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Since its inception in 2003, The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has always stood out with its collaborative manufacturing solutions. The company has leveraged the power of collaboration to build trusted relationships and deliver innovative solutions.

However, the initial intent behind the formation of the company was to “focus on advancing and maturing technologies related to manufacturing and machining operations in small and medium-sized companies doing business with the Department of Business.”

Today, it has expanded and covered almost all industry 4.0 related technologies. Its current offering spans over both large OEMs and small and medium manufacturers. Moreover, the collaborative manufacturing solutions now run through an extensive network of Alliance Partners. The beginning was humble; yet, the growth was steady. From $1million in revenue in the first year, it has now reached $30million with a robust backlog. And, the prospects are looking only brighter in the coming years.

The Man behind the Wheel

Before taking charge of NCDMM, Dr. Bartles had a working experience of 40 years in the aerospace and defense industry. Known for his “out of the box” thinking, Dean has made a name for himself from his association with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago, and the new Advanced Manufacturing Center for the University of New Hampshire.

At NCDMM, he has already developed a growth strategy to venture out to unexplored territories and expand the existing portfolio. In this, he was helped by his years of experience and notable contacts.

The Difference-Maker

The intent of NCDMM “is to deliver optimized manufacturing solutions that enhance the quality, affordability, maintainability, and rapid deployment of existing and yet-to-be developed defense systems and to collaborate with government, industrial, and academic organizations.” This is “to promote the implementation of best practices to key stakeholders through the development and delivery of disciplined training, advanced technologies, and methodologies.” It has been accomplished through a practical framework using partnerships comprising “core technical and administrative team supplemented by an alliance of technology enablers”. It is also backed by the America Makes Institute for Additive Manufacturing.

The Future

At present, NCDMM is embarking on a program with myriad “Alliance Partners and the Department of Defense to define/characterize the Additive Manufacturing ecosystem in the United States.” It will include the development of tools needed to assess the Manufacturing Industrial Base/Supply Chain in the United States. From ideation to reclamation, NCDMM has evolved and prefers to chart a holistic course with the key partners who have earned the prospect to do so.

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