management Resource



Trello is one of the favorite and most commonly used project management platforms for almost every other business across the globe.

You can easily collaborate with your team, assign them tasks, share important data, check progress and do much more with Trello.

Trello is actually a cloud management platform that can help businesses and managers who face trouble in collaborating with their teams and managing multiple projects at the same time.

If you use Trello, you can easily streamline your business affairs and that too without any excessive expense.

Some features of this project management resource include:

  • Free version for basic services
  • Easy organization of projects with cards and labels
  • In-line editing options
  • Checklists and progress charts
  • Email notifications
  • Activity log
  • Deadline reminders
  • Data filtering options
  • Easy file attachments

To manage your business operations with flexibility, it is important that you use Trello.

Final Words

We have discussed the top seven tools/sites that can help business administrators streamline their operations without hiring additional resources or spending much money.

You can try out these seven resources and take your business to the next level.

You can easily give tough competition to your contenders by taking assistance from the aforementioned utilities.

Stop wasting time; take action now and start taking help from the top web resources.

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