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NetNumber – Helping Clients Sync with Transforming Digital Platform

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Times are changing, so are the operational platforms. Initially, there were hiccups when industries switched from analog to digital. However, transformations are taking place at a rapid pace. The leap from 2G to 3G and then 4G happened in almost no time and now, 5G is knocking on the door. Flummoxed entrepreneurs are desperately trying avenues to come out of this shifting paradigm.

NetNumber, in recent times, has emerged as a solution for many in such a scenario. The company has expertise in handling such crises and providing a hassle-free platform to its customers. But it is their work ethic that keeps their clients glued to NetNumber. Their work ethic runs on simple strategies- simplicity, scale, and speed.

How It Enriches Experience?

Most of the companies prefer to focus on their business and methods that would take their products or services to the next level. Their success depends on technological fluency, but they prefer to stay away from the nitty-gritty. Instead, they hire companies who are experts in that field. NetNumber is one such company and their expertise in the field places them at the top of the pyramid.

The company functions by adopting a slightly different method where they “deploy a single software platform for all signaling and routing control, subscriber data management and security.” They also integrate Telco data services to dig deeper into statistics for powerful insights and solutions.

This triggers an increase in “network efficiency with vertical and horizontal scaling” without any hindrances. It also transforms the system where they can “deploy and optimize the signaling core and integrate security and telco data to create new service offerings and achieve ROI more quickly.”

What Does It Offer?

The company defines NetNumber TITAN as an underlying Innovation Platform that syncs “legacy and next-generation networks, from 2G to 5G and beyond, and provides access to critical network data that powers real-time decision making.” Companies often look for this real-time data to increase their efficiency, which makes the service more coveted.

NetNumber TITAN.IUM™ is the first-of-its-kind cloud-native, InterGENerational platform that meets “both the existing and next-generation requirements of telecom networks.” It is also defined as “widely deployed TITAN Multi-protocol Centralized Signaling and Routing Platform,” which will support the increasing demand for tiered data architectures with data pipelines.

Changes are inevitable in the digital platform and it will be quicker in the future with the inclusion of modern technologies. This will trigger the need for a partner who will continuously bridge the technological gap among companies, and NetNumber will stand out as the primal preference.

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