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People often complain about stress and other sorts of psychological troubles. Sometimes it is the fast-paced life that affects the psychological shape, and sometimes it is hereditary. No matter what, its impact can be life-altering.

Psychology is a field of study where the part discovered or understood is like a tiny island. The vast expanse is yet to be explored. This becomes all the more problematic as reactions and responses vary from person to person. Each person may have a different reply to a certain action, which makes taking a definite course of action very difficult. It calls for a proper understanding of the context in which the patient is living or found himself dragged in due to external factors. However, it calls for a well-conducted study by experts using systematic procedures.

In 2008, Gema Climent decided to address the problem by integrating top-notch technologies into her way of work. Her experience in the field of neuroscience and the ability to grasp the functionality of latest technical tools led her to form Nesplora, through which she dreamt of transforming the area of analyzing neurological or psychological diseases.

The Method of Her Action

Gema Climent found recording cognitive responses can impact the healthcare system as a valid evaluation test. She wasted no time in taking the onus to build one that would be more objective and reliable. In doing so, she banked on clean design, precise methods to create, and market her product. Her inclusion of the latest technologies bolstered her moves.

This resulted in increased accuracy in understanding a person’s cognitive process. Today, her clientele includes psychiatrists, neurologists, pediatricians, psychologists, and educators who benefit from these out of the box ideas and profit from enriched assessments.

She also designed a test by incorporating virtual reality-based environments. This expanded her boundaries and helped her in going virtual, where people can buy test models to use them as per their need from distant locations.

Why Nesplora?

Nesplora was one of the first companies to realize the importance of taking virtual-reality in the folds of neuro-psychoanalysis. The technology has the ability “to reflect the true state of a patient in real life.” While attempting such a move, the system creates a virtual world stimulated by a real-life environment and tries to read the user’s cognitive response to understand his brain functions in a more precise way.

When a company invests so much in designing a plan that would yield maximum results, it deserves a round of applause. In Nesplora’s case, its rising uptake is vouching for its increased credibility.

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