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Marife Nazario-Yordan – Impacting the Field of Law and Beyond

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Immigration hassles are quite common in developed countries. It happens mostly due to the convoluted laws and language barriers, and the changes made from time to time do not make things any easier. As an explicit outcome of this, many people find themselves enmeshed in bureaucratic red tapes and legal documentations. With each passing year, this number rises even further.

Hazards regarding these immigration policies often stem from some basic misunderstandings and lack of cognizance. But it leads to a process that often traverses through mires set by legal jargons; and as an obvious outcome, things get prolonged. However, a much easier solution is possible only if someone steps forward with complete know-how of the legal moves and humane touch to help these people out.

This blend of both makes the presence of Marife Nazario-Yordan reassuring to those tangled in legal webs of the EB-5 and immigration field. With her expertise in different fields like corporate and commercial law, and corporate, commercial and real estate transactions and a holistic understanding of the immigration laws, she has inspired trust among her clients.

The rapport she builds with them helps her in delivering positive results consistently. In Marife’s words, she has set this outstanding record for herself with an unwavering “focus on quality and attention to detail rather than quantity.”

Her Journey

Sometimes the journey is far more important than the goal itself, as the foundation of a sustainable future depends on it. The same is true for Marife Nazario-Yordan, Founder and Managing Attorney of Nazario Yordan Law. Her journey was not smooth; rather, it resembled a sine curve with lots of ups and downs. In her earlier days, her profession depended a lot on her ex-husband’s career who had to relocate pretty often, thus forcing her to seek new opportunities.

It disrupted the flow of her career, which, otherwise, would have blossomed in due time. With each change in her address, she had to start from scratch to prove herself. After a certain point, she realized how all these moving around was arresting her growth. The time was ripe for finding her own pace.

During that phase, she got the opportunity to work with different law firms, which taught her well and provided her with vast experience in several legal sectors. This inspired her to break the confines and emerge as an independent, authoritative figure. As a subsequent outcome, she started working on her own with clients.  

The obstacles she endured made her realize about the gaps in her route map. She got opportunities to look at them in detail and cashed in that by turning them into growth-inducing factors. It was no easy task to prove her mettle in a male-dominated sector. But she never backed down; rather, she worked for long, grueling hours to carve a name for herself.

The process of zeroing in onto the EB-5 and immigration field as her area of specialization took some time. But once she realized that her passion is in sync with it, she showed her unwavering perseverance to grasp each and every detail of the sector.

However, this never deterred her from pursuing other fields like corporate and commercial laws. She is equally an expert in the mentioned sector and is infusing the field with her valuable insights.

When she looks back now, she feels, “all the twists and turns of the journey had a rewarding purpose, as like pieces of a puzzle,” which gave her “the breadth of knowledge and experience that ended up complementing each other perfectly” also ensured she excels in the practice.

This perseverance, coupled with a constant flow of internal motivation, drives Marife ahead. These are must for a long-term goal. The long process also requires absorbing reliable knowledge to chalk out insights, which can help in staying abreast of developments. At times, this method also encourages to keep the focus set on learning about a particular field in great detail without getting flummoxed by mediocrity. 

Marife believes that it is essential to form a nexus with the right people and maintain valuable social contacts as these can play a crucial role in ensuring growth.

However, she still feels that she would have done much better if she stayed on her course without compromising her prospects. This realization sprouts from a belief that “stability and the ability to prove yourself over the years within the same firm is critical for a steady pace of advancement in the legal field.”

The Differentiating Factor

It is difficult to create a distinct identity when one is standing in the crowd but to prove one’s mettle, it is necessary. Marife is well aware of this and she tries to build a differentiating factor by being a subject matter expert of her preferred EB-5 law and immigration field. She feels that she was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to train with the best and gain knowledge of the “EB-5 field representing Regional Centers and project developers, as opposed to only foreign investors.” Now she is leveraging the same.

While dealing with diverse aspects of the sector, she found herself in an advantageous position. Her “background and prior experience as a corporate, corporate securities and real estate attorney, along with immigration,” armed her with a unique set of tools to understand a complex field like EB-5 law holistically. This helped her uncover details for more significant insights- something she uses all the time to maintain a track record of delivering positive results where only quality matters and not the quantity.

Difficulties always come with a sliver of hope for those who know where to seek it. The path Marife trod was riddled with roadblocks but it also provided her with opportunities to explore diverse areas of law. In a way, that strengthened her footing. This unique way of looking matters from an unexpected angle bolsters her rise.

Thoughts On Leadership

Marife has been spearheading her company for quite some time now and this has helped her evolve in several ways – one is obviously as a leader. Her struggles and then her direct encounter with clients taught her well about being a leader. The serious gravity of this realization gets mirrored when she says, “I believe a leader should be an authoritative and trustworthy figure in the person’s field and for that you need credibility and the ability to inspire trust in others.”

It only requires two simple traits to emerge as a leader like that – subject matter expertise and a reputation for being honest.

But a good leader should also be a good listener. It helps a lot in understanding the audience’s exact needs as it acts as the stepping stone towards finding the right strategy that would yield the maximum result.

A leader should also be a positive person as clients derive a lot of strength from that optimism. Legal battles are often stressful and long, and maintaining that bit of bright outlook could help stay on the right track.

In fact, Marife’s thoughts on leadership are twined with the vision she has set for her future and NazarioYordan Law. As an entrepreneur, she wants to establish a humane way of practicing legal moves sans self-interests and egos, and the level of dedication she wants to infuse in her system would be equal for all.

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