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Mark Murphy: A Critical Thinker Driving Wealth Creation Strategies

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There are no two ways about it that earning money and creating wealth are two different yet necessary skill sets. But sorting out finances to budget, save, spend, and invest involves complex jargons and concepts. There is a pressing need for relevant financial awareness to give direction to your goals, desires, and ambition.

This is where Mark Murphy and his dynamic vision stands out. As a true visionary with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, his only aim is to help and guide people. With this as his priority, he founded Northeast Private Client Group, where he has the client — and only the client — in mind.

Mark is the author of two books The Win-Win Outcome – The Dealmaker’s Guide to Buying and Selling Dental Practices, which he co-wrote with, the CEO of Fortune Management, Bernie Stoltz, and Extraordinary Wealth – The Guide to Financial Freedom & an Amazing Life. Mark is presently working on his third book, Entrepreneurial Mindset – How To Go From Business Owner to CEO. His firm, Northeast Private Client Group is a national financial planning and wealth management firm. Unlike other financial planning firms, Mark and his team focus on the process by which clients use financial products rather than the products themselves.

Subsequently, Mark believes in integrating his thought leadership and business decisions with humility. “I don’t have 28 people who work for me, I have 28 people whom I serve,” he humbly remarks.

Ambitious pursuits in finance

As a young and keen child, Mark Murphy was vigilant and emphatic to his surroundings. “Growing up, my family always lived paycheck to paycheck,” he recalls. This did not give him much choice with his school and education. But his perseverance and positive mindset encouraged him to pursue something bigger and meaningful.

Mark graduated with a degree in Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He wanted to ensure that other people do not have dearth of opportunities while making smart financial decisions. He says, “I always ask my clients what is important to them and that becomes our business starting point.”

Mr. Murphy also holds the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) and Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) professional designations of the American College as well as the NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor designation – all of which require rigorous training and testing. His continued commitment to education ensures that he is invested in the latest financial planning news, information, and trends.

Gifting value through abundance

Mark believes that building anything, especially abundance is deeply psychological. He emphasizes the need to be resilient with your emotional fitness while making wealth creation strategies.

For over 35 years, Northeast Private Client group has been his vehicle to make other people’s lives better. The one frontier that makes his firm stand out from others is the consistent organic growth. “The business has grown organically through client referrals and that has been immensely gratifying,” he comments.

According to Mr. Murphy, successful professionals have one major roadblock from living their dream life — their self-limiting beliefs. Mark works with entrepreneurs, mid-size companies, celebrities, athletes, hedge fund managers, doctors, dentists, and other high net worth individuals to shift their mindset towards a growth perspective. This has a compounding effect on not just their money but also the quality of their life.

He puts together a comprehensive plan of action by actively listening to the wants and needs of his clients and charting out different strategies to create real wealth. “With this plan, you can live comfortably today, and reap the rewards of capital, or what I like to call “paychecks” so that you can enjoy well into your retirement years,” he asserts.

As a leader, Mark strives to be the type of leader that he would want to work for. He says, “ I consider everyone my colleagues and value all opinions.”

Building strength in obstacles

As a key business strategist, Mark aims to simplify complex terms and concepts and provide the right direction, creativity, and companionship from a holistic perspective. This vision also holds true to his team members where each and every individual is a critical thinker and business strategist before a financial advisor.

Additionally, Mark realizes that building relationships is key to long-lasting impact. It is the people dynamics that upholds and promotes the reputation, and image of any company, especially a client-centric organization. He has also formed his company’s core values on the exceptional value that he brings to his clients. Mark Murphy is honored to have earned the trust of both his clients and other advisors.

Amidst the testing hardships, tough lessons and rewarding results, he built himself as a strong pioneer in the financial services industry. One powerful lesson that he learnt during these adventurous decades was “learning to say no.” He feels being a yes-man can do more harm than good and one must recognize their boundaries and also make them clear to others.

Mark is a frequent guest speaker on topics ranging from leadership, practice merger/acquisition strategies, estate planning, charitable giving, and strategies to create multi-generational wealth. Invariably, the numerous awards and recognition is a true testament to how he and his team continue to perform remarkably in the wealth management practice.

As an inspiring leader, he continues to focus on achieving predictable and permanent results. “Everything I do in my business is focused on delivering a superior experience and delivering abundance to each and every client,” he concludes.

His life-affirming advice

Mark’s business ethics, commitment and humility makes him a perfect role model for young and aspiring leaders in the finance and wealth industry. Throughout his journey, he consistently invested his time, knowledge, and efforts in himself that has now made him unbeatable in his niche.

He reiterates the same school of thought for the future entrepreneurs who look up to him — “the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself.” As in any investment, it takes tremendous patience to reap the benefits and it is surprising to see them unfold in an unexpected and powerful way.

Mark also suggests to never underestimate the value of time and encourages everyone to make each minute count. “There is always untapped opportunity somewhere but not enough hours in the day,” he says.

Looking north towards the future

Mr. Murphy is thrilled about the expansion and goals of Northeast Private Client Group. “We are growing!” he remarks. Since he and his team recently moved to a space that’s much bigger and better than their previous location, his vision is also supercharged to make the most out of this move.

“Our goal is to create a bigger, better future and improve the lives of all the people we touch,” he concludes with conviction.

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