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Nevermore Security – Addressing Cyber Security in the Power Grid

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Critical infrastructures provide essential services that underpin the functioning of a modern society and serve as the backbone for economic activities. These critical infrastructures include, for example, energy, telecommunications, finance, and transportation. The energy infrastructure is one of the most critical infrastructures as other critical infrastructures depend upon it to deliver their services.

Over the last decade, the rise in cyber attacks on critical infrastructures, particularly in the energy sector, has resulted in cyber security becoming a central concern. The advances in technology have expanded the attack surface of industrial control systems with the impact extending to all parts of the organization operating the critical infrastructure, the supply chain, and ultimately the end-use customers. Particularly with the constantly changing threat and technology environments, defenders are constantly trying to play catch up in cyber security. Unfortunately, attackers only have to be effective once.

In comes a company like Nevermore Security that focuses on the power grid and its unique requirements. The objectives are to ensure that the electric grid remains reliable and resilient, even in the event of cyber attacks.

Overcoming Challenges

Currently, the power grid consists of both legacy and next generation technologies. New grid technologies will operate in conjunction with legacy equipment that may be several decades old and provide little to no cyber security controls. In addition, with alternative energy sources such as solar power and wind, there is increased interconnection across organizations and systems. With the increase in the use of digital devices and more advanced communications, the overall cyber risk has increased.

Another change is the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT). Historically, IT included computer systems and communications to process data typically for a business. OT has historically focused on physical-equipment-oriented technology that is commonly used to operate the energy sector.

Nevermore Security integrates solutions in each life cycle phase after evaluating their impact and effectiveness. This holistic approach provides a strong base to the company upon which it is building its reputation.

Leading the Path

In its approach, Nevermore Security depends a lot on the company’s visionary Founder, Annabelle Lee. Her experience “comprises over 40 years of technical experience in IT system design and implementation and over 25 years of cybersecurity design, specification development, and testing. Over the last 15 years, she has been focusing on cybersecurity for the energy sector.”

With such a vision to guide ahead, the company is creating milestones.

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