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Serena Mastin

The Beating Heart of Empowerment

Serena Masting of Pulse Marketing in Exeleon Magazine

Serena Mastin: The Beating Heart of Empowerment

True leaders have a discernible vision. They want to build a strong culture where everyone knows that a company’s success or setbacks depend on four pillars: shared values, working together, staying focused, and trusting each other. These remarkable leaders hold core values that are inimitable and eclectic, closely tied to uplifting and guiding others with confidence and purpose.

Serena Mastin is one such empowering individual who effortlessly imprints her purpose into the heart of what truly matters. Her journey led her to become a visionary entrepreneur, an accomplished author, and an inspiring speaker.

Despite spending two decades in the corporate world, Serena’s transition to founding her own venture, Pulse Marketing, in 2013 reflects her unique qualities, such as healing, grace, deep care, and resilience in overcoming obstacles, building trust, spreading joy, inspiring others, and igniting the spirit to empower those around her.

Transparency comes naturally to her as she knows how to nurture genuine human connections. “My empathy allows me to deeply understand and share the feelings and experiences of others,” she reflects. Her drive to create an environment grounded in trust and safety is evident.

Another cornerstone of her leadership philosophy is self-awareness. She knows that recognizing her strengths and areas of improvement is integral to becoming a more effective leader. “I am attuned to the emotional states of my team members, which empowers me to provide support, develop deeper connections, and make decisions that positively affect both individuals and the organization.”

Stepping Into the Light

Serena’s early years weren’t easy for her. She faced different experiences that connected her to feelings of despair, pain, chaos, and discomfort. When she thinks of her past, one feeling lingers distinctly: her desire for safety. This longing stemmed from her years living in the shadows of witness protection and the uncertainty of numerous foster homes.

These moments then became the backdrop to a period of teenage addiction and homelessness, testing her resilience and empathy that she had yet to discover within herself. And this was the beginning of uncovering her inner stability and self-confidence.

As time flew by, Serena found a scattering of light, little fireflies of hope. She gradually learned to take control of her life and shifted her focus towards gaining independence. It was during her early teens where she spent her days admiring remarkable women who then became a source of inspiration and motivation for her. “Although I didn’t have one specific role model, I had a clear vision of the person I wanted to become — a successful businesswoman known for her unwavering resilience and empathy,” she says.

Serena Mastin Pulse Marekting

Kindling Hope

Later, through her hard work and perseverance, she endured the edges of discomfort and climbed the corporate ladder, embracing leadership roles for nearly two decades. In 2013, she took the bold leap to establish Pulse Marketing, riding through the undercurrents of entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, in her personal life, she faced the complexities of a difficult marriage, which sadly ended with the loss of her husband to suicide in 2020. The grief was immeasurable, yet she slowly learned to heal and find a deeper sense of purpose.

“I’ve channeled my experiences into writing a memoir, a cathartic reflection of my life’s journey, and have committed myself wholeheartedly to empowering others to find their voice,” she mentions. Serena believes that self-limiting beliefs can be shattered and replaced with limitless self-compassion, launching yourself towards resilience and growth.

Moreover, she points out that emotional resilience begins by transforming negative emotions into positive and powerful intentions — turning anger into commitment, fear into courage, jealousy into appreciation, exhaustion into resilience, scarcity into abundance, and negativity into gratitude.

“I have no room in my heart for negative emotions. I choose to fill my heart with love, abundance, peace, and gratitude. The only hope in making the world a better place is by transforming ourselves first,” she remarks.

The “Pulse” of Her Business

Serena’s journey into entrepreneurship started from a humble place of limitless support and encouragement— through her mother. She was someone who recognized the potential and possibilities in her daughter.

Although initially, Serena couldn’t find the confidence to start her entrepreneurial journey, her mother’s words remained close to her heart — “If not for yourself, then do it for me.” In that moment, she realized that her words held undeniable power, nudging her to pursue growth and acceptance.

This led Serena to successfully launch her business, Pulse Marketing, with a fractional marketing model. She felt this was the right business opportunity to explore, given the evolving needs of her clients and the dynamic nature of the business.

“The fractional approach offers companies access to a complete team of graphic designers, content writers, and web and digital experts without bearing the full cost. Our method stands out from conventional marketing agencies by providing the adaptability and scalability that small and medium-sized businesses require, making it an optimal choice for their unique needs,” she explains.

Through Pulse Marketing, Serena and her team offer carefully crafted, straightforward solutions and services designed to assist clients of all sizes, including DIY (Do it Yourself), DWF (Do it With You), and DFY (Do it For You).

One of them is the Marketing Roadmap (DIY – Do It Yourself): This service is for those clients who want an affordable marketing strategy that they can easily handle themselves, like solopreneurs and small businesses.

The second is the monthly retainer (DWY – Done with You). This service offers a wide range of access to a team of graphic designers, content writers, and web and digital experts without breaking the bank, perfect for small and mid-sized businesses.

Lastly, there are one-time projects (DFY—Done for You). These are for anyone needing a big project done at once, like a branding package or a custom website, so they can focus on other things while the team takes care of the little details.

Sustaining Customer Loyalty

Serena explains that good storytelling is the backbone of marketing strategies as it is these stories that win and turn the seemingly unimaginable into a reality. These stories not only highlight what sets a company apart, but also captures the company values into practice.

According to Serena, the most meaningful advertising campaigns take you on an emotional journey, allowing you to connect with your audience. This is what makes a successful brand. In fact, she believes it is necessary to understand how your products and services meet a customer’s emotional needs.

“Your customers don’t want a sales pitch; they value authenticity in the information they receive, honesty in the products offered, and transparency in communication. That’s what drives loyal customers,” she adds.


Leadership Philosophy

Serena’s blend of open-mindedness and strong-willed determination is powerful. She embraces feedback and communication rooted in L.U.V.—Listening, Understanding, and Validating. Her mission is crystal clear: to create opportunities for mentorship, coaching, and empowering her team while building a strong sense of belongingness.

As a leader, she also recognizes that establishing healthy boundaries is fundamental to the well-being of her team. For this, she created a simple acronym that shows her commitment to maintaining this value: B.R.A.V.E. This stands for Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vulnerability, and Equal Investment. These are not just words for her but a roadmap, a set of guidelines shaping a culture of empowerment within the team.

Under Serena’s leadership, boundaries are shared, reliability is a promise, accountability is owned, vulnerability is a strength, and equal investment is the currency that pushes them forward.

She believes in reshaping narratives and realizes the incredible power to change not only her storyline but also those around her. Through her actions, she inspires people to improve and empower themselves, thus creating a workplace where everyone thrives, and collective success is celebrated.

Serena Mastin Empowering Women

The True Fruit of the Climb

Serena has witnessed extraordinary success in recent years, but she always keeps her North Star in sight — her commitment to human connection. She is dedicated to creating experiences that extend beyond just numbers on a spreadsheet. Her focus as a business is well-rounded and impactful: to empower both her team members and clients to reach their highest potential.

For her, the essence of success is not solely found in the final step at the summit; rather, it resides in the personal growth that unfolds with each step upward.

As she treads the mountain of entrepreneurship, she invites others to join her in the climb, where strength is tested, resilience is built, and spirit is refined. Her journey is one of inspiration and empowerment, for the reward is not just the view from the peak, but the transformation that takes place within as you rise.