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Qonkur Media: The #1 Cannabis Marketing Agency Dominating Michigan

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Any company, whether it is a start-up or an existing conglomerate, strives for growth. This ‘growth’ variable will always stay constant in the business parlance equation. No matter the situation, the idea of growing, being better than before will always be at the forefront of the business agenda. Most of the time, the meaning behind the growth and efficient development defines revenue, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and other such terms. However, the overarching challenge here is how businesses ensure that they are in a position for strong and consistent growth?

One of the answers to this question is the right market penetration, being aware of the situation, what’s the latest happenings, and what we, as a business, should do to capitalize on the conditions before others.

The legalization of Cannabis in Michigan, in 2018, sealed in some similar fate for Qonkur Media. The firm had just commenced operations before recreational sales were legalized in Michigan. When the latter ensued, enterprising individuals across the state were much keen on joining this lucrative industry. The outcome of the decision was so huge that many online platforms re-optimized or entirely shifted their operations in favor of cannabis. From e-commerce to point of sales, all kinds of business opportunities turned up. These businesses needed a partner that could help them create a digital presence in reaching potential customers.

Qonkur Media was the name they all turned to. Before recreational sales, Qonkur Media developed mostly e-commerce platforms in-house. After the cannabis market boomed, multiple platforms were introduced in Michigan, among which Qonkur Media partnered to provide solutions to clients.

The #1 cannabis marketing agency reached the top of the industry quickly. It saw a whopping 11,000%+ growth rate since its opening. In fact, the company reached its goal in the 2nd quarter of 2020, one which was originally planned for 2023.

The Hell-bent Leader Who Achieved It All

Passionate about marketing since 17 years old, Founder and CEO Mike Berro saw his ups and downs before taking Qonkur Media to the zenith of success. Mike began Qonkur alone with only $18 in his pocket three years ago, and today the firm has gone on to become a multi-million-dollar company with over 20 staff members.

Mike Berro knows far too well about the underlying essence of marketing. The young but mature entrepreneur is the marketing authority for cannabis in Michigan. He leads the marketing industry by the example of being an authority in the business and giving back to the community amid the pandemic.

Prior to Qonkur, Mike was serving another marketing agency where strict guidelines and creative conflicts over project briefs took a toll on his creative process. Mike knew at the moment, he needed something of his own, and hence, Qonkur was born.

Initially, Mike wanted to name the company to be Conquer. A symbol of his belief that whatever he creates will conquer the market. For him, it also represented simplicity and basic nomenclature, something that didn’t exist online. It represented pure and organic liveliness that the audience can relate to.

And in just a little over a year, Mike’s beliefs became true. Qonkur Media Group became the industry leader in Michigan’s marketing scene. His bold approach to clients’ requirements allowed him to record more than 100 million dollars of their client’s marketing budgets.

Taking the Job Seriously

Mike’s challenges for becoming #1 were quite different from others. While businesses usually struggle to obtain investors, raise capital, convincing clients, etc., the growth of Qonkur Media became a unique hurdle for Mike. The growth was so phenomenal that the firm’s client list shot up from three clients to twenty-eight clients in a matter of just six months. This was something that Mike and the company weren’t prepared for. The company simply hadn’t optimized its workflows for large team collaborations.

“We have turned down numerous projects because we did not have enough time or a large enough team to tackle a new client. We never hire just to hire. Out of 700 applicants, we usually interview ten and hire one. We are very selective in the talent that joins. If you work at Qonkur, you’re doing everything right,” comments Mile.

Mitigating the Pandemic Challenges

Under Mike’s tremendous leadership, Qonkur mitigated challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic easily. Leading by example, Mike pledged to no layoffs and hired additional talent that was out of the job. He even became the force of commitment and donated $100,000 to local businesses that could not afford marketing services.

Mike and the team also worked over 30 hours straight, adding new online shopping tools to the client’s websites in the pandemic’s wake. Consequently, this step triggered a surge of other retailers noticing the work and reaching out.

Talking about his decisions amid the pandemic and leadership styles, Mike says that the most significant trait for an entrepreneur is to bet on oneself. He says, ‘never settle on anything.’ There is no such thing as making enough or doing enough. There is always something you can improve on.

Passionate, Competent, and a Reliable Team

Qonkur Media’s artistic team should rightfully argue for being the best in the business. From communication, design, strategy, packaging, branding, the team offers everything, and that too, in-house. It offers esteemed solutions of content & website development, mobile app development, social media marketing, billboards, media buying, branding, video production, and most substantially, cannabis marketing.

The team’s philosophy touches upon the commitment to developing relationships with its customers. The team investigates various paths that lead to bold and innovative marketing campaigns. Once the foundation is set, the team creates an online and offline brand presence which leads to sustainable development.

When asked about the team, Mike simply said, “The talent that works with Qonkur is not found anywhere else. My team is the root of this company. Every single member plays a significant role in this company’s continued growth. From the designers, account managers, photographers, videographers, animators, directors, strategists, to the on-site security. My team has never let a client down, and we don’t plan on it. Our constant communication outside of work hours helps maintain our family culture at Qonkur.”

In 2020, the team was recognized for their work and was bestowed with the award title of Agency of the Year 2020- Gold Status by Ad World Masters. More than 11,000 agencies were nominated, and Qonkur Media grabbed the #12 spot in the United States.

In the same year, the team helped over 10 brands come to life. These brands were represented by former athletes, and pioneers in the cannabis space. One of the largest projects for the company was rebranding Michigan’s largest edible and cartridge company; MKX. The six-month project has become a laurel in itself for the company.

On Route to Becoming the Largest Marketing Agency

Perceiving the growth Qonkur has attained, Mike is confident that the firm is on the right track to be the largest cannabis marketing agency in America by 2025, and the world by 2028. It will continue to serve its growing list of clients and grow its team. On the personal side of things, Mike will be spearheading new service industries in the space and helping craft new campaign ideas and initiatives for the cannabis space worldwide.

There’s a lot to learn from Mike Berro and his marketing firm’s narrative. A tale that represents the achievement of someone who began with nothing and went on to accomplish everything. It also inspires optimism and demonstrates that everyone can succeed in life. It paints a clear picture; if you have zeal and love for your work, everything else will fall into place. This story will motivate people in the marketing industry to keep working hard and pursuing their goals.

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