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Rudy Lira Kusuma: Defying the Conventional Odds of the Real Estate Industry

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Some leaders enter an industry, get an understanding, identify a gap in it, and then by filling up that gap, they climb the ladder of success. On the other hand, some just immediately upset the existing order, reject conventional approaches, and wait for success to arrive on their own. They continue to monitor existing techniques that may be at odds with industry needs, and raise the toughest questions, ultimately providing a solution and disrupting the industry.

Rudy Lira Kusuma very certainly became a part of the latter company when he first entered the real estate sector and uprooted its traditional practices. Rudy revolutionized the way real estate procedures were handled and created new standards that not only benefited the customers, but also the company’s salespeople.

Changing the Norms

Rudy began his career in the real estate business back in 2007. While working for his first broker, he was urged to grow the company by using conventional techniques of cold calling and door knocking. As a sole agent, he grew dissatisfied with the existing structure, which he saw as restricting both clients’ and agents’ abilities. Rudy, as well as many other agents before and after him, eventually concluded that it was a fruitless effort in the end.

Rudy founded Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty in response to such a traditional, inadequate method of business operations in the industry. He wanted to cover the overwhelming demand for both customers and brokers. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty did exactly that and made a significant break from conventional real estate models by assembling a big team in which each member had a particular role to play.

Each person at the business had a singular emphasis, regardless of their position or department. They were asked to focus only on one element of their work – to improve their ability to perform their tasks more effectively, which directly will help their buyers and sellers.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty definitely lived up to this promise, implementing a business strategy that places customers at the heart of its operations and encourages the success of its agents and brokers. Its clients gain success significantly by working with brokers who are completely focused on them, as well as having access to any houses that match their requirements, even those that are not posted on the internet.

A Dire Need of Change

Rudy came to the conclusion that being a member of a team is the best approach to succeed in today’s professional market. Agents may go solo, but there is a possibility that things will not turn out well for them. The way conventional solo agents operate, he contends, makes it impossible for them to remain competitive in a market that is always evolving.

Over 70% of real estate brokers spend their time prospecting, door knocking, and cold calling, according to Rudy, who speaks via statistics. In contrast, just 30% of the agents get to spend their time providing real service to the customer. These agents are always juggling a variety of duties, which results in a poor connection with their customers, and eventually, the loss of clients in the process.

While the aforementioned agents strive to provide a high-quality service, they are also unable to earn a sufficient income. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty was established to address this issue as well. Rudy’s agents, in addition to providing great service, were also able to reap substantial financial benefits, which eventually helped the business achieve its objective of keeping agents and clients happy.

The Differentiating Factor

There are two reasons that Rudy and his firm distinguish themselves from their conventional real estate rivals. The first and most important is the area in which Rudy allows his agents to develop as a team. He places a strong emphasis on building and expanding real estate sales teams rather than working them on their own in the business. Rudy does not, in essence, develop good leaders; rather, he develops excellent business owners.

The second element that distinguishes the business is the length of time it has been in operation – 15 years. Moreover, it is important, in Rudy’s opinion, to be trained by a strong leader in the real estate business. In contrast to the other organizations, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty does not teach the same traditional methods This industry expertise unquestionably distinguishes the firm from its competitors.

Industry-wide Recognition

Rudy Lira Kusuma has extensive expertise in pre-foreclosure sales, short sales, and divorce sales, as well as trust and probate transactions. His dedication to the real estate business has resulted in him being awarded many industry awards, some of which are as follows:

  • 2013 & 2014 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award, Los Angeles Magazine
  • 2014 RE/MAX International Chairman’s Club
  • 2014 RE/MAX International Hall of Fame
  • 2013 January – Current, RE/MAX Elite Realty Top Producer Agent of The Month
  • 2013 RE/MAX International Top 100 California Region

Rudy and his company are well-known for their business, but they are also well-known in the community for their charitable contributions. One of the main beneficiaries of their charity is the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, which provides care to children of all ages, including those who do not have health insurance coverage.

Rudy’s fundamental business philosophy of putting customers first is embodied in the company’s actual name. He will maintain the prominence of this designation in the future and will continue to serve as the leader of his firm. With the launch of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty’s offices in California, he hopes to expose other real estate agents to his ground-breaking approach of selling homes in the Golden State.

Guiding others to Success

Rudy offers some straightforward, but difficult advice for aspiring and rising leaders in the real estate industry. He urges aspirants to work hard to develop their abilities. If they are now contacting 20 people each day, they should increase that number to 200. According to him, the sector is evolving at a fast pace, and in order to continue and remain competitive in it, they must take a proactive approach.

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