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MotivForce – Inspiring Loyalty to Influence Profits

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Starting a business is a difficult choice, but it is even more difficult to make it sustainable. The clutters and cacophonies around us, submerges the meaningful voice that can boost the growth of a business or create an impact on the market. And that voice can be of a loyal client or of an employee with the ability to transform the market for better.

Identifying that perfect pitch requires expertise and Motivforce has mastered it. With a footprint across 130 countries, the company offers “loyalty, performance improvement, educational content, and employee and channel marketing incentives.”

The intent to deliver best-in-class loyalty programs and inspire performance drives Motivforce ahead. The helmsman, Dr. David Cox, was amazed to see how the fusion of games can impact the way people behave, especially in sales and learning. In fact, he and his teammates now infuse learning and sales rewards into various activities to improve employee performance.

What Forms the Basis?

David’s success owes a lot to relentless researching. More research means better quality of data. The Motivforce team digs deep into the interplay of human brains and digital games and then it fuses motivation, traditional performance improvement techniques, and what they have learned from their research with Gamification.

It took months to get a favorable outcome. The result was a “commercial incentive or educational quick learn module” that displays excellent chances of improving sales effectivity.

It was well-appreciated by eminent companies like IBM and Lenovo. However, the path forward was never easy, as each company poses a different set of problems that require customized handling.

Communication is one recurring problem that the company faces. It often happens that employees working on a particular project reside in different time zones and speak different languages. Such situations require a perfect bridging of minds to ensure that the level of productivity never drops. This gave birth to “new motivational techniques and interactions.”

The Path In front 

Evolution plays a pivotal role in developing strategies that come out as sustainable. Following that lead, Motivforce focuses on using research, behavioral analytics, and experiments with a desire to deliver fresh and forward-looking educational, loyalty, and incentive applications.

Moreover, the company is now ready to take steps in directions that were previously uncharted. It is planning to deploy these applications in emerging markets of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The process also includes a detailed study of cultural differences that would help games and incentives impact performance in a positive way.

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