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A sense of belonging is something that every human being desires. Feeling like you belong somewhere is critical in realizing the worth of our lives. The feeling is essential for our satisfaction, happiness, mental and physical health, and even our lifespan. It also provides us with a feeling of purpose and significance. The ability to comprehend it may help us to improve our mental well-being and set the path for more satisfying years ahead.

For many, a location, friends, family, and social media may provide this sense of belonging. And some may find their connection in another living being. Others might believe in and sense a connection to people all over the globe, to humanity, and they act on that belief.

However, for Michelle Gracie, this sense of belonging has always been her career in the real estate industry. Michelle, who is well-known for her commitment in providing clients with the highest level of service, traverses the real estate industry with a mission to provide the most professional, informative, ethical, loyal, and dedicated service to her customers while ensuring that they achieve their desired real estate goals.

Picked it up During Childhood

Michelle has been flipping homes for as long as she can remember. Since childhood, she has displayed strong love for arts and helping people in general. However, what instilled the passion for real estate in her was her father’s construction worksites where Michelle spent a great amount of time. And prior to venturing out to real estate, Michelle Gracie applied her creative skills in production before helping people out in the most important investments of their lives.

In the words of Michelle, “I have a great love for the arts and helping people in general. My father was a contractor and I have been on construction sites of homes for as long as I can remember. I even spent some summers spackling nails and sanding down drywall! Real estate has always been a part of my life. After working in production, I was able to combine my love of being creative and assisting people through one of the most important investments of their lives.”

Foray into Real Estate

Michelle Gracie’s transition to real estate was simple and humble. She made the decision to learn from the best from the beginning and began working under some of the top producing agents in her area. Since then, she has built a successful ten-year career on the foundation of an uncompromising dedication to her customers’ best interests. Today, she serves Michelle Graci & Associates through Rodeo Realty, and assists clients with real estate transactions in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and across the rest of Southern California.

Michelle refers to the luxury real estate in the Los Angeles metropolitan region as ‘The Treasure Chest of Living.’ An agent with Rodeo Realty, which maintains a strong presence in Beverly Hills, Michelle serves clients across the greater Los Angeles region, from Pasadena to Encino and Beverly Hills to luxury beach towns from Malibu to Newport Beach area.

Michelle’s professional attitude is based on the principle of doing what is right for her customers. According to her, investing in real estate is one of the most significant decisions that they will make in their lives. She stresses that the emotional and physical aspects of the transaction are very important and weigh strongly on the decision.

As a result, when it comes to interacting with her customers, Michelle takes the most loyal approach possible. Despite the fact that she serves a large number of celebrities and high-profile customers, she does not sell and tell. She is well-liked in the business and is known for keeping high-end transactions under wraps. Michelle earns the trust and friendship of her customers by serving them with the best deal.

“Buying or selling a home is a huge decision, arguably one of the biggest ones that one makes. There are so many factors that weigh heavily on a transaction. For instance, emotions run so high and it is important to take time to find the perfect home. This may not sound and come across as the aggressive approach other agents take but it is more important to support your client,” asserts Michelle.

Customers First, Always

Keeping things crystal clear, Michelle prefers to make her approach consultive when listing a home. Michelle’s secret recipe is a combination of dependability, dedication, and follow-through, and it can be seen across her whole approach. Her next step follows her putting constantly developing technical marketing skills, as well as her keen eye for presentation, into action in the workplace.

“I put my client’s needs above anything else. Everything comes down to helping them make a strong investment in their future. I make sure they are fully taken care of from start to finish – and beyond. I value honesty and open communication throughout each transaction. My focus each day is on finding good homes for good people with good energy. I always try to make the transaction as seamless and stress-free as possible.”

As part of the conversation, she prepares the property on the market and connects her customers to a large network of contractors and designers. Following the selection of a listing, Michelle Gracie disseminates information about each property via carefully targeted print, internet, and social media campaigns. And, regardless of the client’s profile or the current status of the listing, Michelle Gracie always maintains the confidentiality of her clients’ transactions and keeps them out of the public eye.

“By earning a great reputation coming from repeat clients or referrals, my annual volume in commercial and residential real estate ranks me among the best in the nation. Putting my clients’ needs before my own is what makes me a leader in the real estate space.”

The Secret to Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers first and treating them with the highest level of ethics is central to Michelle’s business philosophy, which she shares with aspiring and rising players in the real estate industry. According to her, trust and discretion are essential in building long-lasting partnerships. It is important to her that her customers realize that she cares about them and that she is accessible whenever they need her attention and trust.

Hence, she advises young aspirants to persevere and never lose sight of the fact that customers come first and that the connection between the two is more important than the commission earned.

Future Lookout

The future of Michelle’s company is bright, and she has big ambitions for it. In the months ahead, she plans to grow her business into the Florida, Colorado, and Texas markets, but she will remain focused on providing the attentive service that has earned her such a high level of respect across the state of California. “I am in it for the long haul. I would rather advise a client against a purchase than have them accept a deal that fails to meet their expectations – even if it means losing a potential sale. Above all, I care about doing right by people.”

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